Bronze Gleitlager & Sliding Bearing Selection

March 18, 2020
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Technical Support

VIIPLUS bronze gleitlager company have developed kinds of Bronze Gleitlager & Sliding Bearing material According to difference work condition. The user can select the material the material base on bearing work environment, load, speed, wear resistance resistance requst, moving method, etc.


Bronze Gleitlager & Sliding Bearing Load

Cylidrncal bushes, flange bushes

P= F
d×L (N/mm²)

F=Load (N)


L=Bronze Gleitlager & Sliding Bearing Length(mm)

Thrust washer

P= 4F

F=Load (N)


L=Bronze Gleitlager & Sliding Bearing Length(mm)

As the factor of clearance, bushes chamfer, oil groove etc., The actually load (P) is higher than theory of calculation(P)

Bronze Gleitlager & Sliding Bearing Selection

Rotating motion

V= π×d×n
1000×60 (m/s)



Oscillating motion

V= π×d×C×θ
1000×360×60 (m/s)



θ=Oscillating angle

Rotating motion

V= 2s×c

s=Stoke distance(m)


PV=P×V(N/mm² ×m/s)

VIIPLUS bronze gleitlager companyhave developed kinds of Bronze Gleitlager & Sliding Bearing material According to difference work condition. The user can select the material the material base on bearing work environment, load, speed, wear resistance resistance requst, moving method, etc.

Installation Precautions

  • 1. Fixing methods for straight Bronze Gleitlager & Sliding Bearing

    Diameter of the pressing-in arbor is 0.1~0.3 mm smaller than the after-fixing diameter of the bearing. It’s better to have the core axis heat-treated. For easier fixing,we can add a light coating of oil on the bush backing. Make sure not to fix the bearing into the housing by hammering its end surface. When the diameter of the bearing is more than 55mm, necessary measures must be taken to calibrate the seam position of bearing.

  • 2. Fixing methods for flanged Bronze Gleitlager & Sliding Bearing

    For flanged bearings, the radius at the transition from the radial to the axial component must the flanged folds must be taken into account. A sufficiently large chamfer must be provided on the housing to prevent flanged bush fouling in the area of the radius. Fixing methods for the flanged bearings are similar to that of straight bearings.However, the diameter of the convex part on the pressing-in arbor for flanged bearings needs to be a little bigger.

  • 3. Fixing methods for thrust washers and gliding plate

    We recommend using a single dowel or countersunk head screw to fix the thrust washer. For the gliding plate we recommend adopting the methods of enchasing. When fix the thrust washer or the gliding plate, the sliding layer shall be 0.3~0.5mm thick.

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Bronze Gleitlager & Sliding Bearing and shaft fit requirements

The performance of the self lubricated bearings is largely influenced by the surface roughness and hardness of the material. High quality shaft surface can extend the bearing life. In contrast to rough, low hardness of the surface, reduce the bearing life.

  • A Axis surface roughness

    1.Under the condition of fluid lubrication, the surface of the shaft is required to make the mirror surface, ao as to reduce the gap of the oil film, and make it close to the fluid lubrication state, so as to improve the performance of the bearing.

    2.Bearing in dry friction conditions, as long as the control of the surface roughness of the Ra=0.4-063 range.

  • B Shaft hardness

    The surface hardness of the shaft is not less than 220HB. In high load and rolling motion condition, it is necessary heat treatment of the shaft with the hardness of HRC50 or hard chromium plating, and then grinding, after surface treatment, can improve the corrosion resistance, improve the surface hardness, improve the lubrication. If in the middle of the sea water is similar to the corrosion conditions, the matching shaft must be two to three layers of hard chromium plating.

    The surface of the shaft, sharp burrs, rough grooves will damage the bearing sliding layer.

Bronze Gleitlager & Sliding Bearing seat of the matching qeruirements

  • A Hole chamfering

    • 1.Straight sleeve bearing seat hole requirements: Match the seat hole corresponding to the chamfer.

      Hole diameter





      The corresponding chamfer





    • 2.The bearing seat hole flanging match, seat hole requirements provide a large enough to prevent the chamfer, flanging radius of deformation.

      Hole diameter



      The corresponding chamfer



  • Bronze Gleitlager & Sliding Bearing seat diameter requirements

    Bronze Gleitlager & Sliding Bearing bore diameter with tolerance, H7 tolerance

    Principles of rolling bearing selection
    When selecting bearings for any purpose, ultimately you want to be certain of achieving the required level of equipment performance, and robustness, at the lowest possible cost.

    There are key factors you must consider when putting together the bearing specifications for an application. To help you evaluate these key factors, we provide our recommended selection process, as well as supporting information and examples.

    In this section you can find:

    general bearing knowledge, which includes:
    general information on rolling bearings that you should know
    information for identifying and determining bearing tolerances
    advice on how to deal with SKF bearings and how to administer them while in storage
    bearing selection process, which is our straightforward guide, containing clearly defined and named steps, to help you analyse your application and determine your bearing solution
    bearing selection examples, which show the bearing selection process applied to various machines and application cases
    Contact the viiplus china application engineering service by email if you have any questions, or require any assistance, when using the bearing selection process guidelines or information here and in the product sections.