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Bronze Rg10 equivalent | cast Bronze Groove bearing

Place of Origin Bushing Manufacturer
Brand Name Bronze Groove Bearings
Certification Bushing Standards ASTM Casting Copper Alloy
Model Number Sleeve bearing Solid turned bronze bushing
Price Sliding Bronze Bearing Dimensions Tolerance,Stock Price
Packaging Details Standard export packing, or as customer's requirement
Delivery Time 7-15 work days
Payment Terms T/T,

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Product Details
Bushing Material ASTM Casting Copper Alloy,Standard Material ,BRONZE METAL ALLOY Shapes & Forms Cylindrical Bearings, Flange Bearings
CharacteristicBy Sea Or Airs Suitable For High Loads Application Forest Machinery, Pump Housing Parts, Cylinder Bearings, Shipping & Container Industry Etc. Shapes & Forms Cylindrical Bearings, Flange Bearings Description Dimensions Additional Information
Feature Easy To Assemble, Maintenance-free Customer Size Bronze Bearings With Lubrication Grooves.
Bushing Type Sleeve Other Material Bearings Manganese Bronze Bushing, Aluminum Bronze Bushings, Tin Bronze Bushings
Bearing Bushing Factory Price Tiffany@viiplus.com Self-lubricating Bearing Bushing Manufacturer Https://www.viiplus.com/
High Light Self-Lubricating Sintered Bronze Bushing Characteristic Bronze Bushings With Grease Reservoirs ( BRO-MET, FB090, BRM10, WB800)
Bush Bearings Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters Plain Bearings. Long, Maintenance-free Service, Manufactures Bushings In Various Designs And From Different Materials. Tiffany@viiplus.com, Bushings - Configure And Purchase - Https://www.viiplus.com/ Corrosion Resistance High
Cost Moderate Durability High
Finish Smooth Friction Coefficient Low
Impact Resistance High Load Capacity High
Lubrication Oil Or Grease Material Bronze
Pressure Rating High Product Name Bronze Sleeve Bushings
Shape Cylindrical Temperature Rating High
High Light

wrapped bronze bushings


oil embedded sleeve bearing

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Product Description

Cast bronze bearings (with grooves / without grooves) offer technically and cost-effective bearing solutions. It features high load capacity, low weight and good corrosion resistance. We can offer different kinds of bronze alloys based on durability, service, etc. Tolerance is much tighter than wrapped bronze bushes.

The Bronze RG10 equivalent is a type of cast bronze groove bearing that offers excellent wear resistance and mechanical properties. This bearing is commonly used in various industrial applications where high loads and speeds are encountered.

The cast bronze material used in RG10 bearings provides good corrosion resistance and durability, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh environments. The groove design allows for easy installation and replacement, reducing maintenance efforts and downtime.

In terms of equivalent or comparable bearings, it is important to note that different manufacturers may have their own specific designations and material compositions for similar products. Therefore, when searching for an equivalent to Bronze RG10, it is recommended to consult with bearing suppliers or manufacturers to find a suitable alternative that meets your specific requirements.

Overall, Bronze RG10 and its equivalents are reliable and durable bearings suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications. Their cast bronze construction and groove design make them an excellent choice for handling high loads and speeds while providing smooth and efficient operation.

Bronze Bearing and Bushing, C93700(SAE64 CuSn10Pb10 RG10) cast bronze bearings. Bronze Rg10 Equivalent | Cast Bronze Groove Bearing

C93700(SAE64 CuSn10Pb10 RG10)Bronze Bushings, Cast Bearing for Heavy Loads
C93700(SAE64 CuSn10Pb10 RG10)Bearings, High-Load-Capacity & Corrosion Resistant
Leaded Tin Bronze Alloys Bearings, Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushing for Agricultural
Common Cast Bearings, Tight Tolerance & Cost-Effective Solutions
Copper Alloy Range & Specifications,Download Catalog for Online Sale

Copper Alloy Range & Specifications

Common Cast Bearings (nonproprietary) - Product Forms - Size Range

Leaded Tin Bronze Alloys Bearings

C92200, C92300, C92310, C92410, C92700, C92900, C93100, C93200, C93300, C93400, C93600, C93700, C93800, CuPb10Sn, CuPb15Sn, CuSn6Zn4Pb, CuSn7ZnPb, CuSnPbZn, Rg5, Rg7 BRONZE BEARINGS


Catalog,Online Sale,made to order from china.Standard Size and custom Dimensions,Request A Onlince Catalog.

