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Sleeve Acetal Plastic POM Plain Bearings Grease - Lubricated Composite Bushings

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Composite plain cylindrical bushings manufacturer
Brand Name: VIIPLUS
Certification: ISO 3547 DIN 1494 Assembly Standard Tolerance
Model Number: Metric Cylindrical Bushing I The DX Bushing Alternative,Multi-lubrication, POM coated friction bearing
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)
Price: Negotiable
Delivery Time: 2~4 Weeks
Payment Terms: T/T PREPARD, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: Special Customized Lubricating Bushings Manufacturing
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Detail Information

Meterial: Metric Cylindrical Bushing I Steel Back + Porous Bronze Sinter + POM With Lubrication Indents Plating: Tin Or Copper
Type: Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated Lubricating: Metal-Polymer Composite Bushing Material
Standard Dimensions: Cylindrical Bushes Thrust Washers Sliding Plates Color: Yellow POM ,Black,Red,
Application: Attachment Lugs Of Pneumatic And Hydraulic Cylinders Conveyor-belt Systems, Textile Machinery, Automobiles ... Area Of Use: POM Bushes Are Suitable For Rotational And Oscillating Movements
High Light:

oil impregnated brass sleeve bearing


flanged plain bearing

Product Description

Bushing Finder. Part Finder. Bushing Form:Cylindrical Bushes, Flange Bushing


Thrust Washers, Sliding Plates, Flange Washer, Select Type: Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings,Solid Bronze, Bimetal Bushing, Solid Bushing Bronze With Lubricant Plugs Embedded, Composite Bushing, Wrapped Bushing Bronze CuSn8, Lubrication Depots, Search By Bushing Size. Select Size. Metric Or Imperial Size, Inner Diameter, Length
Base Material. Please Select Flange Outer Diameter,Flange Thickness.

You have access to the latest downloads here. Click on the Wrapped Composite Sliding Bearing.pdfcatalog symbol to display the file, and download the self-lubricating bushing bearings catalog file.


Bushings: Pre-Lubricated Inch Series,Inch Composite Plain Bushings

Steel-Sintered-Bronze-POM Composite Material low-maintenance.Steel with porous sintered tin bronze layer, which is coated with POM as sliding layer.Bronze and plastic/polymer bushings available upon request.

Looking for a DU bush, DX Bushing,DP4,PAP P10 P20 Bronze Bush alternative? Get a quotation online for cylindrical series in metric measurements.Need Help Finding the Right Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing Product?Our Plain Bearings Parts Experts Can Help. Call for immediate assistance.Bushing & Sliding Bearing Manufacturer | Metric Cylindrical Bushing I The DX Bushing Alternative.What We Do Manufacturing Self-lubricating Plant Certifications Design Challenge Industry Solutions.Steel/POM Bushing,metric & inch sizes.Wall,Thickness Shaft,Diameter Housing,ID Installed Bushing ID Clearance Order Online.Bush, Bushing, Metric Cylindrical Series Size in Metric.


The Plain Bearings Tolerance Size - To Provide Customers With Accurate Bushings Specification


VIIPLUS INTERNATIONAL Precision Relubricatable bushes type Sliding Bearing china supplier offers self-lubricating bearings services, custom packaging, kitting, and special shipping options. We are the solution provider to all of our customers.Sliding bearing selector bore inch metric size type straight bushing flanged bushing and thrust washers bore inside diameter and outside diameter choose bushing thin section type.Bronze and plastic/polymer bushings available upon request.Nominal Bearing Bore Recommended Installed Bearing ID* Bearing Length


Areas Of Application:

The Pom Lubricating Bushes are suitable for rotary and oscillatory motions. Initial lubrication with grease is advisable, and a continuous lubricant feed substantially lengthens the service life of the slide bearing. for example,Fixing eyes for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders Agricultural equipment



                      Sleeve Acetal Plastic POM Plain Bearings Grease - Lubricated Composite Bushings    Sleeve Acetal Plastic POM Plain Bearings Grease - Lubricated Composite BushingsSleeve Acetal Plastic POM Plain Bearings Grease - Lubricated Composite Bushings



Wrapped Acetal Lined Bearings Plain Bearings, Self-Lubricating Bushings & Polymer Coatings Manufacturer


Assembly Shapes & Forms

Plain cylindrical bearings, thrust washers and sliding plates.POM STEEL BUSHINGS already prepared for assembly. The bushings are so designed that when press-fitting the bearing into the housing, the mating gap can be eliminated. However, the mating-point of the bearing should be positioned away from the load-zone.


Special Manufacturing Bushings:

Rod end bearings/spherical plain bearings/journal bearings On request, we can offer inch-sizes, standard size drawing,Lubrication Bearings, washers or sheets Strips.


