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Tin Plating POM Composite SF-2 Bronze Bearing Thrust Washer Oilless

Place of Origin made in china
Brand Name Viiplus
Certification Plain Sleeve Bearings Standards met: RoHS
Model Number Washer POM Lead Free
Minimum Order Quantity Bronze Precision Wear Plates & Lubricating Parts made to order
Price US$0.11 - US$21.11 / Pieces,NEGOTIABLE
Packaging Details Standard package, Pallet or container, As per customized specifications
Delivery Time Shipped in 3-20 work days
Payment Terms TT IN ADVANCE,L/C,Western Union
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Product Details
Meterial Low-Carbon Steel + Porous Bronze + POM Plating Tin Or Copper
Types FLANGE/SLEEVE/WASHER Application Printing, Weaving And Tobacco Producing Machines, Gymnastic Equipment, Shock Absorbers, Etc.
Parts Bushings-thrust-washers-strips Categories Plain Bearings
Bearing Bushing Factory Price Tiffany@viiplus.com Self-lubricating Bearing Bushing Manufacturer Https://www.viiplus.com/
High Light Self Lubricating Bronze POM Bushing, Metal Polymer Bushings
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Tin Plating Bronze Thrust Washer


Oilless Bronze Thrust Washer


POM Composite Thrust Washers

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Product Description

Oilless SF-2 Bronze Bearing Flat Thrust Washer

POM composite thrust washers are suitable where oscillating and rotational movement can occur. These washers are punched from the composite material and have as standard a hole to take a pin or screw to prevent the washers from rotating on their seat. SF-2 Thrust washers Bronze+steel+pom Washers. DX Marginally Lubricated Bearings is for grease or oil lubricated applications. Visit https://www.bronzegleitlager.com/


SF-2 Thrust washers, SF-1 Thrust washer, DU Oilless Washer, Bronze steel pom washer, DX Maginal Washer.


SF-2 Marginal Lbricating Bearing is used steel-backing as its structure, sintered porous bronze as its interlayer, surface inlaid the modified POM.

Suitable for marginally lubricated and dry operation on the conditions of lubrication indents grease.

It has been widely applied to metallurgical machinery, Mine machinery, water conservancy machinery, vapor locomotive, building machinery, agriculture machinery, steel rolling industry etc.


Oilless SF-2 Bronze Bearing Flat Thrust Washer

POM Coated Self Lubricating Thrust Washer


SF-2 POM composite thrust washers Description


POM composite thrust washers have pockets in the sliding surface, which serve as grease reservoirs and should be filled with grease prior to installation. This makes these washers suitable for applications that require minimal maintenance under difficult operating conditions, for example in contaminated environments where lubricant cannot be supplied continuously or frequently. Despite of their compact design, POM composite washers can accommodate heavy axial loads and are less sensitive to misalignment. They are suitable for slow rotational or oscillating movements.


POM composite thrust washers consists of a sheet steel backing on which a 0,2 to 0,4 mm thick layer of tin/bronze is sintered. The principal characteristic of these washers is their relatively thick (0,3 mm) covering layer of acetal resin (POM – polyoxymethylene) with additives. This covering layer has pockets to retain grease and is firmly attached to the sintered tin/bronze layer.


The thickness of the covering layer makes these washers less sensitive to misalignment and the edge loading associated with that misalignment.



Brand Viiplus
Base material Steel/Bronze
Maximum temperaturet -40°C-300°C
Max Load Capacity P 70-250N/mm²
Coefficient of friction u 0.05-0.20u
Material Organization 1. POM with fiber 0.3 ~ 0.5mm
2. Porous bronze 0.2 ~ 0.3mm
3. Steel backing 0.4~ 2.2mm
4. Tin-plating 0.005mm or copper plating 0.008mm
Technical Data Limit Value(Oil) 22N/mm²
Friction Coefficient 0.05~0.25
Temperature Range -40°C~+130°C
Resilience 70N/mm²
Sliding Speed Limit 2.5m/s


SF-2 Thrust washers Material:

DX (Metal Polymer Composite POM)

bimetal pom strip Thickness of the copper layer is 0,004-0,006 mm on the surface of the strip steel. Thickness of one-sided baked layer of porous bronze CuSn10 on the copper surface of strip steel 0,33-0,50mm A sliding surface of polyacetal with a depth of 0,23-0,33mm.