VIIPLUS offers a growing portfolio of engineered bronze bearings and groove bronze bushings products and services to keep industries moving efficiently and reliably.

You have access to the latest downloads here. Click on the self lubricating bronze bushing for agricultural.pdf catalog symbol to display the file, and download the self-lubricating bushing bearings catalog file.



C93700(SAE64 CuSn10Pb10 RG10)Bronze Bushings


C93700(SAE64 CuSn10Pb10 RG10 Bearings Material 

Cu Sn Pb Zn Fe Ni Sb P S Al Mn Si  
79.00-82.00 9.00-11.00 8.00-11.00 0.8 0.7 0.5 0.5 1.5 0.08 0.005 N/A 0.005  

Mechanical properties:

Tensile Strength (min) Yield Strength (at .5% extention under load min) Elongation (in 2in. or 50mm min, %) Brinell Hardness (min) Remarks
Ksi MPa Ksi MPa      
35 241 20 138 6 55  


Types of lubricant groove bearings.


There are different shapes and geometries of grooves which should be used according to the type of lubricant and movement.


Double oval
Figure of eight
One and a half figure of eight
Double figure of eight
Duplex figure of eight


*Grooves can be closed or open on one or both sides.



Oil Grooved in Cast Bronze Bearings & Spiral Sleeve Bushings made in China Custom Machined Services: Meeting All Your Needs

We Manufacturing Bronze Bushing. From using graphite as a lubricant in custom machined parts to grooving to create a new or improve an existing part, our custom machined services bring your vision to life.Turning/Boring/Grooving/Facing/Milling/Drilling/Grinding/Deburring.Our machining service provides value-added to a full range of steel grade solutions, from steel material to semi-finished or finished components. Our workshop machining capabilities include CNC lathing, milling, grinding, drilling, high speed machining, surface treatment and so on.

We Offer a Range of Bronze Bushing Materials?

VIIPLUS offers a variety of different bronze alloys in combination with know-how and a high level of service. Different factors determine the choice of alloy. Operating environment, load-bearing capacity and costs are just a few. Dimension the largest inventory of bearing solutions for bronze alloys tailored to your needs. Timely delivery is one of our priority goals within the company. Get a qoute now.

Groove Bronze Bushings Made To Order From China

We specialize in sheet metal self-lubrication bearing and manufacturing, stamping bushings, industrial components, die castings bronze bearing , plastic bearing bushings and custom sliding bearings products.Graphite as a lubricant in custom machined parts such as bushings and bearings.grooved type bronze bushing online:Single Loop/Figure Eight/One Straight

And One Circular/Double Loop/Circular Groove/Straight Groove/R.H. And L.H. Spiral Double Figure Eight.


 cast bronze bushing groove type


Bearing ID
R (groove)
r (chamfer)
H (depth of
Number of
30 or less 1.5 1.5 1.2 1 to 2
30 to 50 1.6 1.6 1.3 1 to 3
50 to 80 1.7 1.7 1.4 1 to 4
80 to 120 1.8 1.8 1.5 1 to 5
120 to 180 1.9 1.9 1.6 1 to 6
180 to 250 5.0 5.0 6.0 5
250 to 315 6.0 5.1 6.1 6
315 to 400 7.0 5.2 6.2 7
400 to 500 8.0 5.3 6.3 8