Viiplus Pom Bushings

offers a broad range of sizes, forms and materials in monometallic and  bearings. Bimetal and metal bearings offer excellent corrosion resistance in industrial outdoor applications and in water, marine and offshore environments.


Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated

POM is a triple layer bearing consisting of copperplated steel frame, a middle layer of sintered bronze and a sliding surface of acetal plastic (POM).The sliding surface is provided with grease pockets which embeds the lubricant for gradual
release during operation. The slip layer also has a
good ability to embed dirt and small particles that could damage the shaft. POM can withstand relatively high loads and is suitable for rotary and oscillating movements and structures with frequent starts and stops.



Technical data

Performance indicators Date
Maximum load P Static load 250N/mm²
Dynamic load 150N/mm²
Maximum linear velocity V Grease lubrication 2.5m/s
High PV value Grease lubrication 2.8N/mm²・m/s
Coefficient of friction μ Grease lubrication 0.05~0.25
The use of temperature
Coefficient of thermal conductivity 4W/m・K
Coefficient of thermal expansion 12×10-6/K



Sleeve Acetal Plastic POM Plain Bearings Grease - Lubricated Composite Bushings


Metallographic image

Note: note: VSB-20 series products can also choose different matrix materials according to different working conditions, such as: bronze substrate, stainless steel substrate, and "lead-free" formula products.Hxob-20y is an environmentally friendly lead-free product with the colors of orange, orange and blue.






VSB20 abroad (DX) boundary lubrication bearing with high quality low carbon steel or copper plate as substrate, the middle sintered porous spherical bronze powder, the friction surface rolling modified polyformaldehyde (POM and Pb), and through the high temperature solid combination as one of the three layers of plasticizing boundary lubrication bearing materials (also called prelubricated bearing material), the rolling and sliding bearing.

The material can provide better bearing capacity and wear resistance, friction surface with oil pits, in the presence of a small amount of lubrication medium, its performance is better than other sliding bearing materials.The product is suitable for working under normal temperature and medium (heavy) load, low speed occasions, to replace the traditional copper sleeve, which reduces the cost and extends the service life.Boundary lubricated bearings are divided into steel base and copper base.



Bearing forms available in standard dimensions
Cylindrical bushes
 Thrust washers
Sliding plates

Metric bearings and imperial bushings made to order: standard bushing forms in special dimensions, half-bushings, special shapes obtained by stamping, bearings with locating notches, lubricant holes and machined grooves, customized bushing designs



Suitable for use in fatting or lubricating conditions, high bearing capacity, good wear resistance;


Suitable for rotating, reciprocating and swinging and other forms of movement and frequent starting, intermittent movement or heavy load and other occasions which are not easy to form oil film lubrication;


High load, low speed lubrication conditions with stable low friction coefficient and excellent wear resistance;


Friction surface layer can be secondary processing, bearing into the seat hole after processing, can further improve the accuracy of fit;


Long working time under boundary lubrication conditions, such as in the process of regular grease maintenance, can extend the service life;


Bearings for thin-wall structure, light weight, occupies a small volume, suitable for compact design;

Good dimensional stability, high mechanical strength;




1. POM thickness 0.30~0.50 mm. It provides high wearresistance and low friction even with only minute volume oflubricant are supplied, this bearing surface carries a pattern of circular indents which should be filled with grease on assembly of the bearing.
2. Sintered bronze powder thickness 0.20-0.35mm. A special composition of powdered copper is thermally fused to the steel backing. This contact layer acts as an anchor for the PTFE layer and conducts the thermal build up away from the bearing surfaces.
3. Low-carbon steel.Setting the foundation of the bushings, the steel back provides exceptional stability,load carrying and heat dissipation characteristics.

Typical Applications

VIIPLUS sliding bearings are used in a wide range of applications in all industries.
Widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic industry, forging machine industry, plastic machinery industry, lifting and handling machinery, port machinery, office, fitness machinery, textile machinery, food packaging, filling machinery, chemical machinery, printing bags, paper machinery, automobiles, railways Automobile locomotive, shipbuilding industry, plastic machine industry, metallurgical machinery, engineering machinery, etc.

Hydraulic machinery: hydraulic steel gate plane support slide, etc.Hydraulic turbine: guide vane (upper guide, middle guide, lower guide) shaft sleeve, wheel shaft sleeve, pin shaft sleeve (connecting rod pin, push and pull rod pin, relay piston pin), anti-wear ring plate (thrust ring), anti-wear block, control ring side tile.Hoisting and transport machinery: forklift lifting device, gantry crane and pulley block, brake, stacker resorter hinge, shore lifting support hinge seat, etc.Oil machinery: pumping unit reducer intermediate shaft and output shaft sleeve, etc.Valve industry: butterfly valve, globe valve, etc.


We offer extensive flexibility to our customers by offering not only standard bushings products but offering our customers a broad array of our manufacturing partners to supply unique items for their specific applications.








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