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Lug Butterfly Valve Stainless Steel Bushings Flanged Sleeve Bearing Pipe Fittings Washer

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Place of Origin: Stainless Steel Backed Bushings
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Minimum Order Quantity: >=500 Pieces
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: CARTONS,wOODEN CASES
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Meterial: Stainless Steel 316 With PTFE FABRIC Type: Bushes (cylindrical)
Port: Shanghai Main Function: Self Lubricating Bearings
Quality: OEM CATALOGUE: Available
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steel backed bronze bushing


stainless steel sleeve bearing

Product Description


Valve Bushings  - Supplier Lug Butterfly Valve Bushes | self-lubricating bearing 


Find Your Valve self-lubricating bearing Now !


Stainless Steel Flanges Bushing & Bearings - Pipe Fittings

To improve efficiency
PTFE bearings, low friction bearings, energy efficiency, alternative rolling bearings
Sliding bearings, composites, hydrodynamic bushing


Lug Butterfly Valve Bushing & Bearings 
VIIPLUS is one of the valve bushing in the china.

Lug butterfly valve have threaded inserts at both sides of the valve body.
This allows them to be installed into a system using two sets of bolts and no nuts.


Feature & Benefit :
High flow rate and Zero leakage, Shaft and housing non-wetted parts
Low torque through self-lubricating bearing bush & Stainless Steel Flange, Has bolt holes to connect with pipe flanges

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Detail Specification :
Size Range : Up to DN 1200
Material : Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, PVC, Carbon & Stainless Steel
Operation : Lever, Gearbox, Motorized Actuator



Product Range Valve Bushing & Self-Lubricating Bearings

Maintenance-free Self-lubricating Bearings

Upper and Lower Stem Bearings – Helps
maintain constant low torque values for the life
of the valve


Upper/Lower Bearing: Type 316 stainless steel backed TFE – self lubricating


Plug valves are designed to accommodate a variety of remote actuators – electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic. The
design featuring PTFE thrust washers, self-lubricating bearings and eccentric plug design, serves to reduce breakaway
torque requirements.


PTFE fibres fabric bearing the fabric have very high load capacity and high accuracygood run with low speed and heavy friction superior performance.This kind of bushings widely used in valve,oil, chemistry, metallurgy industry.

Locking Lever Handle Butterfly Valve Bushing

Contact with the engine valve is typically through a "finger" type attachment to the actuator bearing directly on the valve stem or valve follower as most convenient.


Stainless Steel Type 316; Slide Bearings. Structural Bearing Washer & Plate Slide Bearings Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) ... While PTFE has the required attributes for a Slide Bearing it is not as durable as Fiberglass Infused PTFE It also has a tendency to indent its silhouette into the ...

Fiberglide PTFE/Kevlar Woven Fabric Metal Slideing Bearing & Self Lubricating Bearings Online

The material is made of various high quality metals and is covered with low friction and wear resistant woven materials made of PTFE and other high performance fibers.This material structure has higher carrying capacity and longer service life than half of three-layer composite materials.The substrates are low-carbon steel (stl-tex), stainless steel (stl-tex3), steel (stl-texb), etc.Mainly used in agricultural machinery, construction machinery, automobile chassis parts, ball valves, butterfly valves and various valves and joint bearing lining materials, water pumps and chemical industry and other heavy and low speed and unable to oil occasions.


Shaft Bushings &coiled steel journal bearings are designed to meet industry standards for self-lubricating bushings.



VIIPLUS can also be supplied for special applications - consult Transport Dynamics Engineering Department. 

Typical applications include automotive vehicles, farm equipment, construction and material handling equipment.


Your BEARINGS 316 Stainless Steel; TFE Lined Resource
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Joint bearings, special high performance, lined with braided fabric bearings


1. PTFE with oil fibre can protect the shaft, while machine in operation.
2. It is of low friction coefficient, good anti-wear.
3. Good running in property.
4. It fits well in motion of circumgyration, swaying and to-and-fro.
5. Good anti-corrosion.
6. It can be used in food machine, pharmaceutical etc, due to lead-free.
7. It is mainly used in the condition of strong acid and alkali, such as chemical
Industry, pumps, valves etc.


