Where To Use Graphalloy Bearings and Bushings?

December 28, 2018
Latest company news about Where To Use Graphalloy Bearings and Bushings?

Where To Use Graphalloy Bearings and Bushings

Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushings are all self-lubricating and maintenance free. These bushings are machined out of continuous cast bronze and plugged with solid lubricant plugs. A bushing and it's mating surface should always be seperated by a film of lubricant.



VIIPLUS china products are manufactured for precise standards for long-term usage and high output. Made from C95400 aluminium bronze bushing, C86300 manganese bronze alloy bushes,C93200(SAE660) tin bronze flanged bushes,copper alloy or other properties, our products can take your designs to the next level. We can even custom manufacture a bearing for your specific needs.VIIPLUS offers a versatile product bushing made from many types of materials for improved performance in each unique applications.VIIPLUS from china supply Cylindrical bushes, flanged bushes, thrust washers, flat strip material, half bearing, wear plate.



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Metal Mosaic solid self-lubricating bearing (for short JDB) is a kind of both metal bearing characteristics and lubricating bearings, self-lubricating bearing characteristics of fresh by load matrix, and the special formula of solid lubricating materials lubrication with high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistant, self-lubricating ability etc., so out of line is suitable for the overload, low speed, and or swing to lubrication and oil film formation, not afraid of the water and other acid etching and scour the masses of users throughout reflect not only fuel-efficient inlaid bearing, energy saving.And its working life is longer than the ordinary sliding bearing products have been widely used in smelting metal continuous casting machine, rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, steam turbines, turbines, injection molding machine and equipment production lines.


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Application of graphite copper sleeve

1. Plastic machine industry: plastic injection machine hinge, crosshead, moving template, second plate sliding foot (JSP), mold adjusting gasket, supporting template sleeve
2. Smelting metal machinery: roll continuous casting machine, rolling mill. Balance. Actuator. Send. Pushing mechanism, shears bushing. Skateboards, in and out of the flat wagon furnace shell, furnace. Tilting mechanism, electrode elevator, stepping straight pull device, mechanical loading rocker. Axis. Dial the claw, tile, steel machine crankshaft six-freedom shear machine skateboards, steel mill bearing, bush set four continuous casting shear machine, continuous casting machine for cutting the car axle sleeve,Cutting machine tool rest slide plate of more than 100 tons. Axle sleeve. Crankshaft bushing. Large gear bushing. Connecting rod sleeve, cold drawing machine octagonal wheel bushing, double-sided milling propulsion device, ball mill, steel slag grab wheel shaft bushing, sheet slitting machine bushing
3. Supporting hinged ball bearing of curved gate of hydraulic machinery
4. Shaft sleeve, thrust gasket and gear type oil pump of pumping unit (knock out machine) in petroleum mechanical oilfield
5. Slide plate for cold stamping die of mould automobile cover parts, l-shaped insert strip, v-shaped slide plate, oblique wedge and various guide sleeves
6. Fulcrum and other joint parts of crane arm of port crane
7. Non-excavation tunneling machine main optical shaft bushing
Construction machinery;
8.Mining machine support heavy arm joint bushing



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