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Connecting Rods Bimetal Bearings Thin Walled Camshaft Bushing

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Bimetal Bearing Manufacturers
Brand Name: bimetal SAE-797 SAE 48 SAE-799 bushings
Certification: Bimetal Bush Material CuPb10Sn10、CuPb6Sn6Zn3 CuPb24Sn4...
Model Number: JF800 JF720 JF700 Bimetal Lead-Free Plain Bearings
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: export & import bimetal bushings International carton standard
Delivery Time: Manufacture Bimetal Bushing In Stock, Delivered Within Days.
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: Customs Bimetal Bushing 800000 Pieces Per Month
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Detail Information

STRUCTURE AND COMPOSITION: Steel Backing And Leaded Bronze Overlay Steel + CuPb10Sn10 With Indents Application: Connecting Rods ,Camshaft Bushing ,China Auto& Truck Suspension Bimetal Bushing
BIMetal Bushing Size: METRIC SIZE - IMPERIAL SIZE Material: Sliding Layer With Lubrication Indents CuPb10Sn10 With Composition Approx.: Cu 80 % Pb 10 % Sn 10 % Steel Backing

Product Description

Connecting Rods Bimetal Bearings Thin Walled Camshaft Bushing

Find A Biemtal Bushing Manufacturer & China Distributor. Request Catalog.BIMETAL STEEL BRONZE SLEEVE BUSHES MANUFACTURER.pd...Bi-metal composite bearing materials (CuPb10Sn10, CuPb6Sn6Zn3, CuPb24Sn4, CuPb30, AlSn20Cu, CuSn8Ni) as a bearing wear layer, copper alloy surface can be processed according to the use of working conditions of various types of oil groove, oil hole, oil hole, etcLeaded Bronze Steel Bushing Din-G-Cupb10sn / Precision And Prefessional Connecting Rods Bimetal Bearings Camshaft Bushing | Thin Walled Bearing China Manufacturer.Steel-Related Bronze Bushings Supplier.Send Bimetal Bushing Drawing or Size Inquiry to Us.Thin Walled Bimetal Bearings made by Steel Backing and Leaded Bronze Overlay.Steel + CuPb10Sn10 with indents.The main bimetals are applicable to the internal combustion engine spindle and connecting rod bearing.



You can select part of the tank


Hydraulic bearing bimetal grooves inside

You can choose the type of bearing buckle

Form of bearing connection buckle

High Load Low Frication Bimetal Bushing Bearing

Lead-free bimetal bearings feature a bimetal composition—steel backing and a bronze overlay—that earns RoHS compliance. Bimetal bearings are able to handle heavy loads and shock loading conditions. Our bimetal bearings have anti-corrosion capabilities and are easy to install, making them ideal for emergency replacements. They support high specific loads and offer superior performance under oscillating movements. Among many uses for these products, bimetal bearings will most notably benefit transmissions and truck brakes as well as agricultural, mechanical handling and lifting applications. They boast a high load capacity and very good resistance to fatigue strength at high temperatures.


Bimetal Bushing Material:


Sliding layer with lubrication indentsProfessional word roller bearing supplier
CuPb10Sn10 with
composition approx.:
Cu 80 %
Pb 10 %

Sn 10 %

Steel backing

















Pb(%) Fe(%) Ni(%) Zn(%) Cu(%)
8.0-11.0 ≦0.25 ≦1.5 ≦2.0 78.0-87.0


  • Sn : 9.0-11.0
  • Sb : ≦0.5
  • impurities


Bimetal bearing forms made to order: cylindrical bearings, flanged bearings, thrust washers, sliding plates, rings, spherical plain bearings, customized bearing forms.

 DIN-G-CuPb10Sn / Precision Bimetal Other Alloy Bimetal Bushing Prefessional Sleeve Bushings Services Supplier

Alloy Composition
Alloy Hardness
70-100 HB
45-70 HB
40-60 HB
30-45 HB
30-40 HB
Max Load
150 N/mm2
130 N/mm2
130 N/mm2
120 N/mm2
100 N/mm2
Tensile Strength
185 N/mm2
150 N/mm2
150 N/mm2
200 N/mm2
200 N/mm2
Max Sliding Speed
5.0 m/s
10.0 m/s
10.0 m/s
15.0 m/s
25.0 m/s
Frication Coefficient
Max PV Value Limit
Internal combustion engine connecting rod, Principle axis


Operating Performance

DryGood Oil lubricated Good Grease lubricated Good Water lubricated Good Process fluid lubricated Depending on fluid.


The Function of flange bushing

Flange bushing, as the name implies, bushing with flange outside, also known as flanged bushing, role:
1. As for the flange, it generally plays the role of positioning and is not easy to fall off and slide
2. Bushing: bushing mainly plays a protective role. The protection shaft and bimetal bearing matrix do not wear directly.If the bush is not used, the plastic bush replaced after wear is a part.Now replace is the bush, the price is generally cheaper, easy to process;For the normal application of mechanical equipment maintenance plays a crucial role


Application Field Oil Hole Form Buckle Form

Construction machinery: chassis walking mechanism supporting wheel shaft sleeve, tugbelt wheel shaft sleeve, tensioning wheel shaft sleeve;Automobile industry: balance shaft bushing, steel plate pin bushing, main axle sleeve of steering knuckle, connecting rod bushing, valve rocker arm bushing, camshaft bushing, differential bushing, gearbox bushing, internal combustion engine spindle bush, thrust gasket;And plunger pump side piece, gear pump side piece.


The hydraulic field sleeve             Industrial sectors bushing             Lathe precision instrument field




Bimetal bearing supplier

























Connecting Rods Bimetal Bearings Thin Walled Camshaft Bushing





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