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FB090 & 092 Tin Bronze Flange Slide Bearing Dimensional Tolerance Bronze Bushing CuSn8P (DIN 17662) DIN 1494 / ISO 3547

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Place of Origin: Bronze Bearing Manufacturers
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Certification: DIN 1494, ISO 3547,CuSn8P (DIN 17662)
Model Number: Wrapped bronze sliding bearing, with perforations Punched,Low-maintenance DIN 1494 / ISO 3547,Pre-Lubricated Bearings Bronze Bushings
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Minimum Order Quantity: Standard Size Bushing No Minimum Order Quantity
Price: Bushings High Quality Price Ratio B2B
Delivery Time: 2-3 Weeks
Payment Terms: TT IN ADVANCE
Supply Ability: Buy Bronze Bushings Online
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Detail Information

Meterial: Phosphor Tin Bronze CuSn8,CuSn6.5,C932,CW452K,CW453K Type: Cylindrical Bushing ,Wrapped Bushes, Flanged Bearing, Thrust Washer,BRM 80,WB702,FB092
Internal Surface: Bronze Bearings Made Of CuSn8 With Diamond Lubrication Indents,with Grease Reservoirs Bearings Size: Metric Sizes,Cylindrical Bushes With Non-Standard Dimensions, Customized Bearing Designsavailable From Stock,Dxdxl Flange Bushings
Tollerances: Housing - Ø Bushing-inner - Ø After Mounting Shaft Tolerance H7 H9 F7 Or H8,Chamfers General Tollerances Application: Agricultural, Building And Engineering Machines, Etc
Standard Dimensions Bushing: Bronze Bushing FB090 FB092 90F 92F WB802, WB800, WB702, WB700, B92 I B90 CHARACTERISTICS: Bearing Material Made Of Solid Bronze Strip With Indents For Lubrication

Product Description

CUSN8/CUSN6 Bronze Bushing & BearingsInquire 



You can find a bearing,Selected Bearing Plain Bearing,Wrapped Bronze Bearings,Metric Wrapped Bronze Bearings Plain Bearing

 Machined Bronze Bushings china Supplier & Manufacturer, CUSN6P / CUSN8P(CW453K, CW452K) Tin Bronze DIN 1494 / ISO 3547 Material Product.Our Bronze Plain Bearings Parts Experts Can Help.  Can Be Customized. Selling Well Around World. Quality Guarantee.

You have access to the latest downloads here. Click on the Wrapped Bronze Bushings.pdfcatalog symbol to display the file, and download the self-lubricating bushing bearings catalog file.

Types:FB090 diamond with Lubrication Indents & FB092 BMZ Flange Bronze 

High density bronze roll forming or spherical oil bag, oil hole special synthesis of internal surface to reduce wear and extend the service time and good anti-corrosion function.In addition to our china warehouse standard size bronze alloys sliding bearing, we can also offer/deliver phosphor bronze bushing upon request. Lead time is short. Bearings Made Of Cusn8 With Lubrication Indents Bearing Forms Made To Order: Cylindrical Bushes With Non-Standard Dimensions, Customized Bearing Designs.

Wrapped bronze sliding bearing, with perforations Punched,Low-maintenance DIN 1494 / ISO 3547  Cylindrical bushing. 092 Bronze Bushingsis a low-maintenance bronze sliding bearing, primary lubrication is necessary. Oil or greaselubrication is possible. Due to lubrication pockets lubrication clearances are reduced to a minimum!

