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    David from Canada
    Our company import the bronze gleitlager from viiplus china,viiplus professional team makes sure customs clearance is always smooth. They provide an accurate bronze bushing classification, handle all the paperwork,We have received the self-lubricating bronze bushings. They look well done and the high quality.
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    Valerie from California
    We import the bronze gleitlager from China to under the incoterm FOB shanghai, sometimes by Air. viiplus is a very good bronze gleitlager supplier, they are very professional and patient, after we inform the new order, they will manufacturer bronze gleitlager in time and give us the schedule , and then we just need to receive the bronze parts
  • Daisy From Germany
    The best surface finishes for Sleeve Bearing, tighter concentricity, and bronze bushings material uniformity. The good supplier of standard inch and metric sleeve bearings and bushings from china.
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Bronze Graphite Plugged Bushings Straight Flanged Type

Place of Origin Made in China
Brand Name VIIPLUS
Certification ISO9001
Model Number Graphite Bronze Bearings
Minimum Order Quantity Negotiable
Price Negotiable
Delivery Time 7-25 work days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 7000000 Piece/Pieces One week
Product Details
Brand VIIPLUS Type Straight,Flanged,Washers
Material Graphite,Bronze Advantages High Quality, Good Price
Place Of Origin Zhejiang,China Product Custom Design
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Straight Graphite Plugged Bushings


Bronze Graphite Plugged Bushings


Flanged Graphite Plugged Bushings

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Product Description

Material Graphite Filled Bronze Plate Bushing

Utilizing its extensive problem-solving capabilities and experience with self-lubricating bearings, it offers a solution to a long-standing problem for mines and quarries. Many conveyors operating in harsh mine environments have the problem of premature self-lubricating bronze bushing bearing failure on head, tail, transmission, and tensioning wheels. There are many reasons why use oilless bearing Material:- Graphite Filled Bronze Plate & Bushing Bearing bronze casting bushing, innovation overcomes long-standing bearing challenge in the mining industry

SELF-LUBRICATING METRIC BRONZE BEARINGS FABRICATED.128.60/128.64 mm ID x 137.54/137.58 mm OD x 168 mm Long size

  • Graphite Bronze Bearings|Straight, Flanged, Washers, Guide Pin, Guide Ejector, Guide Post, Spherical-Imperial line bushings (dimensions in inches)

sleeve bearing Graphite self-lubricating bearing.pdf

Graphite Bronze Split Bush

Truck Bushings oilless bushing,oil-free bronze bush bearing

- Copper Alloy Straight, Standard / Thin Wall, I.D. F7 O.D. m6

Product Description

Our present position in the industry is chiefly attributable to our specifically designed Graphite Bronze Split Bush from our exclusive collection of products


Graphite bronze bearings are a substrate of carbon steel, bronze powder, PTFE, fiber and other materials through a special process to produce self-lubricating products, with the characteristics of environmental protection

The solid inlaid bearing is on a brass matrix.A high performance solid lubricant inlaid with graphite or MoS2 solid lubricant.It breaks through the limitation that the general Graphite Bronze Bearings depends on oil film lubrication.In the process of use, the friction heat makes solid lubrication and shaft friction, forming an excellent condition for oil and powder to coexist lubrication, which not only protects shaft from wear, but also makes solid lubrication characteristics eternal.Its hardness is twice as high as that of ordinary copper sheath, and its wear resistance is also twice as high.At present, the Graphite Bronze Bearings product has been used in metallurgy continuous casting machine, train support, steel rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, gas turbines and other high temperature, high load, low speed heavy load and other occasions.


oilles bearing model

Graphite Bronze Bearings | High Quality, Factory Price‎

Body Lifts and Bushing at Wholesale Prices

Graphite Bronze Bearings Material

-Bronze with solid lubricant, oilless lubricating

Self Lubricated Graphite Bronze Bearings Features
·Self Lubricated Bearings to 450°​​​

·Self Lubricating
·Performs well in High load, low speed operations
·Resists corrosive and and hostile environments.
·Excellent performance in medium to high temperature (up to 600°).
·Comparable with most viscous lubricants, oils, and grease applications.

Replacement 500 SPB BRONZE BEARINGS SERIES BRONZE BUSHING plugged graphite size sheet:



Graphite Bronze Bearing-Imperial line bushings (dimensions in inches)


Graphite Bronze Bearing are metal backed with bronze alloy graphite oil-less bushings.


These are multi-layer composite bearings made of a special sintered material used as sliding surfaces and a steel material as a support metal. The sintered layers are made of a special copper-nickel alloy containing a uniformly dispersed solid lubricant, the main component of which is graphite. Solid lubricants will be released to the surface of the ring as they wear, which will ensure a lower coefficient of friction during operation. In addition, these sintered layers were treated by the oil impregnation treatment.



1.no oil supply device, oil hole, oil groove
The cost of the fuel supply system, the cost of processing, assembling, and so on, can greatly reduce the cost of manufacturing.


2.Operation cost reduction
Greatly reduce the use of lubricating oil and equipment maintenance costs, but also exempt from the risk caused by the shortage of oil.


3.design time shortened
No oil can make the design, structure is greatly simplified, reduce costs, save design time. In addition, using self-lubricating bearings can also improve the mechanical properties and prolong get remarkable results using life and improve the reliability.


4.recovery and environmental protection of lubricant
No need to waste oil recycling, is conducive to environmental protection.


Use notes

1.In the possible case, the design uses the standard specification as far as possible;

2.Please note that there is no foreign body in the assembly;

3.After using the sliding surface, formed by solid lubricant oil film in surface with black or gray black phenomenon, please do not scrub, as usual.

4.Before the assembly, if the lubricating oil applied to the grinding parts, can shorten the running in period, conducive to the operation of machinery, operation;

5.When the assembly should be slowly pressed into, it is strictly forbidden to beat, so as to avoid damage to the Graphite Bronze Bearings  and deformation;

6.Design, different parts should be selected with appropriate material, in order to improve the mechanical performance, to extend the service life of the Graphite Bronze Bearings;

7.In the high load, reciprocating motion, the proposed use of screw fixation;

8.In fresh water, sea water and in the sea, on the use of stainless steel or surface plating.




1. Flexible, simple, convenient design with wide applications

2. FunctionaI in absence of oiI

3. Cost efficiency

4. Excellent performance under high load and low speed circumstances

5. In circumstances where it is difficult to generate hi-films, such as reciprocating movements, rotating movements and frequent on-off, Graphite Bronze Bearings highlights its excellent abrasion resistance.

6. Excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance




Base Bronze



Solid Graphite lubricant




Tensile Strength



Anti-compact Tenacity






Max Load Pressure


100N/mm2 / 120N/mm2(500SP120)

Speed Limit



PV value limit



Friction coef

Oil Lubrication


Dry Friction


Working temperature




Application field



·steel manufacturing 


·stamping die


·automobile industry tools






Graphite Bronze Bearings is widely used in high load applications where lower friction and good wear resistance are required and where lubrication is difficult. Some examples include wear plates for automobiles, industrial robots, wear plates for injection, injection bolt bushings and self-lubricating bushings for construction equipment.

Bearing Type

·Guide bushing


·half bearing bush

·Wear plate


·guide plate


Custom Design

All kinds of sliding elements can be supplied or produced on request.

Please contact us for more information.