David from Canada
    Our company import the bronze gleitlager from viiplus china,viiplus professional team makes sure customs clearance is always smooth. They provide an accurate bronze bushing classification, handle all the paperwork,We have received the self-lubricating bronze bushings. They look well done and the high quality.
    Valerie from California
    We import the bronze gleitlager from China to under the incoterm FOB shanghai, sometimes by Air. viiplus is a very good bronze gleitlager supplier, they are very professional and patient, after we inform the new order, they will manufacturer bronze gleitlager in time and give us the schedule , and then we just need to receive the bronze parts
  • Daisy From Germany
    The best surface finishes for Sleeve Bearing, tighter concentricity, and bronze bushings material uniformity. The good supplier of standard inch and metric sleeve bearings and bushings from china.
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Low Friction Aerial Lift Outdoor Polymer Plain Bearings Corrosion Resistance

Place of Origin Composite plain cylindrical bushings manufacturer
Certification ISO 3547 DIN 1494 Assembly Standard Tolerance
Minimum Order Quantity 1000 Piece/Pieces
Price $0.05 - $1.00 / Pieces
Packaging Details Packaging: Export carton; Wooden case ; Wood pallet.
Delivery Time 7~15 work days
Payment Terms TT in advance,Western Union
Supply Ability Special Customized Lubricating Bushings Manufacturing
Product Details
Feature Small Coefficient Of Friction, Wear - Resistant, Anti - Corrosive And Non - Oil Lubrication Type Roller, Sleeve, Sliding, Composite Bushing, Thrust Washer
Bearing Bushing Factory Price Tiffany@viiplus.com Self-lubricating Bearing Bushing Manufacturer Https://www.viiplus.com/
High Light Self Lubricating Bronze POM Bushing, Metal Polymer Bushings
High Light

oil impregnated brass sleeve bearing


flanged plain bearing

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Product Description

Aerial Lift Bronze Bushes Carbon-Based Self-Lubricating Bearings Good Wear Resistance & Corrosion Resistance.Viiplus Bushings Made In China


Sliding Bearings offers a variety of metal bushings including brass bushings, steel bushing, & bronze bushings. If you already know which type of metal bushing is right for your application, you can quickly navigate to it below for more information:



Multi-layer compound oil-free bearing
It is rolling bearing with steel plate as matrix, sintered spherical bronze powder in the middle and rolled PTFE and lead on the surface.It has the characteristics of small friction coefficient, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and no oil lubrication.
Using this product can reduce the cost, reduce the mechanical volume, avoid the phenomenon of shaft biting and reduce the mechanical noise and other advantages.Products have been widely used in various mechanical sliding parts, such as printing presses, elevators, textile machines, tobacco machines, fitness equipment, hydraulic trucks, micromotors, solenoid valves, automobiles, motorcycles and household machinery.






Oilless bearing is a new type of bearing which has the characteristics of both metal bearing and oilless bearing.


An aerial lift, also known as a cable car, is a means of cable transport in which cabins, cars, gondolas or open chairs are hauled above the ground by means of one or more cables. Aerial lift systems are frequently employed in airport,mountainous territory where roads are relatively difficult to build and use, and have seen extensive use in mining. Aerial lift systems are relatively easy to move, and are and have been used to cross rivers and ravines. In more recent times, the cost-effectiveness


Tech. Data

Max. load




Dry running


Very low speed













Max. PVdryrunning)



Thermal conductivity






PV max. hydrodynamic


Coefficient of thermalexpansion





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Plain Bearings Advantages

The advantages of oil-free bearings are well known.
Oilless bearing is a new type of bearing which has the characteristics of both metal bearing and oilless bearing.
It has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, strong self-lubricating ability, etc., especially sliding bearing is suitable for heavy load, low speed, reciprocating or oscillating, etc., which is difficult to lubricate and form oil film, and is not afraid of water and other acid corrosion and erosion.It is generally reported by users that the embedded bearing not only saves oil and energy, but also has a longer working life than ordinary sliding bearing.
Oilless bearing the product is based on steel plate as the matrix, the middle layer sintered spherical bronze powder, surface rolling polytetrafluoroethylene and lead mixture.It has the characteristics of small friction coefficient, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, oil-free self-lubrication and long service life, it can reduce the cost, reduce the noise, prevent sticking and sliding.




1. PTFE/Fibre mixture thickness 0.01~0.03mm. It is thecontact surface for the rotating shaft. Minute partidesof thePTFE layer and the sintered bronze material combine tocreate a solid lubricant film, which coats the shaft.

2. Sintered bronze powder thickness 0.20*0.35mm,A special composition of powdered copper is thermally fused to the steel backing. This contact layer acts as an anchor for the PTFE layer and conducts the thermal build up away from the bearing surfaces.
3. Low-carbon steel backing. Setting the foundation of the bushings, the steel back provides exceptional stability, load carrying and heat dissipation characteristics.





Printing press, elevator, textile machine, tobacco machine, fitness equipment, hydraulic truck, micromotor, solenoid valve, automobile, motorcycle and home machinery.


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Bearings Matters needing attention

One, should determine the shaft, shaft shell mating surface whether there is bump, bump, etc.
Whether dust or mold sand is attached to the surface of the bearing housing.
Third, although is the slight bump, the protuberance and so on, if has must the oil grindstone or the fine sandpaper remove.
Four, in order to avoid the surface of the shaft and shaft shell should be rubbed with a small amount of lubricating oil.To install the bearing on the shaft, apply force on the inner ring; to install the bearing on the bearing housing, apply force on the outer ring.To apply force in the bearing, be sure to pay attention to make the force vertical and uniform down, deflection will make the bearing injury.To this end, absolutely try to avoid playing wide.
Five, the hardness of the bearing, because of overheating and reduce the worry, therefore, must not exceed 100 degrees.At this time, the bearing must be suspended with steel wire, or placed on the wire line, support plate, do not place at the bottom of the groove.When the bearing reaches the desired temperature (below 100 degrees), it should be taken out of the groove immediately and quickly put into the shaft. The bearing will contract with the temperature drop. Sometimes there will be a gap between the shaft shoulder and the bearing end face.
Six, oil-free bearing bearing retainer and seal plate also absolutely can not apply force.The installation method of hammer and sleeve is commonly used, because it will damage the bearing, so do not directly knock.Make sure the sleeve is inserted in the middle and knocked in, as shown.The hammer should be gently struck.In the mechanical structure, the inner and outer rings are tight fit, should use plate, make sure that the force can be added to the inner and outer ring pressure into.
If only in the inner ring pressure, the force will be through the ball and pressure into the outer ring, therefore, will cause a scar on the track surface.To install the bearings with large tolerance on the shaft, heating the bearings to 80-90 degrees and expanding the inner diameter in clean oil is widely adopted.


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