David from Canada
    Our company import the bronze gleitlager from viiplus china,viiplus professional team makes sure customs clearance is always smooth. They provide an accurate bronze bushing classification, handle all the paperwork,We have received the self-lubricating bronze bushings. They look well done and the high quality.
    Valerie from California
    We import the bronze gleitlager from China to under the incoterm FOB shanghai, sometimes by Air. viiplus is a very good bronze gleitlager supplier, they are very professional and patient, after we inform the new order, they will manufacturer bronze gleitlager in time and give us the schedule , and then we just need to receive the bronze parts
  • Daisy From Germany
    The best surface finishes for Sleeve Bearing, tighter concentricity, and bronze bushings material uniformity. The good supplier of standard inch and metric sleeve bearings and bushings from china. https://www.bronzelube.com/
Contact Person : Tiffany
Phone Number : +86 18258386757
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BMZ Cylindrical Bushing WB900 WB902 Bronze Bearing

Place of Origin gleitlagerbuchsen china
Brand Name VIIPLUS
Certification ISO 9001
Model Number GLIDLAGER
Minimum Order Quantity negotiable
Price Negotiable
Delivery Time 7-15 work days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability bronze sleeve bushings, China, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, wholesale, Metallic Self Lubricating Bushings, Cast Iron Bearing, Sleeve Bushing, POM Bearing, Cast Iron Plain Bearing, Lubrication Bronze Bushing
Product Details
Material CuSn8 Bronze Type GLIDLAGER
Bushing Metric Size 45X50X40mm Dimension Customized Dimension Bushings
Applictaion Bearing Of Hoisting Equipment Get A Better Quote Tiffany@viiplus.com
Self-lubricating Bearing Bushing Manufacturer Https://www.viiplus.com/ High Light Slit Oilless Bronze Bushing, Anti Fatigue Oilless Bronze Bushing, Maintenance Free Oilless Bronze Bushing
Gleitalger A Plain Bearing, Or More Commonly Sliding Contact Bearing And Slide Bearing, Is The Simplest Type Of Bearing, Comprising Just A Bearing Surface And No Rolling Elements. Therefore, The Journal Slides Over The Bearing Surface. The Simplest Example Of A Plain Bush Bearings Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters Plain Bearings. Long, Maintenance-free Service, Manufactures Bushings In Various Designs And From Different Materials. Tiffany@viiplus.com, Bushings - Configure And Purchase - Https://www.viiplus.com/
High Light

BMZ Cylindrical Bushing


Cylindrical Bushing WB900


Cylindrical Bushing WB902

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Product Description

BMZ Cylindrical Bushing WB900 WB902 Bronze Bearing

Bearing Bushing FB092 - High Efficiency & Top Quality Shoulder Bushing

BRM 80 FB092 Wrapped Bronze Bearings Bushing for  Hoisting Equipment


Bronze bushes with grease reservoirs (BRO-MET, FB090, BRM10, WB800)
Bronze sleeves with grease reservoirs (BRO-MET) minimize the risk of a part breaking due to running out of grease. Thanks to this design, the service life of the sleeve is extended. This means that it will protect equipment mechanisms that rub against overheating and premature failure.
Bronze sleeves are resistant to environmental factors. They can be used on machines and equipment of industrial type. Operation is accompanied by low noise levels.
Our catalog offers bronze items with an internal diameter starting from 10mm, and external diameter starting from 12mm. The shape is cylindrical. The bronze alloy was used in the production, which meets the requirements of the international standard DIN 17662.

