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Bronze Oilless Graphite Plugged Bushings C93200 SAE660 Tin Bronze Bearing

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Place of Origin: Graphite Bearings Manufacturers
Certification: DIN 1850/ISO 4379, UNITED STATES UNS STANDARD,C86300
Model Number: solid bushing, bronze with lubricant plugs embedded Maintenance-free
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Marerial: Bronze Graphite Bushing, Casquillos De Bronce Size: Inch Size Bushings
Standard Size: C86300,C86200 Type: PLUGGED CAST BRONZE
High Light:

graphite impregnated bronze bushings


graphite impregnated bushings

Product Description

Check out our stock size. Stock oiless bush type SOB metal-backed bearing metal bushings cheap price. Stock Orders Ship Today. Order Online Today. Types: Cast Bronze Standards, ASTM Bronze Standards, Standard Metric Bushings, Oil-less Type Bushing, Cast bronze Bushings, Manganese Bronze.

Graphite plugged bronze bushings, graphite bushing, graphite impregnated bronze, flange bushing



VIIPLUS CAST BRONZE BUSHING C86300 C86300 C95400 C93200 designed the self-lubricating bearing suitable for high temperature and high load occasions, which greatly extends the service life of the bearing at the lifting lug of a ladle and reduces the maintenance frequency of users.

- is suitable for large dimensions
- has a low friction coefficient
- has a high wear resistance
- allows a high durability


Glide bearings is a self-lubricating bearing material that consists of a high quality bearing bronze with solid lubricant pockets.

Bronze Oilless Graphite Plugged Bushings C93200 SAE660 Tin Bronze Bearing

VIIPLUS BEARINGS Reduce the lubrication
Reduced lubrication, dry bearing, sliding layer, low friction packing, self-lubricating bearing, sliding bearing, self-lubricating bearing,  bearing technology, composite bearing, bearing, extended service life




Bronze Oilless Bush,C93200(SAE660) Leaded gun metal and High leaded tin bronze bushing bearing

Engineered for a Longer More Reliable Service Life


Maintenance-free bearings for construction equipment

  • Frame/step beam lugs

  • Kingpin

  • Oil cylinder

  • Connecting pin

  • Automatic grader

  • Lower the gangue barrel well

  • The steering wheel of the scooter

  • Steering cylinder

  • Suspension or tracking lugs

  • Transfer place

  • The ear axis

  • conveyor

  • Caterpillar traction device

  • joint

  • Tipping car body pivot

  • Dump truck


Bronze Graphite Bushings Tin bronze


SAE 660 tin bronze is mainly used for bearings, bushing under moderate load and speed, general-purpose bearings, bushing, and wear plate.

SAE 660 tin bronze copper sleeve has excellent machining performance, good hardness, strength and wear resistance, excellent anti-friction performance. The alloy is non-de-zincing, with reasonable corrosion resistance to seawater and brine, suitable for pump and valve parts, SAE 660 bearing bronze copper sleeve, high lead-containing tin bronze, 83-7-7-3 ASTM B 505, ASTM B 271





Plug graphited is accomplished by drilling a rowed, staggered hole configuration through the bearing wall and pressing graphite into these holes and hard baking. The size and number of drilled holes and the number of rows is determined by the bearing length and diameter.

  • Inch Sleeves

  • Metric Sleeves

  • Metric Flanges

  • Metric Washers

Solid self-lubricating bearing with graphite plug insert | Graphite copper sleeve bushings

Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushings are all self-lubricating and maintenance-free. These bushings are machined out of continuous cast bronze and plugged with solid lubricant plugs. A bushing and its mating surface should always be separated by a film of lubricant. Many of VIIPLUS’s components use graphite. Here is what you need to know about it. Graphite is ordinary carbon in a highly unusual form, a two-dimensional crystal. Think of it as a one-atom-thick sheet. A piece of graphite is a stack-up of these sheets. A graphite pencil lead feels oily because these one-atom-thick sheets are very slippery.


  • Wear Plates

  • Wear Strips

  • Bushings

  • Slide Assemblies

  • Guide Components

graphite plugged bronze bushings

Self Lubricating Graphite Plugged Bronze Sleeve Bushing
Plug Graphite Sleeve Bushing


  • Inch Sized Bushings

  • Metric Sized Bushings




Material structure:
1. Design the initial lubricating film as required to reduce the initial friction factor.
2. Solid lubricant, which is embedded and arranged regularly according to the movement direction, is released to the surface of the bearing during operation to form a solid lubrication film, which can reduce the friction factor and improve the wear resistance.
3. High strength copper alloy provides a bearing substrate with bearing capacity and good impact resistance and corrosion resistance.

Bronze Bushing Material Type


Material CuZn25AI5Mn4Fe3 CuSn5Pb5Zn5 CuAl10Ni5Fe5 CuSn12
Density 7.8 8.9 7.8 8.9
HB Hardness ≥210 ≥250 ≥210 ≥230 ≥70 ≥150 ≥75
Tensile Strength MPa ≥750 ≥800 ≥755 ≥755 ≥250 ≥500 ≥270
Yield Strength MPa ≥450 ≥450 ≥400 ≥400 ≥90 ≥260 ≥150
Elongation % ≥12 ≥8 ≥12 ≥12 ≥13 ≥10 ≥5
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 1.9x10*%/°C 1.8x10*9/°C 1.6x10^*/°C 1.8x10*/°C
Max. Operation Temp. -40~+250°C -40~+400°C
Max. load MPa 50 75 75 100 50
Max. speed m/s Dry 0.5 0.1 0.5 0.1 0.5
Lubricated 1 0.25 1 0.25 2.5
Max. PV (N/mm2*m/s) Dry 1.65 1
Lubricated 3.25 1.65


The above data is recommended by bronze gleitlager. The designing data should be evaluated according to the particular application conditions.

