Bronze Bearing Oilless Bushing

March 9, 2020
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Together, We'll Keep the World Moving Forward,Get better Bronze Bearing Oilless Bushing​ price to reduce your costs.Import self-lubricating bushing & materials from China to Any Place You Want.

Bronze Bearings specialty machined bearings offer a oilless, maintenance-free solution to extend the service life of the machines they support. Our bearings are used in tractors, backhoes, mowers, cultivators, seeders, harvesters, sprayers, plows, tillers, planters and more to deliver superior performance and reduce system costs.



Agricultural equipment manufacturer China made plain bearings, metal-polymer and fiber-reinforced composite bearings provide oil-free, maintenance-free, life-extending solutions. Our self-lubricating, environmentally friendly agricultural bearings are used in tractors, excavators, lawn mowers, cultivators, planters, harvesters, sprayers, plows, tillers, planters, etc., to provide superior performance and reduce system costs.Why More than 500 Companies Choose import self lubricating bronze bushings from viiplus china.

Professional Self-lubricaing Bearings Expert

We are expert for sliding bronze bearings any type of self-lubricatng bronze bushings from China to the world. Including shipping by sea, air...

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Reduced costs

Lower shaft costs by eliminating the need for hardening and machining grease paths. A compact, one-piece construction provides space and weight savings to simplify assembly.


Viiplus is a company of self-lubricating materials in China, with rich experience in the sliding bearing industry and the export of self-lubricating copper sleeves by sea and air. We offer very competitive prices to export your goods to all parts of the world. We have a professional and efficient team to handle all your imports and exports from China. Just ask for a quick quote, whether you are already a customer or not, and we will support your business 24/7 online. Best self-lubricating bronze bearings material supplier in China

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Global Freight Forwarders for delivery your self lubricating bronze bushing
We have our shipping department ,a good relationship with many shipping companies and airlines,like DHL,UPS,FedEx,TNT therefore we can get the best prices and st
able cost from them to reduce your Importer sliding bearings from us. We will be online 24/7 to support you.

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Get better bronze bushing price to reduce your costs.
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Leave your Self-lubricating Bearings goods and let VIIPLUS handle the rest.  
VIIPLUS can get good prices for self-lubricating bearings & bronze bushing .

Professional Custom Clearance Service
Our professional team makes sure customs clearance is always smooth.

They provide an accurate product classification, handle all the paperwork, are always up to date with Chinese customs policy, and have a good relationship with customs officers in China.

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Our team will be online 24/7 to provide you the best support.

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VIIPLUS Can Handle Any Type of Special Shipping.

Import Self-lubricating Bronze Bushings from China 

Shipping Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing from China to Europe under the FOB,CIF,or EXW Incoterm
We import the Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing from China to Italy every month by under the incoterm FOB, sometimes by Air,DHL,FedEx,UPS. Our bronze bearing supplier is a very good partner, they are very professional and patient, after we inform VIIPLUS the new order, they will contact with the shipper in time and give us the schedule, and then we just need to receive the self-lubricating bronze bushings in our china.

Anywhere you need to import bushings from China. VIIPLUS will always support you.


Import the sliding bearings from China to USA.

I am personal, I bought the sliding bearings from China, Seller quote me the FOB price, I found VIIPLUS on google, I have no company in USA, I can not unload the sliding bearings from truck, finally VIIPLUS solved all of the problem so that I get the bronze gleitlager safely, I am very satisfied for their work.

Import bushing from China to Hamburg,Germany
we started to cooperate with VIIPLUS last year, VIIPLUS is the perfect self-lubricating bronze bushing partner, their bronze gleitlager price is very competitive and the freight is cheap, service is the best, we appreciate their work.


The factory machine workshop has CNC and conventional lathes, saws and machining centers to offer a comprehensive service to our customers.


Manufacturer of bronze and self lubricating bronze parts according to client’s drawing.

We offers integrated production, from the raw materials and casting, to the final self-lubricating bronze bearings product.



We offer quick turnaround even for large volume self-lubricating bearings orders.The processing time of self-lubricating bearings and copper sleeve products is shortened, and the production capacity of plain bearings is expanded.


VIIPLUS Focus on the Self-lubricating Bearings Quality Culture

Factory has its own Quality System that has been granted certification ISO 9001.

VIIPLUS personnel understand, and consider, the customer, as the center of our activity. All our efforts are directed towards satisfying our customers.



viiplus focused client approach in all areas of the company is fundamental to fulfill with our commitments in both quality and delivery times.






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Factory has the latest generation in production resources (lathes, machining centers, grinders etc) in addition to the most modern verification and control equipment.



VIIPLUS is a china-approved limited liability company.VIIPLUS The department of international trade was established.International service

We have an international scope of action. We have a professional team and the logistical capacity to meet the needs of customers around the world.


Any Problem You Need to Ship the self-lubricating bearings from China, We Can Help

Import the self-lubricating bearings,Ship self-lubricating bushing bearings from viiplus in China To Global

We provide very competitive price for all the self-lubricating bearings you purchased from VIIPLUS China. You will get them safe and on time. Additionally, we provide product packing list for all details, and customs clearance documents.


VIIPLUS Will Provide You The Best self-lubricating bronze bushing solution from china


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