Self-lubricating Bronze Bearing for Oil & Gas/Energy

March 13, 2020
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Oil & Gas/Energy

hydraulic sliding bearings
Hydraulic: viiplus graphite bronze bushing cast bronze bearings is widely used in the manufacture of hydraulic valves, stem, gear pumps, vane pumps, piston pumps, cylinders, etc. We have gained enough trust from our customers, especially in the high pressure piston pump sector, to comment, "VIIPLUS has greatly promoted the development of the hydraulic piston pump industry in China".

Our self lubricating bronze parts are used for a wide variety of application, such as shafts, valve stems, pump shafts, wear plates, marine hardware, and many other demanding applications where heavy loads, corrosion, conductivity, and abrasion are concerns. We stock the bronze bearings for the oil and gas industry demands and we custom machine high quality sliding bearings material to the exact specifications needed for our customers.

Pumps & Valves Actuation
Bronze Bearings specialty machined bronze parts are corrosion resistant to reliably meet the critical demands of our customers. We maintain a vast inventory of stock bushing bearings parts s along with custom designed parts, including wear plate,We supply shaft ptfe bearings, bronze grapjhite bearings, and sleeve bushings, as well as thrust washer, groove bearings.