Bushing BUS77792



Art. Nr. d/DxL Art. Nr. d/DxL Art. Nr. d/DxL
BMz1720 17/19x20 BMZ2528 25/28x28
BMZ1010 10/12x10 BMZ1725 17/19x25 BMZ2530 25/28x30
BMZ1012 10/12x12 BMz 1808 18/20x8 BMZ2532 25/28x32
BMZ1015 10/12x15 BMZ1810 18/20x10 BMZ2535 25/28x35
BMZ1020 10/12x20 BMZ 1812 18/20x12 BMZ 2540 25/28x40
BMZ1108 11/13x8 BMZ1815 18/20x15 BMZ2550 25/28x50
BMZ1109 11/13x9
BMZ1110 11/13x10 BMz 1820 18/20x20 BMZ2560 25/28x60
BMZ1112 11/13x12
BMZ1206 12/14x6 BMZ 1825 18/20x25 BMZ 2610 26/30x10
BMZ1208 12/14x8 BMZ 1830 18/20x30 BMZ 2612 26/30x12
BMZ1210 12/14x10 BMZ 2008a 20/22x8 BMZ2615 26/30x15
BMZ1212 12/14x12 BMZ 2010a 20/22x10 BMZ 2620 26/30x20
BMZ1214 12/14x14 BMZ 2012a 20/22x12 BMZ 2625 26/30x25
BMZ1215 12/14x15 BMZ 2015a 20/22x15 BMZ 2630 26/30x30
BMZ1216 12/14x16 BMZ 2020a 20/22x20 BMZ 2635 26/30x35
BMZ1220 12/14x20 BMZ2025a 20/22x25 BMZ2640 26/30x40
BMZ1225 12/14x25 BMZ 2030a 20/22x30 BMZ2650 26/30x50
BMZ1308 13/15x8 BMZ2035a 20/22x35 BMZ2810a 28/31x10
BMZ1309 13/15x9 BMZ 2040a 20/22x40 BMZ2812a 28/31x12
BMZ1310 13/15x10 BMZ 2008b 20/23x8 BMZ2815a 28/31x15
BMZ1312 13/15x12 BMZ 2010b 20/23x10 BMZ2820a 28/31x20
BMZ1315 13/15x15 BMZ2012b 20/23x12 BMZ2825a 28/31x25
BMZ1410 14/16x10 BMZ 2015b 20/23x15 BMZ2830a 28/31x30
BMZ1412 14/16x12 BMZ 2020b 20/23x20 BMZ2832a 28/31x32
BMZ1415 14/16x15 BMZ 2025b 20/23x25 BMZ2835a 28/31x35
BMZ1420 14/16x20 BMZ 2030b 20/23x30 BMZ 2840a 28/31x40
BMZ1422 14/16x22 BMZ 2035b 20/23x35 BMZ 2810b 28/32x10
BMZ1425 14/16x25 BMZ 2040b 20/23x40 BMZ2812b 28/32x12
BMZ1508 15/17x8 BMZ2210 22/25x10 BMZ 2815b 28/32x15
BMZ1510 15/17x10 BMZ 2212 22/25x12 BMZ 2820b 28/32x20
BMZ1512 15/17x12 BMZ 2215 22/25x15 BMZ 2825b 28/32x25
BMZ1515 15/17x15 BMZ2220 22/25x20 BMZ2830b 28/32x30
BMZ1518 15/17x18 BMZ 2225 22/25x25 BMZ 2832b 28/32x32
BMZ1520 15/17x20 BMZ2230 22/25x30 BMZ2835b 28/32x35
BMZ1525 15/17x25 BMZ2235 22/25x35 BMZ2840b 28/32x40
BMZ1608 16/18x8 BMZ 2238 22/25x38 BMZ 3010 30/34x10
BMZ1610 16/18x10 BMZ 2240 22/25x40 BMZ 3012 30/34x12
BMZ1612 16/18x12 BMZ2245 22/25x45 BMZ 3015 30/34x15
BMZ1615 16/18x15 BMZ2250 22/25x50 BMZ 3020 30/34x20
BMZ1618 16/18x18 BMZ2410a 24/27x10 BMZ3025 30/34x25
BMZ1620 16/18x20 BMZ2412a 24/27x12 BMZ3028 30/34x28
BMZ1625 16/18x25 BMZ2415a 24/27x15 BMZ 3030 30/34x30
BMZ1708 17/19x8 BMZ 2420a 24/27x20 BMZ 3032 30/34x32
BMZ1710 17/19x10 BMZ2425a 24/27x25 BMZ 3035 30/34x35
BMZ1712 17/19x12 BMZ2428a 24/27x28 BMZ 3038 30/34x38
BM71715 17/19x15 BMZ2430a 24/27x30 BMZ3040 30/34x40
BMZ1718 17/19x18 BMZ2432a 24l27x32 BMZ3045 30/34x45
    BMZ 2435a 24/27x35 BMZ 3050 30/34x50
    BMZ2438a 24/27x38 BMZ3210 32/36x10
    BMZ2440a 24/27x40 BMZ3212 32/36x12
    BMZ 2450a 24/27x50 BMZ3215 32/36x15
    BMZ2410b 24/28x10 BMZ3218 32/36x18
    BMZ2412b 24/28x12 BMZ3220 32/36x20
    BMZ2415b 24/28x15 BMZ 3225 32/36x25
    BMZ2420b 24/28x20 BMZ3230 32/36x30
    BMZ2425b 24/28x25 BMZ3235 32/36x35
    BMZ2428b 24/28x28 BMZ3240 32/36x40
    BMZ2430b 24/28x30 BMZ 3245 32/36x45
    BMZ2432b 24/28x32 BMZ 3250 32/36x50
    BMZ 2435b 24/28x35 BMZ 3410 34/38x10
    BM72438b 24/28x38 BMZ 3412 34/38x12
    BMZ2440b 24/28x40 BMZ 3415 34/38x15
    BMZ2450b 24/28x50 BMZ 3420 34/38x20
    BMZ 2510 25/28x10 BMZ 3425 34/38x25
    BMZ2512 25/28x12 BMZ3430 34/38x30
    BMZ 2515 25/28x15 BMZ3435 34/38x35
    BMZ2520 25/28x20 BM730 34/38x0
    BMZ2525 25/28x25 BMZ3445 34/38x45