Plain Bearings and Sleeve Boccole Self-Lubricating Bearings, Valve Bush Woven Fabric Stainless Steel 316 Bushes|VSB-36


Bushes (cylindrical) Stainless Steel Bushes
Plain bearing product versions  Low Friction Woven Fabric Oilless TEX Bearing 

The relationship between the tribological properties of the bearing and the film-forming properties of PTFE transfer film formed by the liner was studied.There is a certain correspondence between the tribological performance of bearings and the film-forming performance of PTFE transfer film formed in the process of friction and wear, that is, the faster the formation of PTFE transfer film, the better the wear resistance and uniform continuity, and the better the tribological performance of the film formed by friction and wear.

TEX Bushing Customized Bushing Fiber Bush


Plain Bearings and Sleeve Bearings Self-Lubricating Bearings, Liner Type Non-Metallic woven Stainless Steel 316 with PTFE fabric 


Stainless steel 316 and steel-base polytetrafluoroethylene aramid fiber braid bearings are self-lubricating materials with wear-resistant fibers as the main surface material.The product has low friction coefficient, good bearing capacity, abrasion resistance and self-lubrication performance, mainly used in various high-grade valves and go-kart.



Metal composite bearing base fabric is based on steel substrate, the surface adhesion of ptfe ethylene fiber and aramid fiber woven fabric, after rolling processing into a collar or stamping processing into a variety of forms such as gasket. The product has the characteristics of high precision, high load bearing pressure and excellent low speed and heavy friction performance. It can be widely used in heavy load equipment such as engineering machinery and agriculture and forestry machinery.
Lug Butterfly Valve Stainless Steel Bushings Flanged Sleeve Bearing Pipe Fittings Washer


VSB-36 Bushing  slide bearing bushings, oilless plain bearing


Stainless Steel316+PTFE/FABRIC

Apply to the oil or fuel work harder parts,wear resistance,low coefficient of ftiction,long life:good overall performance.Apply to the oil or fuel work harder parts,wear resistance,low coefficient of friction,long life;good iverall perfotmance.

VSB-36 Bushing


Stainless Steel316+PTFE/FABRIC 

is of oil resistant, acid resistant, alkali resistant and seawater resistant, more over, there is no lead in the PTFE surface layer and so is particularly fit for application in food machinery, alkali flow meters, pumps motion elements in pharmaceutical machines, printing machines chemical engineering machines and other ocean industry. The bushing is a triple layers composites one, the base material is stainless steel back and a film of heat resistant power filled PTFE being calendered onto the sintered spherical bronze interlayer.

Lug Butterfly Valve Stainless Steel Bushings Flanged Sleeve Bearing Pipe Fittings Washer


Technical Data

Max. load





Max. speed





Max. PV (Dry)







Friction coefficient


Thermal conductivity

42W (m·k)-1

Coefficient of thermal expansion






Bearing forms available in standard dimensions

· Cylindrical bushes

· Flanged bushes

· Sliding plates

· Thrust washers

· Flanged washers



Basic advantages of Stainless Steel 316 fabric bushings


  1. Have a higher carrying capacity.

  2. High-temperature.

  3. Longer life.



VIIPLUS bearing is a leading self-lubricating bearing manufacturer and supplier in China. We are highly proficient in the production of various self-lubricating bearings, bushes, and the sliding blocks, etc. Our main product catalogue now includes the oilless self-lubricating bearing, composite bearing, copper bearing, wrapped bronze bearing, bimetallic bearing, thermoplastic bushes, and more. All our products are characterized by reliable performance and low price. They are very popular and widely applicable in different industries including the automobile, machine tools, moulds, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, textile machinery, hoisting machinery, construction machinery, printing machines, irrigation machinery, injection molding machines, food machinery, ports, marine machinery, and the agricultural and forestry machinery, etc.


Low friction woven fabric oilless bearing VSB-36 TEX is widely used in high temperature production lines, construction machinery, automobile chassis parts, ball valves, butterfly valves, pumps and chemical industries and high-speed trains and other heavy low and cannot refuel occasion etc.



Lug Butterfly Valve Stainless Steel Bushings Flanged Sleeve Bearing Pipe Fittings Washer




VIIPLUS SLDING Bearings for offshore platforms and oil & gas industry | VIIPLUS Bearings

Metric Sized Journal Bearings & Bushings

Lug Butterfly Valve Stainless Steel Bushings Flanged Sleeve Bearing Pipe Fittings Washer


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