Automobile bearing sleeve,Auto parts,Alloy bearing sleeve

March 24, 2020
Latest company case about Automobile bearing sleeve,Auto parts,Alloy bearing sleeve

Automobile bearing sleeve,Auto parts,Alloy bearing sleeve,Automobile bearing sleeve,Auto parts,Alloy bearing sleeve


Manufacturer of bronze bushing and self lubricating bronze parts according to customer’s drawing. Save on Bearings featuring low prices on Power Transmission Equipment.Develop customized solutions for customers provide sample testing and technical support.

The self-lubricating bearing has been extensively tested under demanding working conditions and has been tested as well as expected. The bushing bearing has been used in this application.


The automotive field has developed to date has a mature industrial system, in part of the automotive parts system needs the bearing sleeve, our company provides the bearing sleeve is not only quality and reliable

but also make the car quiet and comfortable parts and important parts.


Reliable car bearing sleeve


Will speeding car use at ordinary times, there will be a child old man ride, do parts of high reliable quality is our core values, I have some bearing sleeve with double metal craft, with alloy steel as matrix, internal coated with teflon, customers in need under high salt fog test requirements can choose galvanized surface treatment, etc., there are some bronze bushings are widely used in:


Auto wiper                                                                 
Adjustable support system for car seat                  
Car hood and trunk support system
The car door
The hydraulic system
We can make some places you need
according to your requirements




Our customer target


Viiplus has a research and development team. Our company can design according to the ISO standard and the actual assembly requirements of customers, and strictly control the product quality according to the ISO 16949 production quality system.


Strive to do more advanced bearing sleeve suppliers

At present, viiplus's suppliers are mainly the second and third suppliers      

but we strive for excellence. Our goal is to provide high-quality products

for the first supplier, and we hope that ustomers can propose improvements

and problems to grow with us.


Optimization of automobile bearing sleeve

we have some customers who pursue high-quality driving experience
design and have the requirements of lightweight cars.Our company also

actively coordinates to change the weight of parts to meet the requirements

of lightweight or counterweight without affecting the strength of assembly and




                                                                    Bearing sleeve part display



Double alloy bearing sleeve and bronze bearing sleeve sections are displayed

  Our company has bimetal bearing sleeve, collectively PTFE + Fillers for steel inner hole, bearing with bronze as matrix, copper base washer and steel base washer commonly used in automobiles, as well as common auto parts such as sliders. Our company can coat the exterior of the matrix with anti-corrosion metal coating to meet the requirements of salt spray test according to customers' requirements.Find out more about us, discovery your self-lubricating bearings.