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Low - Noise Cam Bimetal Bearings Bushings Camshaft Bushing Costomized

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Place of Origin: made in china
Brand Name: VIIPLUS
Certification: ISO 9001
Model Number: Bimetal Bushing
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Delivery Time: 7-25 work days
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Bushing Type: Camshaft Bushing Material: Bimetal
Certification: ISO9001 Place Of Origin: China
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bimetal bush


bimetal bearings

Product Description

Bimetal Bearings Bushings


Viiplus is always focusing on the overseas markets, by satisfying the ever-increasing demands of modernization of customers. We could provide products according to the international standards, and could also provide as per the customers' requests. With stable product quality and best level of services, our products have been exported to dozens of countries and regions from the Europe, the United States, and Southeast Asia, etc.



bimetal bushing


Bimetal Bushing Application:
Bimetal Bushings are widely used in various parts of automobile industries such as engines, transmission cases, vehicle chassis, steering knuckle, trunnion shaft, leaf spring, motorcycle clutches, wear plating of gear pumps,as well ashoisting machines, etc.

It is backed with high quality low carbon steel with bronze alloy sintered on its surface. To effectively decrease abrasion, its alloy surface can be machined with ball shaped oil pockets for easier oil storage. When necessary, an anti-corrosion coating can be plated on the steel back. It can be applied to conditions of mediate load with mediate or high running velocity and conditions with enormous impact load. Such as internal combustion engine bearing,connecting rod bearing, rock arm bearing, slide plate of oil gear pump and etc



Mechanical Properties
Steel +Bronze+ PTFE
Max.load Dynamic N/mm²
Max.load Static N/mm²
Operating temperature ℃
Shaft HB Hardness
Shaft Ra Roughness
Friction coefficient Dry
Friction coefficient Lubricated
Max. line speed Dry m/s
Max. line speed lubricated m/s
Max.PV value m/s Dry
Max.PV value m/s Lubricated






High quality CAM bushing, camshaft bushing, bimetal bushing processing wholesale


A CAM is a mechanical rotating or sliding member (such as a wheel or a protruding part of a wheel) that transmits motion to a roller that moves close to its edge or to a needle rod that moves freely on the groove, or it bears force from such a roller and needle rod. CAM follower mechanism can be designed in its movement can meet almost any input and output relationship of a pair of certain USES, CAM and linkage to the role of the same (2 learn the trade-off with the designer and decide), can be used for both work, CAM design, more easily than linkage and CAM also can do a lot of link mechanism can not do, on the other hand, the CAM structure than connecting rod machine is easy to manufacture.


Cam Bimetal Bearings Bushings

Application features:

1, no oil lubrication or little oil lubrication, suitable for refueling or refueling difficult places, can be used without maintenance.


2, good wear resistance, small friction coefficient, long service life.


3, there is an appropriate amount of elastic-plastic, can distribute the stress on a wider contact surface, improve the bearing capacity of the bearing.


4, the static and dynamic friction coefficient is similar, to eliminate the crawling at low speed, so as to ensure the working accuracy of the machine.


5, can make the machine reduce vibration, reduce noise, prevent pollution, improve and optimize the working environment.


6. The transfer film can be formed in the operation process to protect the use of the grinding shaft without the phenomenon of biting the shaft.


7, for the grinding shaft hardness requirements are low, the shaft without quenching and tempering treatment can be used, thus reducing the processing difficulty and cost of related parts.


8, thin wall structure, light weight, reduce the mechanical volume.


9. The steel back can be electroplated with a variety of metals, which can be used in corrosive media; At present has been widely applied to various mechanical sliding parts, such as automatic mechanical equipment (telescopic, swing, slide, bending, cyclotron, turning parts) guide bush, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder gear pump pu, textile machinery, vending machines, plastic molding machine, die-casting machine, rubber machine, tobacco machine, fitness equipment, office machinery, hydraulic truck, automobile, motorcycle, forestry machinery, etc





Bimetal Bearing Bushes.

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