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March 13, 2020
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Self-lubricating Bronze Bearings Manufacturer made in china

Bearing forms available in standard dimensions • Cylindrical bushes • Sliding plates • Flanged bushes • Thrust washers • Flanged Washer


After years of research, VIIPLUS has introduced a number of excellent performance oil-free bearings, bimetal bearings with high load, low temperature and high temperature resistance, and long service life.

Used for inlaying cast bronze bearings for low wear and friction, inlaid graphite can be used for temperatures in excess of 250°C.

Our thin wall low friction bushing offers a wider range of loads and improved performance, and there are many more quality products to discover.

VIIPLUS goes to great lengths to protect the environment, prevent pollution wherever possible, and reduce waste through recycling. We always adhere to the production of products in line with environmental standards, such as the eu scrapped vehicles and hazardous substances restrictions directive lead-free sliding bearing series. We have also developed a series of environmentally friendly bearings specifically for renewable energy applications to prevent river pollution from hydroelectric power plants.

Compared with traditional bearings, our self-lubricating maintenance-free bearings have less impact on the environment. VIIPLUS meets the most stringent performance requirements through economical solutions, providing customers with lower maintenance costs, higher load capacity, shock resistant load capacity, and better performance.


There are many types of sliding bearings in China, such as metal polymer, filament winding, solid polymer sliding bearings and bushing and thrust plate, metal and bimetal bearings and components. Our portfolio provides better energy efficiency, reduced noise, reduced assembly and material costs, and greater performance and environmental benefits. Customers can count on our comprehensive support from design to delivery to benefit from some of the industry's shortest lead times.

Product Range

Overview of Bearing Materials & Products


Steel + Porous Bronze Sinter + PTFE + Fillers self lubricating, low-maintenance :self lubricating, low-maintenance

Bronze + Porous Bronze Sinter + PTFE + Fillers:self lubricating, corrosion resistant

Steel + Porous Bronze Sinter + PTFE + Pb:self lubricating

Bronze + Porous Bronze Sinter + PTFE + Pb:self lubricating, corrosion resistant

Steel + Porous Bronze Sinter + POM with Lubrication indents:Low-maintenance

Maintenance-free operation High load capacity

Excellent performance under high loads and intermittent movements

Solid lubricant with superior performance Low coefficient of friction

Low wear rate for long life、

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1.Ship the self-lubricating bearings

By Sea

with better shipping rate from China

Ocean Freight from China

The affordability of ocean shipping and the fact that you can ship bulky self-lubricating bronze bushing bearings parts makes it an ideal shipping option for importers from China.

What you cannot ship via air, most definitely you can ship via ocean.

2.Ship the self-lubricating bearings By Air

Air Freight from China


3. Door to Door Shipping from China


4.Courier Shipping from China


with Trial order or Urgent delivery

The major airlines that specializes in courier shipping from China include DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

Express shipping

Your self-lubricating bronze bushing bearings parts will arrive faster by using courier shipping than it would have taken if you had chosen other options.



Choose a Reliable china self-lubricating bronze bearings supplier for your goods





VIIPLUS is a china-approved limited liability company. Self-lubricating bearings supplied, cast bronze

Bearing, graphite bronze bushing

VIIPLUS is committed to the production and sales of stamping and injection mold guide parts, automotive stamping die ramp mechanism, self-lubricating bearings, steel billet continuous casting machine wear-resistant pad, pad cover and a variety of self-lubricating wear-resistant materials. Over the past few years of continuous efforts, has become the VIIPLUS China mold guide and self-lubrication industry one of the main copper set of suppliers, more than 80% of the products abroad in the high-end market, cultivating a good international visibility and reputation, with many international famous enterprises established long-term strategic partnership, VIIPLUS points on the vast Chinese market at the same time, hope to the pursuit of excellence and one step ahead of the enterprise idea, provides the security for the general customers the satisfied product and service.


VIIPLUS is a young and energetic team, is moving forward steadily with its unique vitality, with full and mature mentality ready to create brilliant with the vast number of customers at home and abroad!


Advanced technology: with sand casting, centrifugal casting, metal casting, investment casting and other casting processes, according to customer requirements, according to the work piece material and process requirements to choose the most appropriate casting process, good service to customers. The company has a sound and scientific quality management system; It has a perfect quality control system for component testing and mechanical property testing. Production process: sand mold casting, metal mold casting, centrifugal casting.