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February 1, 2019

Higher Temperature Ranges – Different Materials Bushing Types & Shape Are Available For Customized Bearings

Higher Temperature Ranges – Different Materials Bushing Types & Shape Are Available For Customized Bearings

Bearing bronze SAE660 (C93200)  The difference between tin bronze and high strength brass


The below listed values in the material properties are valid for optimal operating conditions. By changing the conditions of application, e.g. an increase in the sliding speed or strain, these values could shift.Our viiplus china bronze bushing series products are manufactured for precise standards for long-term usage and high output. Made from C95400 aluminium bronze bushing, C86300 manganese bronze alloy bushes,C93200(SAE660) tin bronze flanged bushes,


ZCuSn5Pb5Zn5 and high force brass ZCuZn25Al16Fe3Mn3 performance difference

ZCuSn5Pb5Zn5 is a casting copper alloy with good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

GB/T 1176

Good abrasion and corrosion resistance

Material name: casting copper alloy (5-5-5 tin bronze, sand metal)

Brand: ZCuSn5Pb5Zn5


Features and scope of application:

ZCuSn5Pb5Zn5 cast copper alloy has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, is easy to process, and has good casting performance and air tightness.ZCuSn5Pb5Zn5 casting copper alloy is used for wear and corrosion resistant parts, such as bearing bush, liner, cylinder liner, piston clutch, pump cap and worm gear, working at high load and medium sliding speed.

Chemical composition:

ZCuSn5Pb5Zn5 casting tin bronze

Copper Cu: the rest

Sn: 4.0 ~ 6.0

Zinc Zn: 4.0 ~ 6.0

Lead Pb: 4.0 ~ 6.0

P: 0.05(impurity)

Nickel Ni: 2.5(excluding the sum of impurities)

Aluminum Al: 0.01(impurity)

Iron Fe: 0.3(impurity)

Si: 0.01(impurity)

Antimony Sb: 0.25(impurity)

Sulfur S: 0.10(impurity)

Note: the sum of impurities is less than or equal to 1.0

Mechanical properties:

10. Tensile strength (MPa) : 200

(10) yield strength (MPa) : 90

Elongation 5 (%) : 13

Hardness: 590HB(reference value)

Low heat treatment specification: heating temperature of 1188 ~ 1220 ℃;The pouring temperature of 1150 ~ 1200 ℃.

Casting method:

Sand mold casting, metal mold casting


The difference between high strength brass and tin bronze is that high strength brass has a higher hardness than tin bronze and has a better bearing capacity than tin bronze, but is not as durable as tin bronze.The market price of tin bronze is 30% higher than that of gallic brass.

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