Art. Nr. d/DxL Art. Nr. d/DxL Art. Nr. d/DxL
BMZ3510 35/39x10 BMZ4530 45/50x30 BMZ7560 75/80x60
BMZ3512 35/39x12 BMZ4535 45/50x35 BMZ7570 75/80x70
BMZ3515 35/39x15 BMZ4540 45/50x40 BMZ7580 75/80x80
BMZ3520 35/39x20 BMZ4545 45/50x45 BMZ7590 75/80x90
BMZ3525 35/39x25 BMZ4550 45/50x50 BMZ8030 80/85x30
BMZ3530 35/39x30 BMZ 4555 45/50x55 BMZ 8040 80/85x40
BMZ3535 35/39x35 BMZ4560 45/50x60 BMZ8050 80/85x50
BMZ3540 35/39x40 BMZ5015 50/55x15 BMZ8060 80/85x60
BMZ3545 35/39x45 BMz5020 50/55x20 BMZ8070 80/85x70
BMZ3550 35/39x50 BMZ 5025 50/55x25 BMZ 8080 80/85x80
BMZ3610 36/40x10 BMZ5030 50/55x30 BMZ8090 80/85x90
BMZ3612 36/40x12 BMZ 5035 50/55x35 BMZ80100 80/85x100
BMZ3615 36/40x15 BMZ 5040 50/55x40 BMZ8530 85/90x30
BMZ3620 36/40x20 BMZ 5045 50/55x45 BMZ8540 85/90x40
BMZ3625 36/40x25 BMZ 5050 50/55x50 BMZ8550 85/90x50
BMZ3630 36/40x30 BMZ 5055 50/55x55 BMZ8560 85/90x60
BMZ3635 36/40x35 BMZ5060 50/55x60 BMZ8570 85/90x70
BMZ3640 36/40x40 BMZ 5065 50/55x65 BMZ 8580 85/90x80
BMZ3645 36/40x45 BMZ5070 50/55x70 BMZ8590 85/90x90
BMZ3650 36/40x50 BMZ5515 55/60x15 BMZ85100 85/90x100
BMZ3812 38/42x12 BMZ5520 55/60x20 BMz9030 90/95x30
BMZ3815 38/42x15 BMZ5525 55/60x25 BMZ9040 90/95x40
BMZ3820 38/42x20 BMZ5530 55/60x30 BMZ 9050 90/95x50
BMZ3825 38/42x25 BMZ5535 55/60x35 BMZ 9060 90/95x60
BMZ3830 38/42x30 BMZ5540 55/60x40 BMZ9070 90/95x70
BMZ3835 38/42x35 BMZ 5545 55/60x45 BMZ 9080 90/95x80
BMZ 3840 38/42x40 BMZ5550 55/60x50 BMZ 9090 90/95x90
BMZ 3845 38/42x45 BMZ 5555 55/60x55 BMZ 90100 90/95x100
BMZ3850 38/42x50 BMZ 5560 55/60x60 BMZ9530 95/100x30
BMZ3855 38/42x55 BMZ 5565 55/60x65 BMZ 9540 95/100x40
BMZ3860 38/42x60 BMZ 5570 55/60x70 BMZ 9550 95/100x50
BMZ4012 40/44x12 BMZ6015 60/65x15 BMZ 9560 95/100x60
BMZ 4015 40/44x15 BMZ 6020 60/65x20 BMZ 9570 95/100x70
BMZ 4020 40/44x20 BMZ 6025 60/65x25 BMZ 9580 95/100x80
