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    Valerie from California
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    The best surface finishes for Sleeve Bearing, tighter concentricity, and bronze bushings material uniformity. The good supplier of standard inch and metric sleeve bearings and bushings from china.
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High Temperature Resistance Flanged Bronze Bushings With Oil Pockets

Place of Origin Made in China
Brand Name VIIPLUS
Certification DIN 1494 / ISO 3547
Model Number Bronze Bushings CuSn8P (DIN 17662) DIN 1494 / ISO 3547
Price Sliding Bronze Bearing Dimensions Tolerance,Stock Price
Delivery Time 3 - 15 BUSINESS DAYS
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability Perforated Bronze Bearing,Plain Bronze Wrapped Bearings
Product Details
Bushing Material CUSN8 Feature High Temperature Resistance,Wear Resistance,corrosion Resistance
Performance High Load Capacity And Long Life Type Sleeve,Flange,Thrust Washer
Application Agricultural Machinery, Brakes And Certain Construction Machinery. Bushing Size Special Dimensions And Imperial Sizes Are Available On Request
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High Temperature Resistance Bronze Bushings


Oil Pockets Flanged Bronze Bushings


CUSN8 Material Flanged Bronze Bushings

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Product Description

Bronze Bushings MBZ-B09 With Oil Pockets

Wide Selection of Standard and Custom Bronze Bearing & Bushing


Bronze bushing with oil pockets specification (GGB = MBZ-B09): Bronze bearings made of CuSn8 with lubrication indents

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MBZ-B09 Bronze Bearings with Lubrication Indents from Bronze bushing catalogs
... textile machinery, agricultural equipment, etc.



Shaft Tolerance Housing Tolerance

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MBZ-B09 bronze bushing, MBZ-B09 | Gleitlagerwerkstoffe | Caspar Gleitlager


Bronze Bearings and Bronze Sleeve Bushings made of CuSn8 with Lubrication Indents


APPLICATIONS Bearing forms available in standard dimensions: — Bearing forms made-to-order: Cylindrical bushes with nonstandard dimensions, flanged dimensions, flanged bushes, sliding plates, customized bearing designs Industrial: Mechanical handling and lifting equipment, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic equipment, medical equipment, textile machinery, agricultural equipment, etc.

MBZ-B09 Bearing Material


  • High load capacity
  • Can be used in difficult circumstances.
  • Good lubrication properties due to lubrication indents.
  • Can tolerate high loads and blows
  • Works well, even in dirty environments
  • Good thermal dissipation

MBZ-B09 with or without flange are intended for radial and axial movements.

For example

MBZ-B09 Self-lubricating Wrapped Bronze Bushings Size Chart

Bronze Bushings MBZ-B09 30x34x50mm

Bronze Bushings MBZ-B09 45x50/60x50mm


larger grease reservoirs increase maintenance intervals, dirt and debris swept into perforations, thereby reducing wear


The bearings are wrapped of a coldformable homogenous bronze, which because of this will obtain exceptional material properties. The execution of the flange permits that the bearing also can carry axial loads.

The standard sizes are fitted with diamond-shaped lubrication indents on the bearing-surface.

These indents serve as lubricant reservoirs i.a. to rapidly build up a lubrication film in the moment of start and therewith reduce the start friction. The properties of the WB800/WB700-material, together with the procedure of wrapping and calibration, make this type of bearing especially suitable for constructions, where high loads and relatively slow movements are occurring.



MBZ-B09 Bearings Technical data

Material: Homogeneous bronze (Cu 91,3%, Sn 8,5%, P 0,2%)
Yield point: (Rp0,2): ca 300 N/mm2
Tensile strenght:(Rm ) ca 450 N/mm2
Hardness: ca 125-150 HB
Friction: 0,08–0,25 µ
Max speed: 2,5 m/s
Temperature: -100 / +200 °C
Load Speed
Ca: 280 N/mm2 0 m/s
80 – 120 N/mm2 0,01 m/s
30 – 40 N/mm2 2,0 m/s


Bearings pressed into housing H7 gets tolerance H9. Recommended tolerance for the shaft IT 7 or IT 8 with position of tolerance e or f.


