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DIN 1494 / ISO 3547 Assembly Sleeve PTFE Bushes INOX Stainless Steel 316 Valve Stem Split Bushing Layers

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Place of Origin: Composite plain cylindrical bushings manufacturer
Certification: ISO 3547 DIN 1494 Assembly Standard Tolerance
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces
Price: $0.05 - $1.00 / Pieces
Packaging Details: Packaging: Export carton; Wooden case ; Wood pallet.
Delivery Time: 7~15 work days
Payment Terms: TT in advance,Western Union
Supply Ability: Special Customized Lubricating Bushings Manufacturing
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Meterial: Stainless Steel 316 With PTFE FABRIC,Valve Bushes Type: Cylindrical Manganese Bronze Bushes, Tin Bronze Flanged Bushes, Aluminium Bronze Bushes, Thrust Washers, Wear Plate
Port: Shanghai Main Function: Self Lubricating Bearings
Quality: Similar Sankyo Oilless Bearing, Daido Metal Bushings CATALOGUE: Available
Application: Bush Oil And Gas Valve Feature: Corrosion Resistance
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flanged plain bearing


ptfe plain bearing

Product Description

Sleeve Bushings

Sleeve Bushings Factory Custom Cylindrical Bushes Metric Plain Bearing Solutions Plain Bearing standard dimensions made to order:thrust washers,flanged customized drawing bushing competitively priced vs Sliding bushings PAP PAF P10 P20 PTFE/POM EASY INSTALLATION.Wrapped composite sliding bearing, tin-plated INOX stainless steel 316/PTFE fabric, DIN 1494/ISO 3547, Maintenance-free: Valve Stem Shaft Bushing The China Supplier for Cylinder Plain Bearing Online

Assembly & Special Manufacturing Sliding Bearing Stainless self lubricating plain bearings self-lubricating bearing ptfe steel bronze three layers no dividing.Specializing in bushings solutions for valve,ball valves, butterfly valves, pumps,chemical industries & pipeline industrial components. SS316 sliding bearings are oil-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and salt-water-resistant.While, the PTFE surface sliding layer is lead-free, meaning that this type of bearing can be used for applications in the food industry, for alkali-flow measuring devices, in pharmaceutical machinery, printing machinery, in chemical engineering and in the shipping industry.Composite bearings are widely used in all walks of life because of their high strength, excellent wear resistance and friction characteristics, and the ability to operate without external lubrication.Fiber fabric ptfe composite bearings with the most effective friction properties have improved lubricity and machinability composite bearing designs suitable for active applications.

Stainless Steel Bearing & Bushings Online Catalogbushings catalogcontains detailed specifications and size types models for different bushings categories. (plain bearings catalog) SLIDING BEARINGS SLEEVE BUSHINGS & THRUST WASHER S...

Self-lubricating Bearings Areas of use


Widely used in hydraulic pneumatic, forging machine tool industry, plastics machinery, lifting transportation machinery, port machinery, office, gym machinery, textile machinery, food packages, filling machinery, chemical machinery, printing and packaging, paper making machinery, automobile, railway vehicle, shipbuilding industry, machinery, metallurgical machinery, engineering machinery, etc.


The plain bearings are encapsulated sliding bearings made of a three-layer composite produced from a low carbon steel or stainless steel strip, a sintered-on porous bronze layer and a surface sliding layer made of PTFE and Pb (lead). This type of bearing has a low friction coefficient and protection against wear and corrosion, and can be used without oil. The low manufacturing costs and top-of-the-range technical foundations mean that these bearings are used in a variety of different kinds of sliding applications, such as in textile manufacturing machinery, hydraulic systems and automotive machinery as well as agricultural and forestry machinery.


Self-lubricating bearing, Solid lubricants embedded bearing, Porous bearing, Sintered oil containing bearing, Cam Units,oilless bearings bushing, LTD.,BushingsTolerance and dimension of shaft.We hope this will be of help in your everyday work. If you need assistance, please feel free to call or contact us.


VIIPLUS Made in China offer a stainless steel substrate and are among the performing composite bearings.


We manafacture range of of PTFE lined wrapped bearings sleeve bushings stainless steel 316


If you have technical support from an engineer, please let us know the type of bushings plain bearing you need, the bushings material, the size, the code, the bushing operating temperature range, and the application. We will help you choose the most suitable valve Bushings.

Stainless Steel Composite Bushings Standard or metric dimension

Bushings, or plain bearings, operate with sliding motion between the moving surfaces. Bushings are selected based on the rotating speed and the applied load. Most bushings do not require additional lubrication to operate.

-Cylindrical bushes

-Flanged bushes

-Sliding plates

-Thrust washers

-Flanged washers

Stainless Steel Bushing Reinforced for Longer Wear

Gleitlager, embodies the product characteristic of permanently low-wear sliding.

This is an environmentally friendly, stainless steel 316 bushings material. The bearing surface Lining is a mixture fabric and a special filler on a stainless steel 316 backing with excellent corrosion resistance. It can be used for lightweight, compact bearings, and has good sliding characteristics due to fabric guild bearings, the special filler, the strength of the metal material and dimensional stability.