BMZ4025 40/44x25 BMZ6030 60/65x30 BMZ9590 95/100x90
BMZ4030 40/4x30 BMZ6035 60/65x35 BMZ95100 95/100x100
BMZ4035 40/44x35 BMZ6040 60/65x40 BMZ10030 100/105x30
BMZ4040 40/44x40 BMZ6045 60/65x45 BMZ10040 100/105x40
BMZ4045 40/44x45 BMZ6050 60/65x50 BMZ10050 100/105x50
BMZ 4050 40/44x50 BMZ6055 60/65x55 BMZ10060 100/105x60
BMZ4055 40/44x55 BMZ6060 60/65x60 BMZ10070 100/105x70
BMZ 4060 40/44x60 BMZ6065 60/65x65 BMZ 10080 100/105x80
BMZ4212 42/46x12 BMZ 6070 60/65x70 BMZ 10090 100/105x90
BMZ4215 42/46x15 BMZ6075 60/65x75 BMZ100100 100/105x100
BMZ 4220 42/46x20 BMZ 6080 60/65x80 BMZ 100115 100/105x115
BMZ4225 42/46x25 BMZ 6085 60/65x85 BMZ10550 105/110x50
BMZ4230 42/46x30 BMZ 6090 60/65x90 BMZ10560 105/110x60
BMZ4235 42/46x35 BMZ6515 65/70x15 BMZ 10570 105/110x70
BMZ4240 42/46x40 BMZ 6520 65/70x20 BMZ 10580 105/110x80
BMZ4245 42/46x45 BMZ6530 65/70x30 BMZ10590 105/110x90
BMZ4250 42/46x50 BMZ6540 65/70x40 BMZ105100 105/11ox100
BMZ4255 42/46x55 BMZ 6550 65/70x50 BMZ105115 105/110x115
BMZ4260 42/46x60 BMZ6560 65/70x60 BMZ11050 110/115x50
BMZ4412 44/48x12 BMZ6570 65/70x70 BMZ11060 110/115x60
BMZ4415 44/48x15 BMZ6580 65/70x80 BMZ11070 110/115x70
BMZ4420 44/48x20 BMZ6590 65/70x90 BMZ11080 110/115x80
BMZ4425 44/48x25 BMZ 7020 70/75x20 BMZ 11090 110/115x90
BMZ 4430 44/48x30 BMZ 7030 70/75x30 BMZ110100 110/115x100
BMZ4435 44/48x35 BMZ7040 70/75x40 BMZ110115 110/115x115
BMZ4440 44/48x40 BMZ7050 70/75x50 BMZ11550 115/120x50
BMZ 4445 44/48x45 BMZ 7060 70/75x60 BMZ 11560 115/120x60
BM74450 44/48x50 BMZ 7070 70/75x70 BMZ11570 115/12ox70
BMZ4455 44/48x55 BMZ 7080 70/75x80 BMZ 11580 115/120x80
BMZ 4460 44/48x60 BMZ 7090 70/75x90 BMZ 11590 115/120x90
BMZ4515 45/50x15 BMZ 7530 75/80x30 BMZ115100 115/120x100
BMZ 4520 45/50x20 BMZ7540 75/80x40 BMZ115115 115/120x115
BMZ 4525 45/50x25 BMZ7550 75/80x50 BMZ 12050 120/125x50



