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December 21, 2018

MFG Product Markets We Stock and Manufacture Self-lubricating Bearings Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industries

MFG Product Markets We Stock and Manufacture Self-lubricating Bearings Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industries PTFE glassfiber Woven lining slide bushing inquiry( Glassfiber lining Slide Bushing) made in china 

Bushings for Oil & Gas Terminal Field Devices

Oil Field Bearings Solutions

We produce bearing made of stainless steel 316. Characteristics of high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and corrosion resistance etc.

Self-lubricating bearings are chosen for demanding oil and gas applications that require wear resistance and valve positioners Solutions.

Our bushings offerings are chosen for the most demanding oil and gas applications that require pressure, temperature, flow, level, liquid analytical, and valve positioner measurements.


Self lubricating bearings for Power Transmission

Flow Control

We supply and market Gate, Ball, Plug, Check, and Butterfly valves bushings and their respective controls and actuators. These valves bushes are used primarily in the water, wastewater, and industrial markets.

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VIIPLUS Company providing technical bushes, in various sectors such as steel bushes, bronze bushes, graphite bronze bushings, stainless steel bearings for Water, Waste water, Industrial and Oil & Gas fields in solutions.

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We provide a wide range of Valves bushes in different sectors a lot of which are in stock for immediate purchase.

Our Product Range:

  • Butterfly Valves bushes

  • Gate Valves bushes

  • Globe Valves bushes

  • Check Valves bushes

  • Ball Valves bushes

  • Plug Valves bushes

  • Plastic Valves bushes

  • Safety Valves bushes

  • Diaphragm Valves bushes

  • Fire Fighting Valves bushes

Industrial Catalogue Oil & Gas bushes Catalogue

About 85%of our products are export to North American, European Union, South East Asia countries.

China Small and Medium-sized Exporters Factory| Plain Bearings & Self-lubricating Bushings

Lubrication Free with Excellent Wear Resistance


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About 85%of our products are export to North American, European Union, South East Asia countries.

steel-backed, sintered-bronze PTFE lined bearing.

used in dry, semi lubricated environment.

It has a wide applicable temperature range from -319 degrees F to 518 degrees F. The thin walls and

Light weight construction enable a compact design of the product.

The Steel Backed Bronze Bushing is used in a variety of applications in a number of industries. Below are a few of the more common uses:


Hydraulic Systems: Bushing for Valves and Rotary Actuator, Bushing for Gear Pumps, Bushing for Cylinders, Bushings for Shock absorber, Bushing for Lucas Hydraulic Pump,

Food Processing: Bottling Machine, Bottle Washer, Automatic Bag Maker, Dairy Processors, Meat Choppers, Mixers

Automobiles: Suspension Bushings, Steering, Brake Bushings, Clutch, Transmission Bushings

Railroad Cars: Side Thrust absorber, Automatic Doors Bushings

Ships: Steering Linkages, Hatch Covers, Pulley Blocks Bushings

Aircraft: Control Linkage, Shock absorber bushings, Actuator Valves bushings, winches

Printing: Offset Printer, Gravure Printer, Mail Printer, Automatic Ticket Bender, Automatic Book Binder

Textile Industry: Spinning frame, Yarn Twister, Sheet Roller, Winders

It can substitute a conventional bearing where saving space is desired.

Steel Backed Bushing provides superior shock and impact load resistance. The Steel Backed PTFE Lined bushing maintains a low coefficient of

friction and is usable without lubrication at high load, low speed operations with excellent wear resistance.


Engineered Self Lubricating bearings Solutions


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