Energy Facilites Large size bimetal bearing sleeve small size bearing sleeve

March 27, 2020
Latest company case about Energy Facilites Large size bimetal bearing sleeve small size bearing sleeve


  Energy is an important part of our lives, and the quality of high-energy equipment is an important way for us to improve our lives. Viiplus is committed to improving the reliability of bearing sleeve parts, thus improving the quality of human life.



Small bearing sleeve big world


  Our company's corrosion resistant stainless steel bearing sleeve is used in Marine energy, chemical industry, the small bearing sleeve is not only a small part of the entire mechanism, but also an important part of stability and reliability, our company also has boundary lubrication bearing sleeve, hydraulic bearing sleeve.The small sleeve is not only a part, but also an important part of the whole world.



Bimetal bearing sleeve                               Bimetal bearing sleeve                          Corrosion resistant                           Corrosion resistant

                                                                                                                                stainless steel bearings                   stainless steel bearings



Advantages and applications of bimetal bearing sleeve



  VSB-800 Bimetal bearing, is a low carbon steel plate as the matrix material, surface sintering CuPb10Sn10 or CuSn6Zn6Pb3 steel copper alloy products.The bearing capacity of the product is the strongest in the double alloy bearing, it is a very wide use of high - load low - speed sliding bearing.



  VSB720 Bimetal bearing is a product of CuPb24Sn4 alloy sintered on the surface of steel plate.The product has good anti-fatigue strength and bearing capacity.Suitable for medium speed medium load.There are occasions for oil sliding.When the surface is plated with soft alloy, the connecting rod bushing achieves good wear resistance and fatigue resistance.


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bronze bearing sleeve, high lead bearing sleeve

self-lubricating bearing sleeve, bimetal bearing sleeve

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