The thickness of the copper layer on the surface of the strip steel. The thickness of the one-sided baked layer of porous bronze CuSn10 on the copper surface of strip steel-backed

A sliding surface of polyacetal layer



Axie diameter
 Size of washer  Size for installation


WC10SF 8 10 20 1.5 15 1.5 1 20
WC12SF 10 12 24 1.5 18 1.5 1 24
WC14SF 12 14 26 1.5 20 2 1 26
WC16SF 14 16 30 1.5 23 2 1 30
WC18SF 16 18 32 1.5 25 2 1 32
WC20SF 18 20 36 1.5 28 3 1 36
WC22SF 20 22 38 1.5 30 3 1 38
WC24SF 22 24 42 1.5 33 3 1 42
WC26SF 24 26 44 1.5 35 3 1 44
WC28SF 25 28 48 1.5 38 4 1 48
WC32SF 30 32 54 1.5 43 4 1 54
WC38SF 35 38 62 1.5 50 4 1 62
WC42SF 40 42 66 1.5 54 4 1 66
WC46SF 45 48 74 2 61 4 1.5 74
WC52SF 50 52 78 2 65 4 1.5 78
WC62SF 60 62 90 2 76 4 1.5 90

A dowel or counter sunk screw should be used to prevent rotation,but the head must be recessed at least 0.25mm below the thrust bearing surface
Standard series of SF-1, and SF-2 strips




SF-1 SF-2 500 125 1.0
SF-1 SF-2 500 125 1.5
SF-1 SF-2 500 150 2.0
SF-1 SF-2 500 150 2.5

Bushing Length other than listed may also be supplied to special orders.


SF-2 Thrust washers Structure:

Metal-Polymer Composite Thrust Washer Material


SF-2 Thrust washers Composition:

Steel Back + Porous Bronze Sinter + Pom With Lubrication Indents


SF-2 Thrust washers Microsection:

  • POM sliding layer with lubricant indents
  • Porous Bronze Sinter

  • Steel Backing

  • Tin/Copper coating




SF-2 POM Thrust Washer Technical Details


  • Wrapped composite sliding bearing
  • Tin-plated steel / acetal resin (POM)
  • DIN 1494 / ISO 3547
  • Low-maintenance
  • With lubrication pockets
  • Flanged sliding bearings on request


SF-2 Thrust Washers Suitable for grease or oil lubrication and all kinds of movement, good load capacity, robust and insensible to dirt.


Sliding surface: POM
Support material: Tin plated steel
Dynamic load: ≤ 140 N/mm²
Static load: ≤ 250 N/mm²
Sliding speed: ≤ 2,5 m/s
Fricition value: 0,04 - 0,12 µ
max. PV-value: 2,8 N/mm² x m/s
Temperature strain: -40 up to + 130 °C
Maintenance: maintenance-bound
Tolerance housing: H7
Tolerance after mounting: in series D
Shaft tolerance: h8
Shaft material: Steel, hardened or untempered, roughness Rz < 4-6


SF-2 Thrust Washers Characteristics:


  1. SF-2 POM coated self-lubricating thrust washer for grease or oil lubricated applications.

  2. Standard parts contain grease indents in the sliding layer, plain sliding layer available by request.

  3. Optimum performance under relatively high loads and low speeds.

  4. Suitable for linear, oscillating and rotating movements.

  5. Wide range of parts available from stock.


SF-2 Thrust Washers Typical Applications:


SF-2 POM based thrust washers is widely used in Vehicle chassis, forming machine tools, steel metallurgical machinery, mineral mountain machinery, hydraulic industry and rolling steel industry etc.



POM Composite Bearing SF-2 Thrust Washers Size Chart

Material Part Number Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Thickness
POM Wrapped Acetal Lined SF-2 Thrust Washer12 24 015 12 24 1.5
POM Wrapped Acetal Lined SF-2 Thrust Washer14 26 015 14 26 1.5
POM Wrapped Acetal Lined SF-2 Thrust Washer16 30 015 16 30 1.5
POM Wrapped Acetal Lined SF-2 Thrust Washer18 32 015 18 32 1.5
POM Wrapped Acetal Lined SF-2 Thrust Washer20 36 015 20 36 1.5
POM Wrapped Acetal Lined SF-2 Thrust Washer22 38 015 22 38 1.5
POM Wrapped Acetal Lined SF-2 Thrust Washer24 42 015 24 42 1.5
POM Wrapped Acetal Lined SF-2 Thrust Washer26 44 015 26 44 1.5
POM Wrapped Acetal Lined SF-2 Thrust Washer28 48 015 28 48 1.5
POM Wrapped Acetal Lined SF-2 Thrust Washer32 54 015 32 54 1.5
POM Wrapped Acetal Lined SF-2 Thrust Washer38 62 015 38 62 1.5
POM Wrapped Acetal Lined SF-2 Thrust Washer42 66 015 42 66 1.5
POM Wrapped Acetal Lined SF-2 Thrust Washer48 74 02 48 74 2.5
POM Wrapped Acetal Lined SF-2 Thrust Washer52 78 02 52 78 2.5
POM Wrapped Acetal Lined SF-2 Thrust Washer62 90 025 62 90 2.5



bimetal strips






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