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Bronze Wear Plate With Graphite Rings

Place of Origin Self Lube Bearings
Brand Name bronzelube.com
Certification ISO 9001
Model Number Bronze Bushings & wear plate
Minimum Order Quantity Bronze Precision Wear Plates & Lubricating Parts made to order
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Standard package, Pallet or container, As per customized specifications
Delivery Time 2~4 Weeks
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability Self Lube Bearing Manufacturing Dimensions Tolerance Assembly

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Product Details
Application Plastic Mold Components,cam Unit,Plastic Molding Machinery Base Alloy CuZn25Al6FeMn3
Type Oil Free Slide Plates Design Graphite Plugged
Bearing Bushing Factory Price Tiffany@viiplus.com Self-lubricating Bearing Bushing Manufacturer Https://www.viiplus.com/
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High Light Bronze Wear Plates , Self Lubricating - Special Brass Alloy Self Lubricating Graphite Plugged Bronze Plate Bronze Wear Plate And Pad For Industrial Machinery, Manufacturer Of Bronze Sleeve Bushings, We Often Receive Requests For A Variety Of Product Types.
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bronze wear plate


brass wear plate

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Product Description

BRONZE WEAR PLATE MADE TO ORDER FROM CHINA. Bronze Precision Wear Plates | Manufactured by VIIPLUS

Bronze wear plate,

Strong cast bronze wear-resisting plate
Material: Strong cast bronze MoS2 with Graphite, etc.

Specialized in making Precision Mold Parts for over 10 years. Press die mold, plastic mold, injection mold machine Bronze wear plate. The coaxial degree and location verticality.Plastic mold component made to order from china,At the same time, we can manufacture according to the following criteria:Hasco / Misumi / DME / Pedrotti / Voest / Strack / Fibro / DIN / DAYTON / PUNCH / DANLY / Lumina.

Solid inlaid self-lubricating sliding bearings Oil free slide plates features and main materials

The solid inlaid self-lubricating Oil-free slide plates are also called graphite wear plate with special high-strength brass CuZn25Al5, C86300, or tin bronze C93200 as the base. The surface self-lubricating wear plate is inlaid with a special formula of solid self-lubricating thrust washer lubricant at a certain angle and density. Features such as high-temperature resistance and high load are widely used in the metallurgical industry, shipbuilding industry, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, power generation equipment, etc.


graphite plugged bronze bushings

1. It can work under oil-free lubrication conditions for a long time.
2. It is more suitable for heavy-duty self-lubricating skateboard speed conditions, with good wear resistance and very low friction coefficient.
3. It is suitable for occasions where oil film such as reciprocating, rotating, and intermittent motion is difficult to form.
4. It has corrosion resistance and chemical resistance.
5. Suitable for a temperature range of -40°-+300°.
6. Maintenance-free and long service life.


Our bronze bushing and wear plate Oil-free slide plates components for making plastic molds are made in accordance with Japan Sankyo-oilless company inc quality requirements, the gap between the parts is higher than the accuracy in the domestic market, the perpendicularity and position of the pinhole are controlled with higher accuracy. The accuracy of re-positioning the product is high, which meets the requirements of interchangeability to increase the efficiency of injection molding.

Product Profile

Solid bushing, bronze with lubricant plugs embedded, DIN 1850/ISO 4379, Maintenance-free

MATERIALS Support material: CuZn25Al5 Sliding layer
Solid lubricant surface: app. 25-30%

Solid lubrication bearing with Oil-free slide plates is a bearing matrix in the metal friction surface of the appropriate size, arranged in order of the holes, and then embedded in the holes with a unique self-lubrication performance of the shape of solid lubricant (solid lubricant area is generally 25% to 30% of the friction area) and made of the self-lubrication bearing.


Application area

The bearing integrates the advantages of the metal matrix and the special lubrication material and breaks through the limitation of the general bearing relying on oil film lubrication.

Solid lubrication bearing is especially suitable for oil-free, high temperature, high load, low speed, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, anti-radiation, as well as in water or vacuum solution infiltration and can not add lubricating film special conditions.

The product is widely used in metallurgical steel rolling equipment, filling equipment, hydraulic turbine, steam turbine, instrumentation, and mining equipment, Marine machinery, textile machinery, shipbuilding industry, aerospace navigation and other fields, also suitable for general construction machinery.

