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Made To Order From China Customized Solutions ,Special Plain Bearings Steel Bearings ,Composite Bushing & Bronze Plain Bearings

March 27, 2019

china latest news about Made To Order From China Customized Solutions ,Special Plain Bearings Steel Bearings ,Composite Bushing & Bronze Plain Bearings

Made To Order From China Customized Solutions ,Special Plain Bearings Steel Bearings ,Composite Bushing & Bronze Plain Bearings

Self-lubricating bearing, an essential part of machinery


Jiashan county, zhejiang province, where VIIPLUS is located, is the national production base for self-lubricating bearings, which produces 70% of the country's self-lubricating bearings.


The construction machinery industry of China's self-lubricating bearing market in the United States has ushered in a big turning point.

One figure is this: at present, the global market size of rolling bearings is about 270 billion RMB, while the market size of self-lubricating bearings is between 15 billion yuan and 20 billion RMB.


VIIPLUS provides a full range of self-lubricated bearings and their solutions for the main machine factory, consolidating the company's leading position in the self-lubricated bearings export engineering machinery industry.Over the past year, commodity prices have risen, upstream companies have recovered and the global economy has slowly recovered.


Bearings are divided into two categories, rolling bearings and sliding bearings.Generally speaking, under the same conditions, sliding bearing wear than rolling bearing, but sliding bearing bearing capacity is higher, more convenient to use.


What is "self-lubricating bearing"?

Traditional bearings cannot work without lubricating oil. Once the oil is cut off, the loss will increase rapidly. Therefore, the maintenance cost is very high and the application field is also limited.
And "self-lubricating bearing", is a rising star bearing session!

The U.S. -based GGB, Japanese OILES and DAIDO are the world's top three producers of self-lubricated bearings, with strong positions in aerospace, automotive and transportation.



Smaller friction coefficient, higher wear resistance, longer service life, and basically does not need to add lubricating oil in use, which is a revolutionary technology.



The reason is that self-lubricating bearings are equipped with solid lubricant, which will form a permanent solid lubrication film on the surface.


The advantages of this film are really mouth-watering. Not only is the maintenance cost reduced, but also the bearing itself can be made smaller, lighter quality, the prospect is exciting.
For example, in the structure of machinery and automobile, a lot of bearings are used for various parts, and many of them need to be replaced based on the consideration of lightweight and precision.


Variable speed drives and air conditioning compressors are replaced by self-lubricating bearings from rolling bearings, replacement rate of 80%.


Lead-free self-lubricating bearing


Compared with other metals, lead has a low coefficient of friction and is a good self-lubricating bearing material. However, as we know, lead is a toxic heavy metal, which has been gradually abandoned in the world.Instead, lead-free self-lubricating bearings are used


Stainless steel woven fabric and textile fiber bearings 316L



After trial and error, VIIPLUS found an alternative to lead -- stainless steel woven fabric and textile fiber bearings, successfully overcoming the material problem and establishing itself as an industry leader.



1.Metal plastic polymer self-lubricating rolling bearing

It is the flagship product, it has excellent mechanical bearing capacity, especially suitable for non-refueling and non-refueling conditions, the use of a car can reach more than 30 parts.

It is also very low maintenance costs, and corrosion resistance, so often in the outdoor work of the truck, platform car, will also be a large number of installation of this bearing.

2.Bimetal boundary lubricated rolling bearing

Self - lubricating bearings are mainly copper, steel as the representative of the raw materials.



Foreign orders of VIIPLUS increased significantly, and our company's export proportion also reached 57%.

3.Metal base self-lubricating bearing

with wear resistance, impact resistance, high load characteristics, needless to say, is also mainly used in the construction machinery industry, it is no wonder that productivity utilization is high.

A promise tomorrow is worth a lot less than trying today


The research on self-lubricating bearing of mechanical products is a process of continuous deepening, which is a process of constant screening, selection, boring and spending a lot of time and energy.




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