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Double mass flywheel, "experience" car shock from another Angle

December 28, 2018

china latest news about Double mass flywheel, "experience" car shock from another Angle


Double mass flywheel, "experience" car shock from another Angle


With the development of automobile industry, people have higher and higher requirements on comfort.The vibration and noise of cars are very annoying problems for car owners and one of the important topics for car researchers.As a source of vibration and noise, the power transmission system has already been controlled by one of the methods described in this paper: double mass flywheel (DMF) torsional damper.



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1.Double mass flywheel like hamburger?



Double mass flywheel structure is very simple, the first mass flywheel and engine crankshaft output flange connected, the second mass flywheel through a bearing mounted on the first mass flywheel, the second mass flywheel with clutch cover.There is a shock absorber connection between the two flywheels.








From 1 to 3 are: the first mass flywheel, shock absorber, the second mass flywheel


From this simple side view, the shock absorber is located between the two flywheels.The flywheel feels like a hamburger embryo, and the shock absorber feels like beef stuck in the middle.This is called double flying...Ahem!It's a double mass flywheel.


2.Double mass flywheel restore real car shock?

The appearance of double mass flywheel is a great rescue for the vibration and noise of automobile.The original flywheel is divided into two parts, so that the natural frequency of the whole power transmission system is greatly reduced, so that the working speed range of the engine avoids the resonance region.The shock absorber absorbs the variable torque component of the engine output torque and transfers the average torque to the transmission to attenuate vibration and noise.Make vibration and noise small, shift the gear effect is better.


3.Double mass flywheel development


Because of its advantages of vibration reduction and noise reduction, double-mass flywheel has a great effect on improving the driving comfort and smoothness of manual transmission vehicle, and it has the most ideal matching effect with double-clutch system (DCT).Therefore, the double mass flywheel development prospect theoretically still has some.



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