VIIPLUS Stainless Steel 316 sliding Beaing & Bushing | The Tribology Solution

PTFE-bronze powder-steel is a widely used three-layer self-lubricating bearing material with good anti-friction and anti-wear.

Production and application of thrust bearing, and guide bearing made of filled PTFE in many self lubricating bearing solutions.

The tribological properties of PTFE-embedded tin bronze bearing material were studied using a pin-on-disk friction and wear tester.

Quality Bronze Gleitlager & Polymer Plain Bearings Manufacturer


Planin Bearings Application

All the valve's internal self-lubricating bearings are sliding bearings, the whole material the use of carbon steel PTFE liner.

Low Friction Valve Stem Bushing | The Premier Source for Cylinder Plain Bearing Online


Butterfly Valve Bushings Need help sizing your valve Bushings?


The Premier Source for Bronze Bushings Online  Bushings for Oil & Gas Terminal Field Devices  Oil Field Bearings Solutions
We produce bearing made of stainless steel 316. Characteristics of high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and corrosion resistance etc.Self-lubricating bearings are chosen for demanding oil and gas applications that require wear resistance and valve positioners Solutions.Our bushings offerings are chosen for the most demanding oil and gas applications that require pressure, temperature, flow, level, liquid analytical, and valve positioner measurements.


DIN 1494 / ISO 3547 Assembly Sleeve PTFE Bushes INOX Stainless Steel 316 Valve Stem Split Bushing Layers 0

Plain Bearings and Stem Bushing Cylinder Steel Valve Bush

Oil and Gas Woven Fabric Stainless Steel 316 Bushes

Valve Bushes | VSB-36

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    Sleeve Bushings

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    Bushings & Accessories

Plain Bearing Product Versions

Oil and Gas Stainless Steel Bearings Application

  1. Stem bushing cylinder actuator

  2. Butterfly type valve

  3. Valve Rocker Bearing

  4. Oil Pump Bushing

Plain Bearings & Bushings Characteristics


Bushing  slide bearing bushings, oilless plain bearing Stainless Steel316+PTFE/FABRIC

Apply to the oil or fuel work harder parts,wear resistance,low coefficient of ftiction,long life:good overall performance.Apply to the oil or fuel work harder parts,wear resistance,low coefficient of friction,long life;good iverall perfotmance.
VSB-36 Bushing Stainless Steel316+PTFE/FABRIC 


It is of oil resistant, acid resistant, alkali resistant and seawater resistant, more over, there is no lead in the PTFE surface layer and so is particularly fit for application in food machinery, alkali flow meters, pumps motion elements in pharmaceutical machines, printing machines chemical engineering machines and other ocean industry. The bushing is a triple layers composites one, the base material is stainless steel back and a film of heat resistant power filled PTFE being calendered onto the sintered spherical bronze interlayer.


Plain Bearings Strusture


DIN 1494 / ISO 3547 Assembly Sleeve PTFE Bushes INOX Stainless Steel 316 Valve Stem Split Bushing Layers 1

Max. load





Max. speed





Max. PV (Dry)







Friction coefficient


Thermal conductivity

42W (m·k)-1

Coefficient of thermal expansion


Basic advantages of Stainless Steel 316 fabric bushings

  • Have a higher carrying capacity.

  • High-temperature.

  • Longer life.

  •  Low Friction Woven Fabric Oilless TEX Bearing TEX Bushing,Customized Bushing , Fiber Bush


Plain Bearings and Sleeve Bearings Self-Lubricating Bearings, Liner Type Non-Metallic woven Stainless Steel 316 with PTFE fabric 


Stainless steel 316 and steel-base polytetrafluoroethylene aramid fiber braid bearings are self-lubricating materials with wear-resistant fibers as the main surface material.The product has low friction coefficient, good bearing capacity, abrasion resistance and self-lubrication performance, mainly used in various high-grade valves and go-kart.

Metal composite bearing base fabric is based on steel substrate, the surface adhesion of ptfe ethylene fiber and aramid fiber woven fabric, after rolling processing into a collar or stamping processing into a variety of forms such as gasket. The product has the characteristics of high precision, high load bearing pressure and excellent low speed and heavy friction performance. It can be widely used in heavy load equipment such as engineering machinery and agriculture and forestry machinery.


Typical Applications


VIIPLUS bearing is a leading self-lubricating bearing manufacturer and supplier in China. We are highly proficient in the production of various self-lubricating bearings, bushes, and the sliding blocks, etc. Our main product catalogue now includes the oilless self-lubricating bearing, composite bearing, copper bearing, wrapped bronze bearing, bimetallic bearing, thermoplastic bushes, and more. All our products are characterized by reliable performance and low price. They are very popular and widely applicable in different industries including the automobile, machine tools, moulds, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, textile machinery, hoisting machinery, construction machinery, printing machines, irrigation machinery, injection molding machines, food machinery, ports, marine machinery, and the agricultural and forestry machinery, etc.

Low friction woven fabric oilless bearing VSB-36 TEX is widely used in high temperature production lines, construction machinery, automobile chassis parts, ball valves, butterfly valves, pumps and chemical industries and high-speed trains and other heavy low and cannot refuel occasion etc.


DIN 1494 / ISO 3547 Assembly Sleeve PTFE Bushes INOX Stainless Steel 316 Valve Stem Split Bushing Layers 2



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