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POM Indents Self Lubricating Plain Bearing Bronze Metal Polymer Bearings Inch Custom Size

Customer Reviews
Our company import the bronze gleitlager from viiplus china,viiplus professional team makes sure customs clearance is always smooth. They provide an accurate bronze bushing classification, handle all the paperwork,We have received the self-lubricating bronze bushings. They look well done and the high quality.

—— David from Canada

We import the bronze gleitlager from China to under the incoterm FOB shanghai, sometimes by Air. viiplus is a very good bronze gleitlager supplier, they are very professional and patient, after we inform the new order, they will manufacturer bronze gleitlager in time and give us the schedule , and then we just need to receive the bronze parts

—— Valerie from California

The best surface finishes for Sleeve Bearing, tighter concentricity, and bronze bushings material uniformity. The good supplier of standard inch and metric sleeve bearings and bushings from china.

—— Daisy From Germany

“Valve Bushings perfect,Thank you so much for your superior customer service! The steel-backed, PTFE lined rolled bushings are a low cost, a general-purpose product that provides excellent wear characteristics at high loads and speeds over a wide temperature range. They are designed to be self-lubricating and maintenance-free.

—— Beverly from Florida

The wrapped bronze bushings is produced with diamond-shaped lubrication indents on the inner diameter surface which provide lubricant reservoirs that allow for prolonged service.

—— Michael Russo

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POM Indents Self Lubricating Plain Bearing Bronze Metal Polymer Bearings Inch Custom Size

POM Indents Self Lubricating Plain Bearing Bronze Metal Polymer Bearings Inch Custom Size
POM Indents Self Lubricating Plain Bearing Bronze Metal Polymer Bearings Inch Custom Size
POM Indents Self Lubricating Plain Bearing Bronze Metal Polymer Bearings Inch Custom Size POM Indents Self Lubricating Plain Bearing Bronze Metal Polymer Bearings Inch Custom Size POM Indents Self Lubricating Plain Bearing Bronze Metal Polymer Bearings Inch Custom Size POM Indents Self Lubricating Plain Bearing Bronze Metal Polymer Bearings Inch Custom Size

Large Image :  POM Indents Self Lubricating Plain Bearing Bronze Metal Polymer Bearings Inch Custom Size

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Chinese supplier
Brand Name: viiplus
Certification: DIN 1494, ISO 3547
Model Number: Meatl-Polymer Bearings
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: negotiable
Price: Competitively Priced vs DU DX, Provides Lubricating Bush
Delivery Time: 4 - 20 BUSINESS DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: Flanged Bronze Bushings, Bronze Thrust Washers, Self Lubricating Bronze Bushings

POM Indents Self Lubricating Plain Bearing Bronze Metal Polymer Bearings Inch Custom Size

Material: Steel +Bronze+POM Type: Sleeve
Feature: Self -lubrication,good Anti-abrasion And Load Capacity Size: Customizable
High Light:

self lubricating bearing


sintered self lubricating bushes

Self  Lubricating  Plain  Bearing

Viiplus china manufactured sleeve bushings with layers of self-lubricating material that require either no lubrication or lubrication only at initial installation. Our commitment to the environment extends not only to our lead-free dry bearing material, but to our solvent-free manufacturing processes.We are a professional supplier of self - lubricating bearings in China.


Product introduction

-2 Self Lubricating Plain Bearing Self Lubricating Plain Bearing boundary lubrication lead-free bearings, the goods with - 2 with the same structure and use of performance, and has function of environmental protection, under the condition of boundary lubrication can be use for a long time without refueling, wear-resisting layer surface has oil storage pit. Products are widely used in metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, water conservancyMachine, automobile, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, steel rolling industry, food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, tobacco machinery, etc.


lubricating bearings


-2YSelf Lubricating Plain BearingTechnical data


Performance indicators data
Maximum load(P) Static load 250N/mm²
Dynamic load 150N/mm²
The highest line speed(V) Grease lubrication 2.5m/s
High PV value Grease lubrication 3.6N/mm²・m/s
Coefficient of friction(μ) Grease lubrication 0.05~0.25
The use of temperature
Coefficient of thermal conductivity 4W/m・K
Coefficient of thermal expansion 12×10-6/K



