Self-lubricating bronze bearing sinter production lines

March 19, 2020
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VIIPLUS constantly study the latest technology & sliding bearings materials and research & development of the new self-lubricating bearings products

Technological innovation to promote enterprise development
Technological innovation to promote product development, drive rapid development of enterprises

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Sintering process to develop scientific, strict implementation, monitoring at any time to ensure stable performance and new product development self-lubricating bearings strips

Sintered strips & sheet

sinter production lines

VIIPLUS using sintered production lines, strictly control the sintering process and procedures to ensure the self-lubricating strip quality and stable performance ....

Automatic forming machine

Automatic forming machine

Automatic machine reduces the labor intensity, improve self-lubricating bearings production efficiency, improve product quality and consistency ....

Automatic chamfering machine

Automatic chamfering machine

Application of the introduction of automatic chamfering machine, the overall improvement of the production rhythm, greatly improving production efficiency, the length of the accuracy of the product has improved significantly, the angle is more beautiful ....


Final Inspection

The strict inspection procedures and inspection standards

self-lubricating bearings Strips performance inspection and monitoring, quality control of process and final inspection to ensure product performance and tolerances to meet customer requirements ....

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The development of the viiplus to study the new self-lubricating materials and bushing products