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February 15, 2019

C86300 High Strength Manganese Bronze Solid Bushing, Bronze With Lubricant Plugs Embedded, DIN 1850/ISO 4379, Maintenance-Free

C86300 High Strength Manganese Bronze Solid Bushing, Bronze With Lubricant Plugs Embedded, DIN 1850/ISO 4379, Maintenance-Free Double Bucket Clamshell Bushes

VIIPLUS International is a professional manufacturer of plain bearings and wear plates, and has grown rapidly to a point where now all types of plain bearings can be supplied. Standard catalogue sizes, special sizes and designs can be produced at competitive prices and to a high quality standard. VIIPLUS serves both the domestic and international markets. The VIIPLUS international intend to stay at the forfront of this market.

The U.S. 's GGB, sankyo oilless and DAIDO are the world's top three makers of self-lubricated bearings, with strong positions in aerospace, automotive and transportation.VIIPLUS also established itself as an industry leader in self-lubricating bearings exported from China.

Use notes for Sliding Bearing Graphite Bronze Bushings

The problems existing in use of application are pointed out, the way of improvement and the attention are suggested, and the operation status after improving is introduced.


1.In the possible case, the design uses the standard specification as far as possible;
2.Please note that there is no foreign body in the assembly;
3.After using the sliding surface, formed by solid lubricant oil film in surface with black or gray black phenomenon, please do not scrub, as usual.
4.Before the assembly, if the lubricating oil applied to the grinding parts, can shorten the running in period, conducive to the operation of machinery, operation;
5.When the assembly should be slowly pressed into, it is strictly forbidden to beat, so as to avoid damage to the bearing and deformation;
6.Design, different parts should be selected with appropriate material, in order to improve the mechanical performance, to extend the service life of the bearing;
7.In the high load, reciprocating motion, the proposed use of screw fixation;
8.In fresh water, sea water and in the sea, on the use of stainless steel or surface plating.



Sliding Bearing Product Features oil supply device, oil hole, oil groove
The cost of the fuel supply system, the cost of processing, assembling, and so on, can greatly reduce the cost of manufacturing.
2.Operation cost reduction
Greatly reduce the use of lubricating oil and equipment maintenance costs, but also exempt from the risk caused by the shortage of oil. time shortened
No oil can make the design, structure is greatly simplified, reduce costs, save design time. In addition, using self-lubricating bearings can also improve the mechanical properties and prolong get remarkable results using life and improve the reliability.
4.recovery and environmental protection of lubricant
No need to waste oil recycling, is conducive to environmental protection.


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