Art. Nr. d/DxL Art. Nr. d/DxL Art. Nr. d/ DxL
BMZ12060 120/125x60 BMz17060 170/175x60 BMZ 200130 200/205x130
BMZ12070 120/125x70 BMZ 17070 170/175x70 BMZ200140 200/205x140
BMZ12080 120/125x80 BMZ17080 170/175x80 BMz 200150 200/205x150
BMZ 12090 120/125x90 BMZ 17090 170/175x90 BMZ20560 205/210x60
BMZ 120100 120/125x100 BMZ170100 170/175x100 BMZ20570 205/210x70
BMZ 120120 120/125x120 BMz170110 170/175x110 BMZ20580 205/210x80
BMz12550 125/130x50 BMz170120 170/175x120 BMz20590 205/210x90
BMZ12560 125/130x60 BMZ170130 170/175x130 BMZ 205100 205/210x100
BMZ12570 125/130x70 BMZ170140 170/175x140 BMZ205110 205/210x110
BMZ12580 125/130x80 BMZ170150 170/175x150 BMZ 205120 205/210x120
BMZ12590 125/130x90 BMZ 17560 175/180x60 BMZ 205130 205/210x130
BMZ125100 125/130x100 BMz17570 175/180x70 BMZ205140 205/210x140
BMZ125115 125/130x115 BMZ 17580 175/180x80 BMZ 205150 205/210x150
BMZ13060 130/135x60 BMZ17590 175/180x90 BMZ21060 210/215x60
BMZ13070 130/135x70 BMZ175100 175/180x100 BMZ21070 210/215x70
BMZ13080 130/135x80 BMZ175110 175/180x110 BMZ21080 210/215x80
BMZ13090 130/135x90 BMZ175120 175/180x120 BMZ21090 210/215x90
BMZ130100 130/135x100 BMZ175130 175/180x130 BMZ210100 210/215x100
BMZ130120 130/135x120 BMZ175140 175/180x140 BMZ210110 210/215x110
BMZ13560 135/140x60 BMZ175150 175/180x150 BMZ 210120 210/215x120
BMZ13570 135/140x70 BMZ18060 180/185x60 BMZ210130 210/215x130
BMZ13580 135/140x80 BMZ 18070 180/185x70 BMZ 210140 210/215x140
BMZ13590 135/140x90 BMZ 18080 180/185x80 BMZ210150 210/215x150
BMZ 135100 135/140x100 BMZ 18090 180/185x90 BMZ21560 215/220x60
BMZ135120 135/140x120 BMZ180100 180/185x100 BMZ21570 215/220x70
BMZ 14060 140/145x60 BMZ180110 180/185x110 BMZ21580 215/220x80
BMZ14070 140/145x70 BMZ180120 180/185x120 BMZ21590 215/220x90
BMZ 14080 140/145x80 BMZ180130 180/185x130 BMZ215100 215/220x100
BMZ14090 140/145x90 BMZ180140 180/185x140 BMZ215110 215/220x110
BMZ 140100 140/145x100 BMZ180150 180/185x150 BMZ 215120 215/220x120
BMZ 14560 145/150x60 BMZ 18560 185/190x60 BMZ 215130 215/220x130
BMZ14570 145/150x70 BMZ 18570 185/190x70 BMZ 215140 215/220x140
BMZ14580 145/150x80 BMZ18580 185/190x80 BMZ215150 215/220x150
BMZ14590 145/150x90 BMZ 18590 185/190x90 BMZ22060 220/225x60
BMZ145100 145/150x100 BMZ185100 185/190x100 BMZ22070 220/225x70
BMZ 145120 145/150x120 BMZ185110 185/190x110 BMZ22080 220/225x80
BMZ15060 150/155x60 BMZ185120 185/190x120 BMZ22090 220/225x90
BMZ15070 150/155x70 BM7185130 185/190x130 BMZ 220100 220/225x100
BMZ15080 150/155x80 BMZ185140 185/190x140 BMZ220110 220/225x110
BMZ15090 150/155x90 BMZ185150 185/190x150 BMZ220120 220/225x120
BMZ 150100 150/155x100 BMZ 19060 190/195x60 BMZ 220130 220/225x130
BMZ15550 155/160x50 BMZ19070 190/195x70 BMZ220140 220/225x140
BMZ15560 155/160x60 BMZ 19080 190/195x80 BMZ 220150 220/225x150
BMZ15570 155/160x70 BMz19090 190/195x90 BMZ22560 225/230x60
BMZ15580 155/160x80 BMZ190100 190/195x100 BMZ22570 225/230x70
BMZ15590 155/160x90 BMZ190110 190/195x110 BMZ22580 225/230x80
BMZ155100 155/160x100 BMZ190120 190/195x120 BMZ22590 225/230x90
BMZ16060 160/165x60 BMZ190130 190/195x130 BMZ225100 225/230x100
BMZ16070 160/165x70 BMZ190140 190/195x140 BMZ 225110 225/230x110
BMZ16080 160/165x80 BMZ190150 190/195x150 BMZ225120 225/230x120
BMZ16090 160/165x90 BMZ19560 195/200x60 BMZ225130 225/230x130
BMZ160100 160/165x100 BMZ19570 195/200x70 BMZ225140 225/230x140
BMZ160110 160/165x110 BMZ19580 195/200x80 BMZ225150 225/230x150
BMZ160120 160/165x120 BMZ19590 195/200x90 BMZ23060 230/235x60
BMZ160130 160/165x130 BMZ195100 195/200x100 BMZ23070 230/235x70
BMZ160140 160/165x140 BMZ195110 195/200x110 BMZ23080 230/235x80
BMZ160150 160/165x150 BMZ195120 195/200x120 BMZ23090 230/235x90
BMZ16560 165/170x60 BMZ195130 195/200x130 BMZ230100 230/235x100
BMZ 16570 165/170x70 BMZ195140 195/200x140 BMZ 230110 230/235x110
BMZ16580 165/170x80 BMZ195150 195/200x150 BMZ230120 230/235x120
BMZ 16590 165/170x90 BMZ 20060 200/205x60 BMZ 230130 230/235x130
BMZ165100 165/17ox100 BMZ 20070 200/205x70 BMZ 230140 230/235x140
BMZ 165110 165/170x110 BMZ 20080 200/205x80 BMZ 230150 230/235x150
RM716120 165/170x120 BMZ 20090 200/205x90 BMZ24060 240/245x60
RMZ165130 165/170x130 BMZ 200100 200/205xi00 BMZ24070 240/245x70
RM7165140 165/170x140 BM7200110 200/205x110 BMZ24080 240/245x80
RM7165150 165/170x150 BMZ200120 200/205x120 BMZ24090 240/245x90



