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Sintered High Performance Bimetal Bearing Bushes With Long Life Time

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Bimetal bearing Bimetal bushes
Certification: ISO/ 9001
Model Number: Bimetal sintered bearing
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Price: Sliding Bronze Bearing Dimensions Tolerance,Stock Price
Packaging Details: Standard export packing, or as customer's requirement
Delivery Time: 10-20 works day
Payment Terms: T/T
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bimetal bush


bimetal bearings

Product Description

Bimetal sintered Bearing Sleeve high strength self-lubricating bearings


Bimetal sintered bearing is made of common bimetal bearing and flange by sintering. Because its bimetal matrix is low carbon steel and lacks ductility, the sintering process is adopted to meet the demand of mechanical structure with flange structure.


This is a bimetal bearing material in which bronze alloy comprise a two layer structure with a steel backing. This structure, whose mechanical strength is high, can be used under lubricated conditions and high-speed/high-load operation. It can be made from a variety of different materials, depending on the application, use conditions and lubrication.


Sintered SAE797 Layer + Steel Backed + Copper Plating / Tin-Plating(CuPb10Sn10) 
Sintered SAE799 Layer + Steel Backed + Copper Plating / Tin-Plating(CuPb24Sn4)
Sintered SAE48 Layer + Steel Backed + Copper Plating / Tin-Plating    (CuPb30)
Sintered SAE783 Layer + Steel Backed+ Copper Plating / Tin-Plating   (AlSn20Cu)



Pb(%) Fe(%) Ni(%) Zn(%) Cu(%)
8.0-11.0 ≦0.25 ≦1.5 ≦2.0 78.0-87.0



Pb(%) Fe(%) P(%) Mn(%) Cu(%)
27.0~33.0 ≦≤0.5 ≦0.08 ≦0.3 62.5-72.5


Pb(%) Sn(%) p(%) Mn(%) Cu(%)
19~27 3~5 ≦0.08 ≦0.3 67~77


Al(%) Sn(%) Cu(%) Fe(%) Other magazines(%)
rest 17.5~22.5 0.7~1.3 ≦0.4 ≤0.5


Bimetal series materials, also known as bimetallic materials or steel backed strips, are made of low carbon steel or steel coil as the base material, and the surface is sintered with bronze alloy steel and bronze alloy products. Different bronze alloy materials are suitable for different working conditions. The surface copper alloy grades can be divided into high lead series, lead series and lead-free series.

Our self-lubricating bearing products have been supplied in chassis walking mechanism, body parts, hydraulic components and other parts.Including bimetal boundary lubricated rolling bearing our self-lubricated bearing products have been supplied in chassis walking mechanism, body parts, hydraulic components and other components.


The performance parameters of bimetal bearings are the national material standards

VSB Material International standard Alloy composition Alloy hardness
JF800 JIS-LBC3/SAE-797 CuPb10Sn10 HB70-100
JF720 JIS-LBC6/SAE-799 CuPb24Sn4 HB45-70
JF700 JIS-KJ3/SAE-48 CuPb30 HB30-45
JF20 JIS-AJUSAE-783 AISn20Cu HB30-40





Norminal Thiickness

Tolerances of Series B (non-machinable)

Tolerances of Series C (non-machinable)
1.0 -0.025 +0.25
2.0 -0.030 +0.25
2.5 -0.035 +0.25
3.0 -0.040 +0.30
3.5 -0.045 +0.30
3.5 -0.050 +0.30

You can also choose other product structures


Select the type of bearing sleeve


Select the type of groove for your bimetal bearing (part)



Type of oil groove for bearing sleeve



Select the type of bimetal clasp you want

Bimetal bearing buckle


The bimetal bushings product is based on high quality low carbon steel, with sintered lead-tin bronze alloy CuSn4Pb24 on the surface. The alloy surface can be processed into oil groove, which is convenient for oil storage and effectively reduces wear.The steel back can be plated with anticorrosive coating as required.This series of products are often used in internal combustion engine spindle and connecting rod bearings, thrust pads, rolling bearings and so on

Application field


Products are widely used in construction machinery used for supporting wheel shaft sleeve, supporting belt wheel shaft sleeve, tensioning wheel shaft sleeve, automotive balance shaft sleeve, steel plate sleeve, steering joint main shaft sleeve, connecting rod shaft sleeve, valve rocker arm shaft sleeve, camshaft shaft sleeve, differential shaft sleeve, thrust gasket, piston pump side piece, gear pump side piece.

Construction machinery: chassis walking mechanism supporting wheel shaft sleeve, towing wheel shaft sleeve, tension wheel shaft sleeve;Automobile industry: balance shaft bushing, steel plate pin bushing, steering knuckle-main shaft bushing, connecting rod bushing, valve rocker arm bushing, camshaft bushing, differential bushing, gearbox bushing, internal combustion engine spindle bushing, thrust gasket;And plunger pump side piece, gear pump side piece, etc


Excavator self - lubricating bearing applications        Hydraulic bearing applications       Domestic mechanical bearing field

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