The matrix of the solid lubricated bearing should be determined according to the working condition of the bearing itself.

The commonly used materials are high strength brass, tin bronze, cast iron, and so on. Embedded solid lubrication materials are mainly graphite and additives. Different additives are suitable for different working conditions.

According to the working conditions of the bearing itself, through the combination of different metal matrix and embedded solid lubricant, the product can be guaranteed to meet the special needs of various temperature, load, medium, and other working conditions, while ensuring stable and reliable operation.

Plastic molding machines
Widely used in injection molding machines, rubber machines, die casting machines, and other occasions. The products are used in press die mold, plastic mold,injection mold machine,etc.


Features Of The Solid Lubricant Bearings


1.Flexible design, simple, convenient with wide applications
The designing of the oil-feeding system is both a labor-consuming and time-consuming job. Therefore, the neglecting of the oil-feeding apparatus in the designing of solid lubricant bearings saves the cost of the oil-feeding apparatus. Besides, for various specific circumstances, the solid lubricant bearings can be designed into various types to meet the requirements thereof. The use of solid lubricant bearings can greatly reduce the cost of mechanical maintenance and oil.


2.Functional in absence of oil
Since the linear expansibility of solid lubricant is greater than metallic matrix’s, when the movement of solid lubricant bearings(SLB) starts, the lubricant is transferred onto the parts in abrasion thus realizing the self-lubrication. Therefore, the SLBs can be used in circumstances where oiling and greasing are difficult or impossible and they perform excellent lubrication even under low-speed and high load circumstances.


3.Cost efficiency
The traditional mechanical designing requires frequent oiling maintenance; an oil gauge check shall be performed to ensure the passage of the oil supplying apparatus is clear. Since the periodical oiling can cause pollution to the machines themselves as well as to the ambient surroundings, resulting in an increase of the maintenance cost, the realization of self-lubrication can not only make the environment clean but greatly reduce the lubricating costs as well.


4.Excellent performance under high-load, low-speed circumstances
The SLBs are made of rotational cast high-strength copper as the matrix, which functions as load bearers. Besides, SLBs use specially formulated graphite as a lubricant, ensuring excellent self-lubrication. Combining the advantages of both the matrix and lubricant, SLBs are capable of exerting their wonderful performance in circumstances with high load and low speed.


5. To the campaign, vacillating movements, such as routing a difficult start to frequent the place to play excellent resistance to abrasion 
In circumstances where it is difficult for the oil films to generate, such as the alternative movements, swinging movements, and frequent on-and-off, SLBs highlight their excellent resistance to abrasion. As the principle of the arrangement of SLB lubricant is to ensure that each part of the equipment is involved in the lubrication throughout the movement, the location of the lubricant shall be determined according to the movement direction of the parts in abrasion.


6.Excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance
The lubricant for SLB is formulated out of the abrasion-resistant materials such as graphite and PTEE and has a stabilized molecular structure. The metallic matrix can be selected according to the various chemical resistance and corrosion resistance accordingly. Therefore, SLB enjoys high chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.


7. The cost of the products is more competitive and, compared with other products of the same kind, the SLB features in longer service hours, less maintenance, longer replacement period, and better performance.


Components of plastic molds

1. the loose basic unit
The perpendicularity and position of the pinhole, as well as the corresponding accuracy of the slider and the side block, are consistent with the interchangeability and the sliding of the core is smoother; see the diagram:

2. locating cone
Our coaxial degree of locating cone product, matching backlash to achieve the highest precision level requirements and having interchangeability, so that the mold is more accurate; see scheme:
Oilless Slide Plate used for precision alignment of the upper and lower portion of a mold.


Product Name

Oil-free Slide Plate/Material/650#+Graphite
Certification/quality management/Standard/DME/HASCO/MISUMI/JH Standard/Customized/Polish
High Surface Finish/Used/Plastic Mould/Vehicle Mould

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Shipment Terms

1)≤100kg: express& air freight priority

2) >100kg: sea freight priority

3) As per customized specifications


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Specialized in making Precision Mold Parts for over 10 years.

High temperature resistance C86300 Bronze Bushing & Wear Plate flanged bronze bushings