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December 16, 2019

Manganese Bronze Bushings

UNS C86300 Manganese Bronze Sleeve Bushings & wear plate.C86300 is the UNS number for this brass bearings material.

Manganese Bronze Bushing Parts has a very high tensile strength and a fairly low thermal conductivity.

Alloy Bronze BearingsComposition


Copper (Cu)   60 to 66
Zinc (Zn)   22 to 28
Aluminum (Al)   5.0 to 7.5
Manganese (Mn)   2.5 to 5.0
Iron (Fe)   2.0 to 4.0
Nickel (Ni)   0 to 1.0
Tin (Sn)   0 to 0.2
Lead (Pb)   0 to 0.2
Residuals   0 to 1.0

All values are % weight. Ranges represent what is permitted under applicable standards.

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