Solid Lubricants

Lubricant Feature Typical Applications
Graphite + Additives
Good Chemical resistance and low friction
coefficients. Operation temperature up to +400oC
Suitable for general industry applications exposed to
Low friction coefficients and good water lubricating
feature. Operation temperature up to +300oC
Suitable for water lubrication condition. The applications
include vessels, hydraulic turbines and steam turbines.


Bronze Oilless Graphite Plugged Bushings C93200 SAE660 Tin Bronze Bearing 2


Bronze sleeve bearings flanged bronze bushings for sale



Graphite Plugged Cast Bronze Bushings can be utilized where heavy loads must be supported at low to medium speeds


The Plug Graphite Cast Bronze Bushing is able to withstand high temperatures up to 570 F

The self-lubricating feature allows bearings to be used where oiling is difficult, expensive to implement, and where grease/oil cannot be used. Excellent lubrication is achieved even under high loads at low speeds.

Self lubrication with specially embedded solid lubricants reduces friction. Coefficient of Friction: 0.04 to 0.2 



The installation for Excavator bronze bearing graphite bushings.

The installation for Excavator bronze bearing graphite bushings.


That reliability of the grease lubricated sleeve bearing must be increased.

The installation and disassembly method of excavator bearing shall be determined according to the structure, size and matching nature of excavator bearing components. The pressure of mounting and disassembling shall be directly added to the end face of the closely matched gear ring of the excavator bearing, and the pressure cannot be transferred through the rolling body of the excavator bearing, because this will cause indentation on the working surface of the excavator bearing, affect the normal work of the excavator bearing, and even damage the excavator bearing. The retainer, seal ring, dust cover and other parts of the excavator bearing easily deform, and the pressure of installing or removing the excavator bearing cannot be applied to these parts. Excavator bearing installation: (1) the shift device is not properly adjusted if the transmission of this type of excavator is mechanical manual shift mode if the shift lever, vertical axis, horizontal axis, and vertical fixed screws loose can also cause the transmission "shift". (2) A sudden change of external load Due to the working nature of the excavator and its own design reasons, the sudden change of external load will also cause its transmission "jump gear". When the uneven road surface, excavator for driving downhill or improper driving route to make the external load suddenly change, the sudden change of the load will be through the wheel, the transmission shaft acting on the gear gear gear gear gear gear gear gear gear gear gear gear for the generation of axial thrust and off, resulting in the transmission "jump block". Performance degradation of self-locking mechanism (3) The transmission mechanism of the gear shifting device of the excavator relies on the sliding gear sleeve to move axially on the fixed gear sleeve and meshing with the driven gear of each gear to realize the gear shifting. In the process of frequent gear shifting, the gear tooth end face of each meshing gear is easy to be ground into a cone shape, resulting in its meshing performance degradation and resulting in "jump gear". (4) to prevent "jump out" of the transmission, excavator in transmission Ⅱ, Ⅲ cover, and Ⅳ Ⅴ fork shaft at the top of the box cover hole and Ⅰ, reverse gear fork are self-locking Ann has the function of steel ball and spring. When the spring from the role of the positioning of the self-locking elastic weakened or broken, the self-locking mechanism of the self-locking performance will decline until it disappears, causing the transmission "jump block". At the same time, if the groove on the positioning ball or shifting fork shaft appears to wear, it also can cause the transmission "jump block". (5) Improper operation Method When the excavator is running on the ramp (especially running downhill), improper operation will also cause the transmission to "jump into gear".

High strength copper alloy provides the bearing's mechanical bearing capacity, and lubricant can provide the bearing surface with a continuous source of lubrication to form a good friction pair. Suitable for medium and high load, starting frequently can not add oil or difficult to form oil film occasion. Typical applications include curved elbow bearings for plastic machinery, green column guide sleeve, port machinery, sluice gate for hydraulic engineering, mining equipment, etc.



Metallic Bronze Bearing

  • Wheel loaders bronze bearings
  • Excavators brass bushing
  • Crane trucks  bronze sleeve
  • Garbage trucks bushing sleeve
  • Injection molding machines bronze bearings
  • Industrial robots bushing bronze
  • Shield tunneling machines sleeve bronze
  • Dam gates sliding bronze bearings
  • Water turbine for Hydro power bushing
  • Water valves bushing brass bearings

Industrial couplings, handles for dental equipment, air actuators, pressure blocks for the steel industry, bearing segments for the steel industry, valve bodies, valves, bushings, pump parts, valves, transducer housings, valve bodies for the water meter industry, valves for the water meter industry, rings, printing presses, furnaces, pumps, low-pressure valves, small gears, bearings, pump fixtures, impellers, valve bodies, pumps

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