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December 22, 2018

Medical Bushing Technology Applications | Equipment Bushings Manufacturers

Medical Bushing Technology Applications

Meeting the Requirements of Medical and Healthcare
Equipment Bushings Manufacturers

VIIPLUS Metal Sliding bushing | The Tribology Solution

The U.S. 's GGB, sankyo oilless and DAIDO are the world's top three makers of self-lubricated bearings, with strong positions in aerospace, automotive and transportation.VIIPLUS also established itself as an industry leader in self-lubricating bearings exported from China.


General industrial machinery and equipment bushing parts


VIIPLUS provides comprehensive mechanical bearings solutions for the medical device and healthcare industries for many years, Medical Equipment Bushing Design and Manufacturing Engineers have depended on our ability to build and supply high-quality machined bearings parts, molded sliding bearings and gear bushings parts. If you can't find a standard part to meet your needs, our engineers can create a custom part to meet your exact requirements. We customized bushing size through the entire process, from prototype to large production runs.



·Custom Bushings Design and Technical Support

· ISO 9001

· Standard Bushing Components

· Precision Gears Bushings and Gear Bearings Assemblies


Self-lubricating bearings for the Medical Equipment Manufacturer

VIIPLUS – Quality Bearings & Components has a wide variety of bearings, including bronze bearings and stainless steel bearings.

Medical Equipment Bushings

VIIPLUS supplies and manufactures high-quality, precision standard and custom components for pumps, hospital equipment and packaging bushings, optical equipment, cardiorespiratory bushings equipment, dental equipment, MRI scanner generators, life science cameras, blood analyzers, genomic analyzers, gas analyzers, cytometers, fans, laboratory diagnostic and automation systems.




The viiplus sliding bearing is a special bearing which possesses both the Self-lubricating bushings and the supporting function.


Pharmaceutical mechanical bearing-Machinable various types of high-purity graphite-graphite, graphite of mechanical parts andgraphite crucible, bearing graphite, carbon brush, and so on.


Bushings for Reducer, stepless gearbox, wire tensioner, cable production machinery, weight analysis device.Heat treatment furnace, drying machinery, medical machinery, valve and its driving mechanism, reservoir gate, bowling ball machinery, pharmaceutical machinery.




Engineered Self Lubricating bearings Solutions


Design Assistance | Material Selection | Component Geometry






Bearings and Componments





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