Production target


VIIPLUS bronze bushings exhibit wear properties up to four times greater than OEM bushings due to the use of improved materials. This higher level of quality is required for bronze bushings to match shafts, both in performance and longevity of parts. Greater lubrication is also present on bronze bushings to ensure you get a solution specifically tailored to your needs. Whether you want a straight bushing or grease-modified flanged bushing, the material size and bronze bushes available in VIIPLUS arsenal will ensure you get what you need.
VIIPLUS Industries has supplied high quality bronze bushings for grooves all over the world. With quality and precision, you can also find our alloy and bronze bushings with the same tenacity and engineering characteristics that you would expect. With an exceptional fit and durability on the sliding bushes, expect to get unprecedented hours on your machine.




Solid Turned Bronze Bushing, Heavy-Maintenance, Din 1850/Iso 4379/ Heavy Maintenance Grooved Cast Bearing With Lubrication Grooves​



                                 Bronze Rg10 equivalent | cast Bronze Groove bearing 1        Bronze Rg10 equivalent | cast Bronze Groove bearing 2Bronze Rg10 equivalent | cast Bronze Groove bearing 3


Bronze Bushings Materials


Standard material CuSn12.Additional Alloys: CuSn7ZnPb (RG7), CuSn10, CuSn12, CuPb10Sn, CuPb15Sn, CuAl10Ni, CuSn10Zn (RG10), CuZn25Al5, CuSn5ZnPb (RG 5)


Bronze Bushings The production process

bronze bushing production process


Raw material production



We are manufacturers and distributors of Cast bronze bushings, steel bushes,custom bronze bearings, mould industry bushing parts and various C86300,C95400,C93200 Bronze Graphite Bushings.


Special Manufacturing Cast Bronze Bushings

Cast Bronze Bushing Drawing parts and special sizes can produced upon order. 
Cast Bronze Bushing Shapes & forms
Bearing forms available in standard dimensions


Cylindrical Bushes
Bearing forms made to order: cylindrical bushes with non-standard dimensions, flanged bushes, sliding plates, customized bearing designs.Also be manufactured in other alloys. Please contact us for a quotation or more information.

Range Of Application

Bushings Plain Bearings and Sleeve Bearings:Mining equipment, crane manufacturing, marine and offshore industry, hydraulic cylinders, construction equipment, vehicle manufacturing


bronze bushing production

Characteristics Of Cast Bronze Bushings

– Suitable for high loads
– Multiple areas of us (universal bearing)
– Long life
– Wide temperature range

Bushing Tolerance Details

Housing ØBased on customer’s requirement
Bushing inner-Ø after mountingBased on customer’s requirement
Shaft toleranceBased on customer’s requirement


Self-Lubrication Bearings

Cast Bronze Bushings is intended to be lubricated for optimal life. All common greases and/or oils can be used.

Bushingsmounting Advise

Housing: Chamfer min. 1.5 mm x 15-45°, for easy bushing alignment
Shaft: Chamfer 5 mm x 15°, for easy insertion of the shaft
Start Your Project With An Application Engineer



Choose your best transportation for your self-lubricating bearings shipment?


1.Ship the self-lubricating bearings By Sea

2.Ship the self-lubricating bearings By Air Air Freight from China

3. Door to Door Shipping from China

4.Courier Shipping from China



bronze bushing shipment


with Trial order or Urgent delivery

The major airlines that specializes in courier shipping from China include DHL, FedEx,TNT,EMS and UPS.

Express shipping

Your self-lubricating bronze bushing bearings parts will arrive faster by using courier shipping than it would have taken if you had chosen other options.

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Oil Grooved in Cast Bronze Bearings & Spiral Sleeve Bushings By Size

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CAPTION: Special dimensions and imperial sizes are available on request.
* For higher requirements – e.g. higher temperature ranges – different materials are available in this category.
** The listed values in the material properties are valid for optimal operating conditions. By changing the conditions of application, e.g. an increase in the sliding speed or strain, these values could shift.
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