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FB090 & 092 Tin Bronze Flange Slide Bearing Dimensional Tolerance Bronze Bushing CuSn8P (DIN 17662) DIN 1494 / ISO 3547





Material Specification



Tpye of design

Metric Wrapped Bronze Bearings Plain Bearing     Metric Wrapped Bronze Bearings Plain Bearing

                               F092 -Straight                                                                              F092 -Flange



Bronze Bushing Material



Phosphor Tin Bronze Bearings Cusn8p Cusn6.5p Made To Order From China

Phosphor bronze bearing is characterized as a very pure alloy with extremely low content of impurities. Phosphor blends well with copper making the material hardly reacting on oxygen (oxidation).Phosphor tinbronze is an alloy with high wear resistance and good mechanical properties. There strips and plate bearings material of different thicknesses available in phosphor tin bronze.FB090 bronze rolling bearing, with special formulation of high density copper alloy strip as matrix, can be rolled on the surface of the user's requirements diamond or hemispherical oil holes, oil groove.It has the advantages of high density, large bearing capacity, good wear-resisting performance and long service life.

Bushings Plain Bearings And Bronze Sleeve Bearings & Flanged Bushings Forms Made To Order

Split bronze sliding bearing;CuSn8P (DIN 17662);DIN 1494 / ISO 3547;CuSn6 Bushing Material alsoavailable, Low maintenance;With lubricating groove;Low load capacity and low wear stability, suitable for rough machining operations, corrosion resistance.Similar WB702 (COB092) (CuSn8P (DIN 17662).Directly purchase and export copper sleeves from China, guarantee delivery time, support technology selection, and provide you with one-to-one advantageous solutions.Bushings catalogue Sliding Bearing Technology. bronze bushing manufacturer china supplier.pdf



Tolerance Details

Housing - Ø Bushing-inner - Ø after mounting Shaft tolerance .H7
H9 f7 or h8Bronze Wrapped Bushing Manufacture Process Flanged Plain Bearings dimension according to ISO 3547 Bronze wrapped bearing with holes in a difference wall thicknesses.Rolled bronze bushing for extra heavy loads standard dimensions Online Made in China .Click here to go to our online
catalog and product specifier for all of our metal bushing bearings
including size & dimension downloads.Bronze Sleeve Bushings
Online Catalog
(plain bearings catalog)

cylindrical bushes with non-standard dimensions, flanged bushes, sliding plates, customized bearing designs.

Additional Information:Wrapped Bronze Bush: FB090 FB092 FB092H WF WB700 WB702 WB800 WB802 CSB092, WB802, WB902 Sleeve Bushings

Shapes & forms:

Plain cylindrical bearings, flanged bearings, thrustwashers, slidingplates.

Bronze Bushing is made from high grade tin bronze CUSN8/6.5 Alloy Bushes. The slide bearings are especially designed to withstand heavy loads and to be shock-resistant. The entire bearing surface consists of “punched-through-holes” that provides improved lubricating properties and fewer maintenance periods. 092 BRONZE BUSHING WITH HOLES is intended for radial, oscillating and axial movements and are especially suited for extra high loads. 092 take over where other types of bearings break or fail.


Extra high load capacity
– Good lubrication properties
– Wide temperature range
– Easy to assemble


Assembly For Bronze Sleeve Bushings




The bearings are intended to be pressed into a housing with H7 tolerance. The inner diameter of the slide bearing will then hold tolerance H9.






Bronze bushing areas of use: Forest- and constructional machinery, agricultural machinery, cranes, forklifts, hoisting equipment etc.This type of bushing is widely applied in hoisting machines and other construction machines, automobiles, tractors, trucks, machines tools and some mineral engines. It can  be fabricated into bushes, half bearings, flanged bushes, taist washers, spherical  bearing and so on.



Selecting Bronze Bushing Materials -Corrosion Protection & Resistance

Wrapped Bronze bearings are made completely of bronze. They are particularly suitable for applications, which must be re-lubricated due to dirty environments. The sliding surface is provided with lubrication pockets, which contribute to the enhanced lubrication performance. This bushing(FB092 & FB090 BRONE BUSHINGS) CuSn8P(Qsn8-0.3) High load corrosion resistance high temperature resistant Low coefficient of friction wear corrosion resistant.

VIIPLUS  wrapped bronze bushing is made of tin-bronze CuSn8P with its surface punched with diamond oil sockets which are preserved for oil saving. It has good anti-fatigue, anti-erosion anti-abrasion and load capacity. The products are widely applied in conditions of heavy load but low running velocity, such as on agricultural, buiding and engineering machines.



