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CuSn8 Metallic Perforated Flanged Bronze Bushings FB092

Place of Origin china
Brand Name viiplus.com
Certification Plain Sleeve Bearings Standards met: RoHS
Model Number wrapped bronze bushing
Minimum Order Quantity Bronze Precision Wear Plates & Lubricating Parts made to order
Price Contact us
Packaging Details Standard package, Pallet or container, As per customized specifications
Delivery Time Shipped in 3-20 work days
Payment Terms TT IN ADVANCE,L/C,Western Union
Supply Ability bronze sleeve bushings, China, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, wholesale, Metallic Self Lubricating Bushings, Cast Iron Bearing, Sleeve Bushing, POM Bearing, Cast Iron Plain Bearing, Lubrication Bronze Bushing
Product Details
Meterial Cusn8 Certification ISO9001 /TS16949
Types Wrapped Bronze Bushing Application Impact Load And Dusty Environment
Parts Bushings Thrust Washers Strips Categories Plain Bearings
Feature Collar Bush Price Factory Prixe
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Perforated Flanged Bronze Bushings


CuSn8 Flanged Bronze Bushings


FB092 Flanged Bronze Bushings

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Product Description

Bronze Alloy CuSn8 Metallic Perforated Collar Bush

Bronze alloy CuSn8 Metallic marginal-lubricating bearings > CSB-T90 Perforated Collar Bush, ID50mm*OD55mm*Length50mm/Flange65mm,




Perforated Collar Bush equivalent, Export quality brass bushes manufactured under a team of highly professional experts in the Industry.

The miniature motor is a vibrating motor or a rotary motor.

Collar Bush at Best Price in China

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Rotary motor

CuSn8 Metallic Perforated Flanged Bronze Bushings FB092 0

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CSB-T90 Wrapped bronze bearings are ideal for applications where there are high levels of contamination. Their running surface is provided with a hole pattern. The lubrication pockets must be filled with grease when the bearing is installed. The wrapped bronze bearings are produced according to the ISO 3547.




This is a thin wall wrapped bushing. It is suitable for a cost sensitive solution while the tolerance requirement is not critical. The diamond oil deposits hold the grease for the lubricating film establishment during the initial running in of the operation. The ID of the bushing is machinable after assembling. Bronze alloy provides good corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity feature. It is suitable for middle to low load and low speed application and periodically light oil lubricating is recommended.




Detail overview of lubrication pockets


Detail overview of lubrication pockets


Chemical Composition


The bronze bearings are produced from phosphor bronze alloy rolled strip which is hard and has an excellent finish. The material composition is as follows:
  • Cu - Balance
  • Sn - 8.5%
  • P - 0.2%


Type Cu% Sn% P% Pb% Zn%
CSB-090 91.3 8.5 0.2 / /




Wrapped bronze bearings are made entirely from phosphor bronze CuSn8. CuSn8 is characterized by the purity of the alloy with only a very low level of impurities. Wrapped bronze bearings are produced from strips that are subsequently wrapped and calibrated.




Wrapped bronze bearings must be lubricated with grease or oil on installation. A good quality lubricant is essential as it will reduce friction and wear by forming a film between the plain bearing and the shaft. For heavily contaminated applications, we recommend sealing off the bearing. This will protect both the bearing and the lubricant.


Properties CSB-090 CSB-T90
Max. load (Dyn/stat), N/mm2 40 / 120 40 / 120
Max. sliding speed m/s 2.0 2.5
Max. PV value N/mm2 x m/s 2.8 2.8
Temperature range, oC -100 / +200 -100 / +200
Shaft tolerance e7 - f8 - h6 e7 - f8 - h6
Housing tolerance H7 H7

wrapped bronze bushing Perforated Collar Bush equivalent

Typical Applications


The typical applications of this material include the lifting machinery, construction engineering machinery, automotive industry, tractors, trucks, agriculture machinery and mining machines. The available products include bushings, bearing shelves, flanged bushings and thrust washers.

FB092 Wrapped Bronze Flange bushing with Oil Holes,CuSn8,CW708R-Silicon Brass bushing

mining machines