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Flange Rolled CuSn8 Sliding Bearings Lubricating Sockets For Agricultural & Construction Machines

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Certification: ISO 3547 / DIN 1494
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Material: CUSN8/CUSN6 Bushing Type: Sliding Bushings

Product Description

ROLLED SLIDING BEARINGS MATERIAL (CUSN8 BRONZE ) – ISO 3547 / DIN 1494 This series includes cylindrical sliding bearings and a number of other items made of bronze panels of 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5 mm in thickness. The products contain all of the most common sliding components, such as thrust washers and plate,strips.

Bushing Installation
The standard CUSN8 BRONZE BUSHING 090 and 092 sliding bearings are suitable for CuSn8 Bronze Buhsing installationin housings with “H7” tolerances. However, an “H9” tolerance occurs at the inner diameter following installation. This depends on the properties of the bore.

Sliding bearing construction,The lubrication pockets or holes help to reduce the contact surface and therefore also the friction:
• Round pockets = 21%
• Diamond-shaped pockets = 24%
• Holes = 15%
The round pockets guarantee an excellent distribution of the lubricant and make it possible to use oil. In this case, regular lubrication is required.
Bronze Sleeve Bushing 092 is a CuSn8P tin-bronze alloy based product. In order to improve tribological behavior the sliding layer can be applied with different layouts of lubricating sockets depending on operating conditions. It shows good anti-fatigue- and anti-erosion behavior as well as a good wear resistance and high load capacity. Products of Bronze Sleeve 092 series are applied under operating conditions such as high loads and low running speeds, for example in agricultural- and construction machines.

The CUSN8/CUSN6 BRONZE SLEEVE BUSHING 092 bronze sliding bearings are equal to the 090 bushings, but with lightly distributed lubrication holes. The lubricant is disbursed into the holes all through assembly. The 092 sliding bushings are characterised by means of their true lubricant potential and simple assembly.This form of sliding bushing is used with medium-sized hundreds and occasional speeds, which include in transport rollers, winding device, anchor winches and aligning machinery.

Rolled CuSn8 sliding bearings Feature

Compared to solid bronze sliding bearings, these sliding bearings have the following benefits: • High load capacity • Chemical resistance to aggressive media • High thermal conduction capacity • Simple installation and maintenance • Good availability of standard dimensions • Economical production of special items • Low space requirements

In addition to having high levels of corrosion resistance, this metal alloy is particularly suitable for use in connection with steel components. The lubrication of the sliding surface is guaranteed thanks to the integrated pockets, recesses and fluting. This ensures a uniform film of lubricant between the sliding bearing and the shaft.

Self-lubricating bearings manufacturer /made to order from china
Self-lubricating bearings can be divided into composite self-lubricating bearings, solid inlaid self-lubricating bearings, bimetallic self-lubricating bearings and special self-lubricating bearings. Different self-lubricating bearings are selected according to different USES and industries and mines.
One of them, JDB, is a new type of bearing with both the characteristics of metal bearing and the characteristics of oil-free bearing. It is loaded by the metal matrix and lubricated by the special formulation of solid lubrication material.It has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, strong self-lubrication ability, etc., especially suitable for heavy load, low speed, reciprocating or swinging and other difficult lubrication and formation of oil film, also not afraid of water and other acid erosion and erosion.At present, the products have been widely used in metallurgical continuous casting machines, steel rolling equipment, mining machinery, molds, lifting machinery, textile machinery, wind power generation, ships, steam turbines, water turbines, injection molding machines and equipment production lines.Wear resistance is twice that of ordinary shaft sleeve.


High temperature resistance C86300 Bronze Bushing & Wear Plate flanged bronze bushings



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