Cusn8 Bronze Bearing, Cylindrical Bronze Bushing ,Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushing


WF-WB800 bronze bushing with oil pockets HB 90 - HB 150 PRMF AB 090 FB090F FBB090 copper plain bush , brass bearing bush Composition is same as 090 bushing, but with holes to collect the lubricant instead of indentations.T ypical application: widely applied in hoisting machines and other construction machines, automobiles, tractor, trucks, machines tools and some mineral engines.Bronze wrapped bushing, with diamond oil socket to preserve oil grease. It has good anti-fatigue, anti-erosion and anti-abrasion and load capacity. It can be proudced by different tin-bronze material and the surface can be produced with other type of oil socket and oil groove in different working condition, The material structure, application fields, and technical parameter are as follows.


Bronze Wrapped Bearing With Oil Pockets(092 Cylindrical Bushes)


CuSn8P Wrapped Bronze Bearing Diamond Or Ball Shape Oil Sockets
VSB-22 CuSn8P Wrapped Bearings Wrapped Bronze Bearings (low-maintenance), used for heavy load applications, offered with lubrication pockets, grooves or thru holes, plain or flanged bearings and strip

Bearing material made of solid bronze strip with indents for lubrication

Good wear resistance, suitable for rough conditions

Optimum performance under relatively high loads and low speeds

Easy for fitting and lubricating

High load capacity

Inner Diameter machineable parts are available against order

High level thermal conductivity

Minimum overall dimensions

Chemical resistance.

Initial pre-lubrication at assembly required...



Part of the product model display










FB090 & 092 Tin Bronze Flange Slide Bearing Dimensional Tolerance Bronze Bushing CuSn8P (DIN 17662) DIN 1494 / ISO 3547

φd φD L1/mm
10 15 20 25 30 35 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
10 12 1010 1015 1020                    
12 14 1210 1215 1220                    
14 16 1410 1415 1420 1425                  
16 18 1510 1615 1620 1625                  
18 20 1810 1815 1820 1825                  
20 23 2010 2015 2020 2025                  
22 25 2210 2215 2220 2225 2230                
24 28   2515 2420 2425 2430                
28 31   2815 2820 2825 2830                
30 34   3015 3020 3025 3030 3035 3040            
32 36   3215 3220 3225 3230 3235 3240            
35 39   3515 3520 3525 3530 3535 3540            
40 44     4020 4025 4030 4035 4040 4050          
45 50     4520 4525 4530 4535 4540 4550          
50 55     5020 5025 5030 5035 5040 5050 5060        
55 60     5520 5525 5530 5535 5540 5550 5560        
60 65       6025 6030 6035 6040 6050 6060 6070      




The bearings are wrapped from a cold formed homogenous bronze (CuSn8) with exceptional material properties. The standard sizes are fitted with diamond shaped lubrication indents in the bearing surface. These indents serve as lubricant reservoirs to rapidly build up a lubrication film at the start of movement and thereafter reduce the running friction. The material is suitable for construction and agricultural machinery applications.




FB090 & 092 Tin Bronze Flange Slide Bearing Dimensional Tolerance Bronze Bushing CuSn8P (DIN 17662) DIN 1494 / ISO 3547

CuSn8 with
Sn 8 %
P < 0.05 %
Cu Rest




Oil lubricated


Grease lubricated


Water lubricated


Process fluid lubricated














Coefficient of friction





Thermal conductivity





Coef. of thermal expansion


Tensile strength

Tensile strength






HB 100-150


Product NO.

Chemical Compositions

VSB-22 090 &092 














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FB090 & 092 Tin Bronze Flange Slide Bearing Dimensional Tolerance Bronze Bushing CuSn8P (DIN 17662) DIN 1494 / ISO 3547







      FB090 & 092 Tin Bronze Flange Slide Bearing Dimensional Tolerance Bronze Bushing CuSn8P (DIN 17662) DIN 1494 / ISO 3547








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