Art. Nr. d/DxL
BMZ240100 240/245x100
BMZ240110 240/245x110
BMZ240120 240/245x120
BMZ240130 240/245x130
BMZ240140 240/245x140
BMZ240150 240/245x150
BMZ 25060 250/255x60
BMZ 25070 250/255x70
BMZ 25080 250/255x80
BMZ 25090 250/255x90
BMZ250100 250/255x100
BMz250110 250/255x110
BM7250120 250/255x130
BMZ 250130 250/255x140
BMZ250140 250/255x140
BMZ250150 250/255x150
BMZ26060 260/265x60
BMZ 26070 260/265x70
BMZ 26080 260/265x80
BMZ26090 260/265x90
BMZ260100 260/265x100
BMZ260110 260/265x110
BMZ260120 260/265x120
BMZ260130 260/265x130
BMZ260140 260/265x140
BMZ260150 260/265x150
BMZ27060 270/275x60
BMZ 27070 270/275x70
BMZ 27080 270/275x80
BMZ27090 270/275x90
BMZ270100 270/275x100
BMZ270110 270/275x110
BMZ270120 270/275x120
BMZ270130 270/275x130
BM7270140 270/275x140
BMZ270150 270/275x150
BMZ28060 280/285x60
BMZ28070 280/285x70
BMZ 28080 280/285x80
BMZ28090 280/285x90
BMZ 280100 280/285x100
BMZ280110 280/285x110
BMZ280120 280/285x120
BMZ280130 280/285x130
BMZ280140 280/285x140
BMZ280150 280/285x150
BMZ29060 290/295x60
BMZ29070 290/295x70
BMZ 29080 290/295x80
BMZ29090 290/295x90
BMZ290100 290/295x100
BMZ290110 290/295x110
BMZ290120 290/295x120
BMZ290130 290/295x130
BMZ290140 290/295x140
BM7290150 290/295x150
BMZ30060 300/305x60
BMZ30070 300/305x70
BMZ 30080 300/305x80
BMZ30090 300/305x90
BMZ 300100 300/305x100
BMZ300110 300/305xi10
BMZ 300120 300/305xi20

Oilless Bushing, glidlager, gleitlager, BRM 80 FB092 Wrapped Bronze Bearings bushing