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February 13, 2019

Bimetal Lubrication Pockets Bushings Installing Method Composite Sliding Bearing, Copper-Plated Or Tin-Plated Steel/Bronze, DIN 1494 / ISO 3547

VIIPLUS Bi-Metal Sliding bushing | The Tribology China Solution

Our products are manufactured for precise standards for long-term usage and high output. Made from aluminum alloy, bronze alloy, copper alloy or other properties, our products can take your designs to the next level. We can even custom manufacture a bearing for your specific needs.


1. To keep the bushing, housing dean before installing.
2. The outside surface can be covered with a little grease or oil during installing, which help the process.And please not too much.
3. The bushing should be pushed into housing slowly with mandrel (oil push machine is recommended), it is for hidden to hammer
the part directly.
4. We need your instructions if the housing wall is thin or made from soft metal in order not to destroy it.
5. In order to simply the installment and keep the working layer, we recommend that the shaft should own chamfer and
HRC45/RZZ-3. Gr plating layer is allowed.
6. Grease and Oil are recommended in order to shorten the mending.


1. OD, checked by ring gauge with GO/NO GO
2. ID, checked by plug gauge with GO/NO GO. The common wrapped bushing satisfy tolerance H9.
3. The size of ring gauge & plug gauge are in comply with DIN1494 part 1.


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