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CuZn25AI5Mn4Fe3 Bush 62*50*50mm ASTM C86300

Place of Origin gleitlagerbuchsen china
Brand Name VIIPLUS
Certification ASTM C86300
Model Number Bronze Bushing
Minimum Order Quantity Standard Size Bronze Bushing Small Minimum Order Quantity
Price Oilless Bushings High Quality Price Ratio B2B
Delivery Time 7-15 work days
Payment Terms T/T IN ADVANCE
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Product Details
Bushing Material CuZn25AI5Mn4Fe3 Bushing Application Parts Repair And Fabrication Services (Heavy Equipments, Automotive, Shipping Industry, Machinery, Etc)
Size 62*50*50 Mm Material Brass Bushings
Bushing Type BUSH GRAPHITE IMPREGNATED Bushing Feature Bushings For Temperature -40℃ To 300 ℃
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High Light

ASTM C86300 Bronze Bushing


62*50*50mm Bronze Bushing


CuZn25AI5Mn4Fe3 Bronze Gleitlager

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Product Description

CuZn25AI5Mn4Fe3 Bush 62*50*50mm ASTM C86300

Precision Bronze Cast Bearings Manufacturers

506250 | Metric Graphite Plugged Sleeve | 50 ID x 62 OD x 50 OAL


Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushings are all self-lubricating and maintenance free. These bushings are machined out of continuous cast bronze and plugged with solid lubricant plugs. A bushing and it's mating


surface should always be seperated by a film of lubricant. With Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushings no form of supplementary lubrication is required.

Self-Lubricating Bushings for Guide Pins can save time and money in the design, construction and operation of injection molds.

Graphite dotted self-lubricating, CuZn25Al6Mn4Fe3 Solid Lubricant Inlaid Bearing, self-lubricating materials


Among those professional cuzn25al6mn4fe3 solid lubricant inlaid bronze bearing manufacturers in China, welcome to buy customized and low price cuzn25al6mn4fe3 solid lubricant inlaid bearing or get its free sample from our factory. CuZn25Al6Mn4Fe3 Solid lubricant inlaid bearing.

Quality CuZn25AI5Mn4Fe3 Shaft Bush Bronze Material Equivalent ASTM C86300 62*50*50 mm Diameter metric size bronze bearings Supplier, operating Temperature -40℃ to 300 ℃ Graphite plugs bronze sleeve made by the leading manufacturer. Order Today! Made in China. Standard and Custom Bronze Oilless Bushing, C86200, C86300, C93200, C95400 bronze bearing made to order from china. 


Material: Cast Bronze and Solid Lubricant Plugs


Graphite Plugged Cast Bronze Bushings can be utilized where heavy loads must be supported at low to medium speeds- max PV 46,000, P-Load 7,100, V-SFM-49

The Plug Graphite Cast Bronze Bushing is able to withstand high temperatures up to 570 F

The self-lubricating feature allows bearings to be used where oiling is difficult, expensive to implement, and where grease/oil cannot be used. Excellent lubrication is achieved even under high loads at low speeds.


Self lubrication with specially embedded solid lubricants reduces friction. Coefficient of Friction: 0.04 to 0.2 typical


Chemical Composition- Copper (60-66%), Tin (0.2), Zinc (22-28%), Iron (2.0-4.0%) Aluminum (5.0-7.5%%), Manganese (2.5 -5.0%)

(%max., unless shown as range or min.)
NOTE: Information courtesy of Copper.org




























(1) In determining Cu min., Cu may be calculated as Cu + Ni.
(2) Ni value includes Co.
Note: Cu + Sum of Named Elements, 99.0% min.


What We Can Offer Our Experience

Bushing Made While You Wait
Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Bushings
Hydraulic Cylinder Sliding Bearing Manufacture
Milling / Turning Service
Welding / Light Fabrication
On-Site Engineering

We are uniquely positioned in the Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Bushing Industry.

China Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement Bushing Services 


Metallic self-lubricating bearings


The wear resistance metal back with the solid lubricants can continuously provide lubricating source during the bearing operation to achieve the self-lubricating feature. With the combination of heavy load and impact resistance of the metal and low friction factor of the non-metal, this material is good for the various working conditions.


