Agriculture, agricultural bearings, self-lubricating bronze bushings | bronze gleitlager

March 23, 2020
Latest company case about Agriculture, agricultural bearings, self-lubricating bronze bushings | bronze gleitlager

Agriculture, agricultural bearings, self-lubricating bearings | bronze gleitlager, made to order from china.self lubricating bronze bushing for agricultural.p...

latest company case about Agriculture, agricultural bearings, self-lubricating bronze bushings | bronze gleitlager  0

  Bronze sleeve bushings or bronze bearings are hard and strong, as opposed to brass bushings which are softer & more easily deform.Contact bronze gleitlager experts to get a free quote for cheap prices.

Manufacturers of agricultural equipment rely on china metal-polymer bushing, maintenance-free solution with extended service life. Our self-lubricating bronze bushing, environmentally friendly agricultural bearings are used in tractors, backhoes, mowers, cultivators, seeders, harvesters, sprayers, plows, tillers, planters and more to deliver superior performance and reduce system costs.

Bushing Type

  Popular designs include bronze plugged graphite,oilless bushes, flanged bronze bushings and plain wrapped bronze bushings.Please visit our bronze gleitlager website to learn more.Still have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us


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  They are more often used in low-speed, high-load and severe-duty industrial applications and machinery for iron and steel manufacturing, food processing, injection molding, automotive machines, earth moving machinery, pumps and other industries.


Hight quality lower price

  Advantages of high strength maintenance-free bearings

High quality bearing sleeve oil

  Agricultural equipment is often used in the poor environment of outdoor field, so the production equipment are in need of its long life, low maintenance cost and long maintenance cycle and other basic needs, our company have a bimetallic bearing, traditional lubrication of bronze bushings, greatly prolongs the service life of core parts, bearing roller skating oil film can reduce the noise of the equipment operation, improve the quality of working environment, increase the core parts life, our official parts applied to small and medium-sized tractor,
pesticide sprayer, farmland harvester and other agricultural equipment.


  Our company has a better understanding of our clients in agriculture. Frequent maintenance and long maintenance time will cause you to miss some of the best opportunities. Therefore, our company has a variety of bearing sleeves for you to choose,you can used in such as. In agricultural equipment, some easily worn parts often affect the machine work efficiency and maintenance cost, so our company has bimetal bearings and high-strength slotted bearings can provide better impact resistance, corrosion resistance and other advantages than traditional bronze bearings

  • The pressure cylinderlatest company case about Agriculture, agricultural bearings, self-lubricating bronze bushings | bronze gleitlager  1
  • Steering system
  • The braking system
  • The hydraulic system
  Oil film closure reduces maintenance The demand for agricultural parts is to maintain little or no maintenance, so we have slotted bearing sleeve with various types of oil groove and tolerance fit can make the oil consumption extremely slow

Benefits of high strength bearings sleeve

  High strength bearing sleeve by adding alloy, heat treatment and other production processes to make its hardness and surface wear resistance greatly improved, increase the corrosion resistance and other mechanical properties.The reliability of the equipment is greatly improved under extreme conditions.As is known to all, roller oil is an important part of the operation of equipment. It can resist corrosion, reduce friction,reduce noise, and cool down in the operation. bushing lubricating oil can better protect the operation of bearing sleeve or other equipment, and there is no harmful substances, which

will not affect the production of agriculture.



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Customers depend on our full support from bronze bearing design to delivery.

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What are the principles of choosing oil-free bearing lubricants?
Seven principles should be followed in the selection of oil-free bearing lubricants:


1. Environmental conditions. When the bearing is in the wet, corrosive gas, low temperature, dust, strong radiation conditions, the lubricating oil is easy to be polluted deterioration, then should choose water resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, cold resistance, radiation resistance lubricating oil. Splash in the water, emulsion injection, humid air or dust dust in the serious place, generally should not choose lubricating oil, but should choose grease.


2. Bearing accuracy. The friction surface of bearing movement is rough, which is generally suitable for lubricating oil with large viscosity. In order to bear the local pressure caused by bad contact, the friction surface with high precision should be selected with low viscosity to reduce frictionLess unnecessary energy loss and temperature rise.


3. Operating temperature. Operating temperature affects the viscosity and lubricating effect of lubricating oil. Therefore, when the working temperature is low, should choose the lower viscosity of the lubricating oil; When the operating temperature is very high, should choose high viscosity or suitable additives. When higher than, you can generally consider using a solid lubricant.

Ambient temperature is different, the choice of lubricating oil viscosity should also be changed, such as the same lubrication bearings, in north China or winter, should choose viscosity less than the south or summer lubricating oil. When the operating temperature changes frequently, it is also necessary to choose the temperature characteristics of the good viscosity lubricating oil, that is, the viscosity of the lubricating oil will not change when the operating temperature increases or decreases, to ensure that the thickness of the oil film is stable within a certain range.


Without oil bearing

4. Speed movement. The higher the rotation speed, the lower the viscosity should be selected to avoid the increase in motion resistance, heat

Too much; On the contrary, at low speed, high viscosity lubricants should be used to improve the bearing capacity.


5. The nature of sports. There are impact, vibration, constant load change, variable speed, starting. Stop, frequent inversion, and do reciprocating or intermittent movement, are not conducive to the formation of oil film, should choose higher viscosity lubricating oil. Grease, even solid lubricants, are sometimes preferred to ensure reliable lubrication.


6. Workload. The greater the load borne by the rolling bearing, the higher the viscosity of the lubricating oil shall be, and shall have a good lubricating oil and extreme pressure, so as not to squeeze the lubricating oil from the friction pair, or to make direct contact with the metal.

Structural features. The smaller the radial clearance of rolling bearing is, the higher the processing precision of friction surface is, and the lower the viscosity of lubricating oil should be.


7. Bearing hardness. Bearing friction surface hardness is low, should choose high viscosity lubricating oil, and the amount of oil to be sufficient; Conversely, can reduce the viscosity of lubricating oil.

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