Additional lubrication ought to be done through the shafts or radial through the housings. All customary greases can be used e.g. greases with additives of graphite or molybdenumdisulphide.


  • High load capacity.
  • Can be used in difficult circumstances.
  • Good lubrication properties due to lubrication indents.
  • High level thermal conductivity.
  • Wide range of stock hold standard dimensions.


  • Spherical-shaped lubrication indents.
  • In- or outside lubrication grooves.
  • Hardness 150-160 HB.
  • Without lubrication indents.
  • Other positions of tolerance.
  • Flat or spherical thrust washers.

Typical applications:

  • Forest machines.
  • Agricultural machines.
  • Excavators and diggers.
  • Dumpers.
  • Hydraulic cranes.
  • Front loaders for tractors.
  • Person lifts

MBZ-B09 Bronze Bearings Technical data

Material: Homogeneous bronze (Cu 91,3%, Sn 8,5%, P 0,2%)
Yield point: (Rp0,2) ca 250 N/mm2
Tensile strength: (Rm ) ca 450 N/mm2
Hardness: ca 110-150 HB
Friction: 0,10–0,25 µ
Max speed: 2,5 m/s
Temperature range: -100 / +200 °C
Load Speed
Ca: 250 N/mm2 0 m/s
80 – 120 N/mm2 0,01 m/s
30 – 40 N/mm2 2,0 m/s


Additional lubrication should be introduced through the shaft openings or radially via the housing. All the normal lubricating greases can be used. Lubricating grease with graphite or molybdenum disulphide additives can also be suitable.

Bearings pressed in to a H7 housing give a tolerance of H9. The recommended shaft tolerance is IT7 or IT8, tolerance position e or f.

Special Designs

  • Only larger series.
  • Rounded lubrication indents
  • Internal and external lubricating grooves
  • Without lubrication indents
  • Hardness 150-160 HB
  • Other tolerance positions
  • Spherical and plain washers

Examples of typical uses

  • Forestry Machinery
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Mining Machinery
  • Bogie Bearings on Trucks
  • Tunnelling Machines


