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March 24, 2020
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  VIIPLUS is exploring the field of engineering, and currently has products FB090 bronze bearing sleeve, self-lubricating bearing sleeve used in projects such as hanging tower, dam, etc., its maintenance-free, abrasion resistance is suitable for engineering and other environments with high humidity.Our company can also help customers design special bearing sleeve with special size and high salt spray test requirements.


Stable reliable and high maintenance free bearing sleeve 


  Due to some dam projects use more moisture in the 
environment, our company self-lubricating bimetal
bearing sleeve is widely applied in the connecting rod,
servo motor, such as is used to guide blade turbine
exposed in the environment, our company has outside
the steel substrate bearing sleeve corrosion resistant
coatings such as galvanized nickel using self-lubricating
bearings can free maintenance, good sealing to polluting
the water quality, reduce maintenance costs, reduce
the workload
and other advantages.Choose us and
grow with our customers 



Quality and service


 Our company has more than 10 years of design experience of engineers, also has a professional Research and development team, in the bearing sleeve used in engineering, our company strictly control the quality, according to the quality system requirements of the size control, so that customers get the hand of the products qualified

   Service and communication

  We will ask the customer where to use the bearing sleeve, and provide the product for drawing and preliminary confirmation with the customer. After getting the customer's basic requirements, we will confirm with the senior designer of the bearing sleeve and put forward the corresponding

optimization plan.


   Product quality control

  According to the international ISO quality system, product quality inspection materials, in the production process, a certain number of bearing sleeve full size test for the first proofing, will be random sampling of key dimensions, customers have bearing sleeve and other products need surface treatment, we will pay attention to the film thickness of the assembly, high seal bearing sleeve we strictly check the gauge measurement




Testing of bearing sleeve


ISO/3547 standard for the measurement of the rolling class mainly has the following methods of inspection

Test method A: outside diameter of huff gauge;
Test method B: check outside diameter with stop-gauge;
Test method C: check the inside diameter with stop gauge;
Test method D: the measuring ruler shall be used to inspect

the outer diameter of large-sized products and the wall thickness

inspection method shall be used instead of the inspection method

C. the wall thickness inspection method and the inspection metho

C shall not be used at the same time.




Partial bearing sleeve display



  Bimetal base bearing sleeve                     Slotted copper base bearing         Graphite lubricated bushing                    Bronze bushing