Metallic self-lubricating bearings size:



Main Metal Type


Type 650 650S5 650W1 650W3 650S1 650S2 650S3
Material CuZn25AI5Mn4Fe3 CuSn5Pb5Zn5 CuAl10Ni5Fe5 CuSn12
Density 7.8 8.9 7.8 8.9
HB Hardness ≥210 ≥250 ≥210 ≥230 ≥70 ≥150 ≥75
Tensile Strength MPa ≥750 ≥800 ≥755 ≥755 ≥250 ≥500 ≥270
Yield Strength MPa ≥450 ≥450 ≥400 ≥400 ≥90 ≥260 ≥150
Elongation % ≥12 ≥8 ≥12 ≥12 ≥13 ≥10 ≥5
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 1.9x10*%/°C 1.8x10*9/°C 1.6x10^*/°C 1.8x10*/°C
Max. Operation Temp. -40~+300°C -40~+400°C
Max. load MPa 50 75 75 100 50
Max. speed m/s Dry 0.5 0.1 0.5 0.1 0.5
Lubricated 1 0.25 1 0.25 2.5
Max. PV (N/mm2*m/s) Dry 1.65 1
Lubricated 3.25 1.65


CuZn25AI5Mn4Fe3 Bush's Features


Self Lubricated when standard lubrication is impractical
Performs well under various loads, types and speed operations
Resists corrosive and hostile environments
Compatible with most viscous lubricants & Oil and Grease applications
Our standard line features over 1,000 sizes that are carried in stock.


Bearing forms available in standard dimensions


1 Cylindrical Bushes
Flanged Bushes
Thrust Washers
Sliding plate




2 1 Sliding layer with running in film
2 Solid lubricants inserts
3 Bronze


Typical Applications:


Link Bushings for Construction Equipment, Boom Link Bushings for Power Shovels, Toggle Link & Guide Bushings for Injection Mold Machines, Steel Mill Equipment, Furnace Dragouts, Drying Equipment, Roasters, Press Dies, Assembly Lines, Hydro-Electric Structures, Winches, Hoisting Equipment, Tire and Paper Mill Machinery and Many Other Industrial Applications.


The above data is recommended by viiplus. The designing data should be evaluated according to the particular application conditions.

CuZn25AI5Mn4Fe3 Bronze Bushing Size

linear graphite copper set bushing oil self-lubricating JDB ID 40mm OD 45mm 48mm 50mm


graphite bronze bushing 40x50x25
graphite bronze bushing 40x50x65
graphite bronze bushing 40x50x20
graphite bronze bushing 40x50x50
graphite bronze bushing 40x45x35
graphite bronze bushing 40x45x20
graphite bronze bushing 40x45x25
graphite bronze bushing 40x48x40
graphite bronze bushing 40x45x40
graphite bronze bushing 40x45x50
graphite bronze bushing 40x50x35
graphite bronze bushing 40x50x60
graphite bronze bushing 40x50x45
graphite bronze bushing 40x50x80
graphite bronze bushing 40x50x30
graphite bronze bushing 40x45x30
graphite bronze bushing 40x48x30
graphite bronze bushing 40x50x40
graphite bronze bushing 40x50x50
graphite bronze bushing 40x50x45
graphite bronze bushing 40x50x70
graphite bronze bushing 40x50x60
40 x 50 x 50 Length , 60length , 70 length ,100length , 150 length
50 x 62 x length 50mm, 60mm ,70,mm,100mm,150mm
50 x 65x length 50mm, 60mm ,70,mm,100mm,150mm
60 x 70x length 50mm, 60mm ,70,mm,100mm,150mm
65 x 80 x length 50mm, 60mm ,70,mm,100mm,150mm
65 x 75 x length 50mm, 60mm ,70,mm,100mm,150mm
70 x 80 x length 50mm, 60mm ,70,mm,100mm,150mm
70 x 85 x length 50mm, 60mm ,70,mm,100mm,150mm
80 x 90 x length 50mm, 60mm ,70,mm,100mm,150mm
80 x 95 x length 50mm, 60mm ,70,mm,100mm,150mm
90 x 100 x length 50mm, 60mm ,70,mm,100mm,150mm
90 x 105 x length 50mm, 60mm ,70,mm,100mm,150mm
100 x 110 x length 50mm, 60mm ,70,mm,100mm,150mm
100 x 115 x length 50mm, 60mm ,70,mm,100mm,150mm

Solid Lubricants

Lubricant Feature Typical Applications
Graphite + Additives
Good Chemical resistance and low friction
coefficients. Operation temperature up to +400oC
Suitable for general industry applications exposed to
the atmosphere.
Low friction coefficients and good water lubricating
feature. Operation temperature up to +300oC
Suitable for water lubrication condition. The applications
include vessels, hydraulic turbines and steam turbines.


graphite plugged bronze bushing