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PTFE Composite Bearings Tin Bronze Copper Layer Sheet Steel Backing

Place of Origin Plain Bearing Material
Brand Name VIIPLUS strips material
Certification DIN 1494, ISO 3547
Model Number composite bearing strips plain bearings
Minimum Order Quantity negotiable
Price Steel + sintered bronze + PTFE flat strip material inch sizes Manufacturers,Factory Price
Delivery Time 2-3 Weeks
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 1200000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Product Details
Bushing Strips Carbon Steel +Bronze+PTFE +Strips Three Layer Composite Bearing High Strength, Anti - Fatigue, Anti - Impact
Bearings Slide Plates- PTFE Slide Bearing Plates Application Composite Bearings Cylindrical Bushings
Item MULTILAYER MATERIAL (TYPE "DU") FOR SLIDING PLATES Form Multilayer Material Type DU In Plate Form
Bearing Bushing Factory Price Tiffany@viiplus.com Self-lubricating Bearing Bushing Manufacturer Https://www.viiplus.com/
Bush Bearings Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters Plain Bearings. Long, Maintenance-free Service, Manufactures Bushings In Various Designs And From Different Materials. Tiffany@viiplus.com, Bushings - Configure And Purchase - Https://www.viiplus.com/
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Copper PTFE Composite Bearings


Multilayer PTFE Composite Bearings


PTFE Composite Bronze Bushing Material

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Product Description

PTFE Composite PTFE Tin Bronze Copper Layer Sheet Steel Backing

PTFE Slide Bearing Plates & Strips Composite Bearings, Multilayer material type DU in plate form.

PTFE Composite -PTFE •tin bronze copper layer sheet steel backing copper layer • tin layer

Long maintenance-free operating life due to low friction
In applications where other materials have shown insufficient operating life bushing PTFE Composite dry sliding bearings can be the solution. SKF PTFE Composite is specially designed to operate without lubricant and is particularly suited for high load/medium speed applications.
we offers a full range of cylindrical bushings in accordance with ISO 3547 and DIN1494 as well as flanged bushings, thrust washers and strip
viiplus PTFE Composite bearings
offer many features and advantages
such as:
• maintenance-free operation
• very good frictional properties
• high load capacity
• operating temperatures up to 250 °C
• sliding velocity up to 2 m/s
• small operating clearance
PTFE Composite dry sliding bearings
combine the mechanical strength of steel
with the low friction of a PTFE-based
self-lubricating sliding layer. The intermediate layer of porous tin bronze guarantees a strong bond between the backing and sliding surface and also improves the
dissipation of heat generated during operation. The bearing is available in two versions. One with a sliding layer without any lead. This version has the suffix E. Another
version where the sliding layer contains
a minor amount of lead incorporates the
suffix B. To protect the bearings from corrosion the steel backing is tin-plated. All PTFE Composite dry sliding bearings can be machined, except for the sliding surface. However, calibration is possible within certain limits
Main applications 1)
PTFE Composite dry sliding bearings are suitable for applications where the load and self-lubrication requirements
are high.
Examples of applications are:
• automotive applications
• materials handling equipment
• home appliances and consumer goods
• textile machinery
The PTFE-based sliding surface permits
smooth, low-friction operation without
lubrication or maintenance. During the
running-in phase, part of the covering
layer of bearing bushing material PTFE Composite dry sliding
bearings is transferred to the mating surface and forms a physically bonded lubricant film. The presence or continuous supply of
oil or other noncorrosive fluids may be advantageous and improve the performance of these bearings.

Bearing Sleeve Bush Material & Strips Get A quote.


Bearing Bush is also known as bearing sleeve or adapter sleeve. It is widely used in the light industry and is installed for fixing the rotated bearing.
We manufacture strips & plate of bearing bush. Cylindrical bushings (DIN 1494) Self-Lubricating Flat Strips - Metric Sizes Inch Sizes & Customize Length with different thicknesses.Three-layer composite bearing Flat Strips Factory in China, China Sleeve Bushing material Supplier, flat strip plate Wholesale from China | Sliding Bearings material made to order from china

self lubricating bronze bushing Multilayer material type DU in plate form.


Flat Strips Plate Sleeve Bushing Material

The VIIPLUS range of self-lubricated dry sliding bearings. A composite structure, SF-1 SIMILAR DU flat strips consists of a carbon steel backing, an intermediate layer of sintered bronze, PTFE based sliding lining. From a technical point of view, the product is already widely known and new applications are constantly being identified to take advantage of the high load capacity, the self-lubricated feature and the excellent ratio between cost and performance of the whole range.


Self-Lubricating Flat Strips - Inch Sizes


Self-Lubricating Flat Strips - Inch Sizes catalog including P/N ,Width,High,Length Self-Lubricating Flat Strips - mm Sizes made to order from china.


Strips Area of Use


A dry running bearing with a low coefficient of friction, good wear properties and sliding characteristics. It can be used in both rotary and oscillating applications


Strips Feature


Flat Strips Plain Bearing It is made of high quality low-carbon steel, and sintered and rolled copper alloy as its surface. It has high fatigue strength, load capacity and impact strength.


Strips Structure

Steel bronze powder with PTFE/Fibres mixture

1. PTFE fibres mixture 0.01-0.03mm, lead free: provides an excellent initial transfer film, which effectively coats the mating surface of the bearing assembly, forming an oxide type solid lubricant film.

2. Sintered bronze powder 0.20-0.35mm: provides maximum thermal conductivity away from the bearing surface, also serves Dryslide structural detailas a reservoir for the PTFE-lead mixture.

3. Low-Carbon Steel: provides exceptionally high load carrying capacity.

4. Tin plating 0.002mm: provides good corrosion resistance

Self-Lubricating Multilayer Composite Bushing Life

1). PV Value
PV value is an effective criterion to calculate the service life of sliding bearing. If there is need to prolong the service Life, PV value must be reduced.

2). Ambient Temperature
The higher the working temperature is, the shorter the life of the products would be.

3). Quality of the Mating Surface
Service life self-lubricating can be obviously prolonged if its mating axis is made by alloy steel or is plated by hard chrome and with surface Roughness Ra=0.4~0.63.


Typical Applications

Can meet the demanding criteria for long life and trouble-free performance with or without lubrication.
Automotive: tractors, combines, crop sprayers, earthmovers, and road graders. Specific uses in power steering cylinders, steering gear thrust washers, disc brakes, callipers, pistons, shock absorbers, governor linkage, windshield wiper motor, and tilt gear assemblies…
Office Equipment: photocopy machines, mail sorters, postage meter systems, computer printers, peripheral equipment, automatic printing devices, and mail processing machinery…




High temperature resistance C86300 Bronze Bushing & Wear Plate flanged bronze bushings