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January 22, 2019

How to choose a suitable sleeve bearing & bushings?| Six factors related to METALLIC BEARINGS life

How to choose a suitable sleeve bearing & bushings?METALLIC BEARINGS


Six factors related to bearing life:


(1) Load P [N / mm2] Load

The larger the load, the shorter the service life of the bearing; the greater the load fluctuation, the greater the impact on the bearing life, the shorter the bearing life; in any case, the maximum load can not exceed the theoretical maximum allowable load. Load size is equal to the actual work load divided by the projected area of the bearing, the formula is P = F / (D * B).


(2) Speed V [m / s] and PV value

Bearing life depends on the PV value of the size, that is, the actual load P [N / mm2] and the sliding velocity V [m / s] product, PV value is smaller, the longer the bearing life.


(3) Temperature T [oC]

Bearing life is also dependent on the temperature of the bearing when used, so in the design selection should consider the relevant components of the cooling characteristics.


(4) the surface roughness of the wear parts

Roughness of the contact surface with the bearing on the grinding parts should be between Ra0.2 ~ Ra0.8, bearing the assembly and use of the process can not have sharp media damage to the bearing surface.


(5) the surface material of the grinding parts, the surface roughness of the grinding parts is a factor affecting the service life of the bushings, under normal circumstances a surface required ≤ 0.4μm ka.


(6) other factors such as bearing seat design, lubrication conditions.





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