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Rolled Bronze Bushing with Diamond Indents | Metric Sleeve material CuSn8 & CuSn6.5P

Place of Origin Self Lubricating Bearings Manufacturers
Certification DIN 1494, ISO 3547 STANDARD BUSHING
Minimum Order Quantity NEGOTIABLE
Price Competitively Priced vs DU DX, Provides Lubricating Bush
Supply Ability Flanged Bronze Bushings, Bronze Thrust Washers, Self Lubricating Bronze Bushings

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Product Details
Meterial Bronze Characteristic Low-maintenance And Maintenance-free Plain Bearings
Size Standard Size Available Port Shanhai,or Ningbo
Quality OEM Type Bushes, Collar Bushes, Washers, Strips Or Special Designs
Sample Available Feature High Quality
Bearing Bushing Factory Price Tiffany@viiplus.com Self-lubricating Bearing Bushing Manufacturer Https://www.viiplus.com/
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High Light

sintered self lubricating bushes


self lubricating bronze bushings

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Product Description

The rolled bronze bushing, featuring diamond indents and constructed from CuSn8 and CuSn6.5P materials, is a precision-engineered component designed for optimal performance in metric sleeve applications. The unique combination of these high-quality bronze alloys offers exceptional wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and mechanical strength.

The diamond indents provide enhanced lubrication and wear reduction, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. These indents also improve the bushing's ability to retain lubrication, reducing the need for frequent re-lubrication and extending the bushing's lifespan.

The rolled bronze bushing's metric sleeve design ensures a precise fit within the application, minimizing clearance and maximizing performance. The CuSn8 and CuSn6.5P materials, known for their durability and reliability, are chosen specifically for their ability to withstand high loads and frequent motion.

Whether used in heavy machinery, motor vehicles, or other industrial applications, this rolled bronze bushing with diamond indents offers a robust and long-lasting solution for reducing friction and wear. Its precision manufacturing, high-quality materials, and lubrication-enhancing features ensure reliable and efficient performance in various metric sleeve applications.


Self-lubricating Bronze Bearing Diamond Indentations, Sliding Bearing, Plain Bearing, Bronze bushings-Chinese Manufacturer - Export Wrapped Bronze Bush Sleeve Bushing to the world.


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Rolled Bronze bushings with Diamond Indents 

Factory customized Copper wrapped bushings


VIIPLUS rolled (wrapped) bushings is produced with diamond-shaped lubrication indents on the bearing surface(s). These bushings are ideally suited for thin-wall applications. The indents provide lubricant reservoirs that allow for excellent and prolonged service.


For applications that are sealed or difficult to maintain, we also manufacture this product with self-lubricating graphite filled diamond or circular indents.


They are light-weight and compact and are available as sleeve bushings, flange bearings, washers and plates. They are produced in both inch and metric sizes.


• Metric Sleeves
• Metric Flanges


wrapped bronze bushings

Bronze rolling bearing, with tin bronze alloy CuSn8/ cusn6.5p as the material, the surface of the rolling diamond oil hole, plays the role of oil storage, it has good fatigue strength and bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance.
Widely used in agricultural machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery, and other high-load low-speed occasions.
(also called FB090)


bronze wrapped bushing flange size self-lubricatin...

Application Characteristics

1. Save a lot of copper material and time of copper sleeve manufacturing:
2. Lightweight and low cost compared with axle sleeve and rolling bearing made by vehicle;
3. Various oil grooves can be processed on the friction surface, and oil holes can store certain grease so that the time of oil filling is 5 times longer than that of a copper sleeve;
4. Extremely high bearing capacity, especially suitable for rough friction surface;
5. High heat dissipation, small expansion coefficient, stable service condition and long service life.


Technische Daten

  • Wrapped bronze sliding bearing
  • Low-maintenance
  • With lubrication pockets

Rolled Bronze Bushing with Diamond Indents | Metric Sleeve material CuSn8 & CuSn6.5P


  • High load capacity and stability at low abrasion, suited for rough operation, corrosion-resistant.