  • Can tolerate high loads and blows
  • Works well, even in dirty environments
  • The stamped lubrication indents/holes on the sliding surface provide good lubrication characteristics
  • Good thermal dissipation
  • A broad range of dimensions is held in stock
Type Materiāls Dimensions
Bronze Bushing K-WB100-105-100C 100-105-100
Bronze Bushing K-WB100-105-50C 100-105-50
Bronze Bushing K-WB100-105-60C 100-105-60
Bronze Bushing K-WB120-125-100C 120-125-100
Bronze Bushing K-WB120-125-60C 120-125-60
Bronze Bushing K-WB125-130-40C 125-130-40
Bronze Bushing K-WB125-130-60C 125-130-60
Bronze Bushing K-WB130-135-60C 130-135-60
Bronze Bushing K-WB150-155-100C 150-155-100
Bronze Bushing K-WB16-18-20C 16-18-20
Bronze Bushing K-WB18-20-20C 18-20-20
Bronze Bushing K-WB20-23-20C 20-23-20
Bronze Bushing K-WB20-23-30C 20-23-30
Bronze Bushing K-WB25-28-30C 25-28-30
Bronze Bushing K-WB26-30-30C 26-30-30
Bronze Bushing K-WB28-32-30C 28-32-30
Bronze Bushing K-WB30-34-25C 30-34-25
Bronze Bushing K-WB30-34-30C 30-34-30
Bronze Bushing K-WB30-34-40C 30-34-40
Bronze Bushing K-WB30-34-50C 30-34-50
Bronze Bushing K-WB30-34-60C 30-34-60
Bronze Bushing K-WB32-36-40C 32-36-40
Bronze Bushing K-WB35-39-30C 35-39-30
Bronze Bushing K-WB35-39-40C 35-39-40
Bronze Bushing K-WB35-39-50C 35-39-50
Bronze Bushing K-WB40-44-30C 40-44-30
Bronze Bushing K-WB40-44-40C 40-44-40
Bronze Bushing K-WB40-44-50C 40-44-50
Bronze Bushing K-WB40-44/55-50F 40-44/55-50
Bronze Bushing K-WB40-44-60C 40-44-60
Bronze Bushing K-WB45-50-35C 45-50-35
Bronze Bushing K-WB45-50-40C 45-50-40
Bronze Bushing K-WB45-50-50C 45-50-50
Bronze Bushing K-WB50-55-40C 50-55-40
Bronze Bushing K-WB50-55-50C 50-55-50
Bronze Bushing K-WB50-55/65-50F 50-55/65-50
Bronze Bushing K-WB50-55-60C 50-55-60
Bronze Bushing K-WB50-55-70C 50-55-70
Bronze Bushing K-WB55-60-40C 55-60-40
Bronze Bushing K-WB55-60-50C 55-60-50
Bronze Bushing K-WB55-60-60C 55-60-60
Bronze Bushing K-WB60-65-40C 60-65-40
Bronze Bushing K-WB60-65-50C 60-65-50
Bronze Bushing K-WB60-65-60C 60-65-60
Bronze Bushing K-WB60-65-70C 60-65-70
Bronze Bushing K-WB60-65/75-70F 60-65/75-70
Bronze Bushing K-WB60-65-80C 60-65-80
Bronze Bushing K-WB65-70-40C 65-70-40
Bronze Bushing K-WB65-70-60C 65-70-60
Bronze Bushing K-WB65-70-80C 65-70-80
Bronze Bushing K-WB70-75-40C 70-75-40
Bronze Bushing K-WB70-75-50C 70-75-50
Bronze Bushing K-WB70-75-60C 70-75-60
Bronze Bushing K-WB70-75-70C 70-75-70
Bronze Bushing K-WB70-75-80C 70-75-80
Bronze Bushing K-WB75-80-40C 75-80-40
Bronze Bushing K-WB75-80-80C 75-80-80
Bronze Bushing K-WB80-85-50C 80-85-50
Bronze Bushing K-WB80-85-60C 80-85-60
Bronze Bushing K-WB80-85-80C 80-85-80
Bronze Bushing K-WB95-100-100C 95-100-100
Bronze Bushing BK090-2030 20-23-30
Bronze Bushing BK090-3030 30-34-30
Bronze Bushing BK090-3040 30-34-40
Bronze Bushing BK090-4040 40-44-40
Bronze Bushing BK090-4050 40-44-50
Bronze Bushing BK090-5050 50-55-50
Bronze Bushing BK090-5060 50-55-60
Bronze Bushing BK090-2530 25-28-30
Bronze Bushing BK090-3240 32-36-40
Bronze Bushing BK090-6050 60-65-50
Oilless Bearing K-WB80-95-90C 80-95-90
Oilless Bearing K-WB85-95-85C 85-95-85
Oilless Bearing K-WB70-85-50C 70-85-50
Oilless Bearing K-WB70-85-60C 70-85-60
Oilless Bearing K-WB70-85-70 70-85-70
Oilless Bearing K-WB65-75-65C 65-75-65
Oilless Bearing K-WB60-70-60C 60-70-60
Oilless Bearing K-WB60-70-70C 60-70-70
Oilless Bearing K-WB60-75-60C 60-75-60
Oilless Bearing K-WB60-75-80F 60-75/90(7.5)-80
Oilless Bearing K-WB50-60-50C 50-60-50
Oilless Bearing K-WB50-60-60C 50-60-60
Oilless Bearing K-WB40-50-50C 40-50-50
Oilless Bearing K-WB30-40-30 30-40-30
Oilless Bearing K-WB40-50-40 40-50-40
Oilless Bearing K-WB50-60-60C 50-60-60
Oilless Bearing K-WB50-60-60F 50-60/75(5)-60
Oilless Bearing K-WB60-70-70C 60-70-70
Oilless Bearing K-WB50-60-70F 50-60/75(5)-70