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company news about How to identify the quality of equipment bearings

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Company News
How to identify the quality of equipment bearings
Latest company news about How to identify the quality of equipment bearings

How to identify the quality of equipment bearings


Identify the quality of equipment bearings from the following aspects:

1. Is the outer packing clear

Under normal circumstances, the brand that normal manufacturer produces has oneself special design personnel to carry on the design externally packing, and arrange the factory that the production condition passes to carry on the production, accordingly, the packing of the product no matter from the line to the color block should be very clear, not ambiguous.


2, whether the stencil is clear

Each bearing product will be printed on the bearing product body its brand, label, etc.Although the font is very small, but the normal manufacturers of the products are using the stenciling technology to print, and before the overheating process before the embossing, so its font is small, but deep concave, very clear.In general, however, the typeface of the counterfeit product is not only blurred, but also floats on the surface due to the rough printing technology. Some of the typefaces can even be easily wiped away by hand or the handmade traces are serious.


3, whether there is noise

The left hand holds the inner sleeve of the bearing, and the right hand moves the outer sleeve to rotate it. Listen to whether there is any noise during the operation of the bearing.Due to the backward production conditions of most counterfeit products and completely manual workshop operation, it is inevitable that the bearing body will be mixed with dust, sand and other impurities in the production process, so when the bearing is rotating, there will be noise or not smooth operation.This is the key to determining whether a product comes from a brand of a legitimate manufacturer that has strict production standards and operates on machines.


4. Whether there is turbid oil stain on the surface

Whether there is a muddy oil stain on the surface, we should pay special attention to it when buying imported bearings.Due to the current domestic anti-rust technology and foreign advanced manufacturing countries have a certain gap, so the bearing body anti-rust treatment is easy to leave a thick trace of oil, feel sticky when the hand contact, and the foreign original imported bearings almost no trace of anti-rust oil can be seen.According to the introduction of the industry, special careful people can smell a special smell on the imported bearings, this is the smell of anti-rust oil.


5. Whether the chamfering is uniform

The so-called bearing chamfering, that is, the junction between the horizontal and vertical surface, the counterfeit bearing products due to the limitations of production technology, in these corners of the parts are not satisfactory, this we can easily identify.

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