Metallographic image

Note: the series of products can also choose different substrate materials according to different working condition, such as: bronze base plate, stainless steel substrate, as well as "lead-free" products. HXOB - 20 y belong to environmental protection lead-free products, color is orange, orange, blue.


self-lubricating bearings


Application field

POM lubricated bearing: acid polymethylaldehyde with high wear resistance. It is necessary to assemble with oil storage pit when the bearing surface is arranged regularly
With grease, especially suitable for high load under the low speed of rotation, swing movement and often under load negative, opening and closing and less prone to forming fluid lubrication parts, under the condition of boundary lubrication, can use for a long time without refueling and maintenance, and in the process of gas can be used to more prolong the service life of bearing, currently applicable to the metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, hydraulic machinery, auto parts, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc.
Oil-free self-lubricating bearing: this product is a mixture of steel plate, sintered spherical bronze powder in the middle layer, rolled ptfe and lead in the surface layer.It has the characteristics of low friction coefficient, wear-resisting and corrosion-resistant, oil-free self-lubrication and long service life, which can reduce cost, reduce noise, prevent from sticking and sliding.It is widely used in sliding parts of all kinds of machinery, such as printing press, textile machine, hydraulic truck, tobacco machine, medical machinery, fitness apparatus, micro-motor, automobile, motorcycle, etc.
Metal base inlaid solid self-lubricated bearing: it is a new lubricated bearing with both the characteristics of metal bearing and self-lubricated bearing. It is loaded by the metal matrix and lubricated by the special formulation of solid lubricated material.It has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance and strong self-lubrication ability.Traditional oil-bearing: because of its advantages of low noise and self-lubrication, oil-bearing has become the new favorite of computer CPU fan bearing, and the market demand is large.In addition, with the increasing demand for noise
balance shaft sleeve, brake pedal assembly pliers, turned to the king pin bushings and truck tail plate collar, truck, crane, vehicle crane, forest machinery, packaging machinery, construction machinery, hydraulic motor, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, hydraulic machinery, automobile, steel rolling industries, etc.the application of oil-bearing in household appliances is expanding.

The basic requirements of bearing materials depend largely on the working performance of the bearing.The selection of suitable materials for rolling bearings will have a great impact on their service performance and life.Generally speaking, the main failure modes of rolling bearing are fatigue spalling under the action of alternating stress and loss of bearing precision due to friction and wear.In addition, there are cracks, indentation, corrosion and other causes of abnormal damage to the bearing.Therefore, rolling bearings should have high resistance to plastic deformation, less friction and wear, good rotation accuracy, good dimensional accuracy and stability, and long contact fatigue life.And many of these properties are determined by materials and heat treatment processes.

pom sliding bearing


Chemical properties

-2 Ysurface polymer chemical corrosion resistance, so its corrosion resistance mainly depends on the steel back of plating and appearance. The steel back of tin or copper plated surface, can effectively prevent atmospheric corrosion; If you work in the corrosive medium, the steel back can be galvanized, etc.


Wear-resisting performance


Under the condition of grease lubrication wear characteristics of the diagram below: it "running-in wear rate is small; By line visible in this picture, when assembling the tu oil consumption to a certain extent, the wear rate increased gradually, as shown in dotted line 1; If before the wear rate rise again come on, its wear rate remained stable; When refueling interval of time, the service life of the material can be greatly extended. It is time to come on interval depends on the cumulative amount of wear and tear. Grease lubrication: when the environment temperature is below 80 ℃, it is recommended to use lithium soap base grease; The environment temperature is higher than80 ℃, it is recommended to use silicone grease; Not recommended with EP additives of oils.


Self-lubricating bearing


The main factors influencing the life span

1) the influence of PV valuePV value is to determine the wear life of - 1 effective index. If required longevity, PV value must be reduced.
2) the influence of ambient temperatureThe higher the temperature,  - 2 y the shorter service life.
3) dual effectsDual USES alloy steel or hard chromium plated shaft, surface roughness Ra - 0.4-0.63 range,  - 2 y bearing service life can be improved significantly.In addition to standard products show in the catalogue, you can also provide non-standard products according to customer's requirement or order.


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