  • CuSn8P
Chemical Composition   
CuSn8 91.30% 8.50% 0.20%
National standard C5210 German standard DIN17662 ISO 4382-2:1991      


Lubrication Free with Excellent Wear Resistance

Material Properties

  • Specific load capacity static≤ 120 [N/mm2]
  • Specific load capacity dynamic≤ 40 [N/mm2] at max. 2.0 m/s
  • Sliding speed≤ 2.0 [m/s]
  • Friction value ***0.08 [µ] to 0.25 [µ] depending on lubrication
  • Temperature strain– 100 [°C] to + 200 [°C]
  • Max. PV-value2,8 [N/mm² x m/s]


Mechanical Behavior            
Type Tensile Strength Elongation Yield Strength            
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 090 450 55 250            
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 092 300 55 250            
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 08G 420 5 230            
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 09G 450 10 250            
Physical Properties        
Type Specific Gravity Linear Expansion Heat Conductivity Electric rate Elastic Modulus        
    0C10-6/0C CW0/m.k Cm/onm.mm2 KN/mm2        
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 090 8.9 18.2 60 6.5 115        
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 092 8.9 18.2 60 6.5 115        
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 08G 7.8 22 70 7.8 108        
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 09G 8 18.2 60 6.5 115        
Friction Performance          
Type Max.Dynamic Load Max.Speed (no, oil) Max.Speed (oil) Temp.          
  (N/mm2) (no oil)(m/s) (oil )(m/s)            
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 090 75 / 2.5 -80~+200          
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 092 60 / 2.5 -100~+200          
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 08G 65 0.4 4 -100~+260          
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 09G 65 0.2 4 -100~+260          
Bearing Hardness              
Type Item Hardness              
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 090 (Standard) 90~120              
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 092 (Special) 125~155              
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 08G (Standard) 60~90              
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 09G (Standard) 90~120              
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 B090 (Standard) 70~100              
Bearing Material
Type Item Material Composition %
      CU SN Pb Zn P (Other)
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 090 (Standard) CuSn6.5P   6~7 0.1~0.25 ≤0.1
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 092 (Remainder)
  Ⅰ(SpecialⅠ) CuSn8P   7~9 0.01~0.35 ≤0.2
  Ⅱ(SpecialⅡ) H68(CuZn31Si) 66~70 ≤0.8   ≤0.5
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 08G (Standard) CuSn10Pb10+Gr   9~11 9~11 ≤0.5
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 09G (Standard) CuSn6.5P+Gr   6~7 0.1~0.25 ≤0.1
(Special) CuSn8P+Gr   7~9 0.01~0.35 ≤0.2
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 090 oil lubricating holes              
Rolled Bronze Bushing with Diamond Indents |  Metric Sleeve material CuSn8 & CuSn6.5P 2              
Type Thickness Oil Depth              
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 090 1mm 0.3~0.4mm              
1.5mm 0.4~0.5mm              
2mm 0.5~0.6mm              
2.5mm 0.6~0.7mm              
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 09G 0.65mm 0.15~0.3mm              
BRONZE BUSHING CUSN8 08G 1mm 0.3~0.4mm              
  1.5mm 0.4~0.5mm              
  2mm 0.4~0.5mm              
  2.5mm 0.4~0.5mm              



Tolerance Details

  • Housing ØH7
  • Bushing inner-Ø after mountingH9
  • Shaft tolerancef7 to h8



it is a low-maintenance bronze sliding bearing. Primary lubrication is necessary. Oil or grease lubrication is possible. Due to lubrication pockets, clearances are reduced to a minimum.


Range Of Application

  • Hydraulic Systems: Bushing for Valves and Rotary Actuator, Bushing for Gear Pumps, Bushing for Cylinders, Bushings for Shock absorber, Bushing for Lucas Hydraulic Pump,
  • Food Processing: Bottling Machine, Bottle Washer, Automatic Bag Maker, Dairy Processors, Meat Choppers, Mixers
  • Automobiles: Suspension Bushings, Steering, Brake Bushings, Clutch, Transmission Bushings
  • Railroad Cars: Side Thrust absorber, Automatic Doors Bushings
  • Ships: Steering Linkages, Hatch Covers, Pulley Blocks Bushings
  • Aircraft: Control Linkage, Shock absorber bushings, Actuator Valves bushings, winches
  • Printing: Offset Printer, Gravure Printer, Mail Printer, Automatic Ticket Bender, AutomaticBook Binder
  • Textile Industry: Spinning frame, Yarn Twister, Sheet Roller, Winders



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self lubricating bronze bushing


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