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MATERIAL: High-performance Engineering Plastic SIZE: CUSTOMIZEDE
TYPE: EP Plastic Self-lubricating Bearings APPLICATIOPN: Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Construction

Product Description

EP Plastic self-lubricating bearings

EP Plastic self-lubricating bearings for industrial applications. Your global partner for sliding bearing technology. Order Bushings Online. Range Of Products. View; Plain Bearing types available in standard dimensions: Cylindrical bushes, Flanged bushes, Thrust washers, Flanged washers, Sliding plates


EP series of high performance technical plastic polymer bearings as a base material, through the modification of the technology of polymeric materials in high resistance fibers and a solid improvement of its wear resistance integrated with internal grease; high resistance to the network structure reinforced with material fibers, the special solid composite grease allows EP series plastic bearings with excellent self-lubricating properties and wear resistance. Whether it's high-end requirements in the automotive industry.





Material property sheet



Common Capability Unit EPT EPG EPH EPX EPJ EPS
Density g/cm³ 1.46 1.46 1.65   1.49 1.24
Color   Black gray Dark grey Grey Black Yellow Beige
Max.water absorption,23℃/ 50% [% weight] 0.2 0.7 0.1   0.3 2.02
Max.water absorption [% weight] <1.2 <4 <0.3 <0.5 <1.3 <0.1
Dynamic friction /steel μ 0.05-0.15 0.08-0.18 0.07-0.20 0.09-0.27 0.06-0.18 0.05-0.15
Max.PV(dry) MPa•m/s 0.4 0.5 1.37 1.32 0.34 0.4
Mechanical behavior
E-module MPa 2,300 7,800 12,500 8,100 2,400 830
Tensile strength,20℃ MPa 80 200 175 170 73 18
Compressive strength MPa 65 80 90 150 35 10
Max.static pressure of the surface,20℃ MPa 35 80 150 90 20 10
Shore D hardness   70 112 87 85 74 73
Physical and thermal properties
Continuous work tempreature +80 +130 +200 +250 +90 +260
short-time work tempreature +120 +220 +240 +315 +120 +310
Minimum operating temperature -40 -40 -40 -100 -50 -200
Thermal conductivity W/m•K 0.2 0.25 0.60 0.60 0.25 0.24
Max.water absorption,23℃ K-1•10-5 7 9 4 5 10 12
Volume resisticity Ωcm >1012 >1013 <104 <105 >1013 >1015
Surface resisticity Ω >1015 >1011 <105 <103 >1012 >1015


EP Material structural characteristics


EP series of materials has excellent self-lubricating and wear resistance is mainly engineers take full advantage of the self-lubricating material modification technology, high-performance engineering plastics used in high-strength fiber to improve the material load and special grease reduced The friction coefficient of the material (See below), thereby enhancing the comprehensive wear resistance of the material to extend the service life of the bearing. High-performance engineering plastics as the base material mainly as wear-resistant carrier; Reinforced fiber to improve the bearing in the bearing and impact resistance; Special grease reduces the coefficient of friction of the bearing from the role of lubrication.


EP Plastic self-lubricating bearings



EP series friction coefficient


EP series of self-lubricating properties of plastic bearings by modifying the technology of the base material to add solid grease and functional fibers to be reached, the coefficient of friction through solid grease is reduced, while the coefficient of friction is also subject to the workload, the speed and surface roughness of the axis. The coefficient of friction generally decreases with increasing workload and increases with increasing operating speed. 


Bearing wear

Any self-lubricating bearing as long as a load in the work, the bearing will produce subtle wear. The same is true for the EP series bearings, where the grease gradually leaches out and gradually fills the friction surface and transfers to the counter shaft surface during the start-up phase . When the working area is filled with grease The formation of a thin layer of lubricating isolation film, this time the initial bearing wear is almost over, in the latter part of the long work of the bearing wear rate greatly reduced and more stable .


plastic self lubrication bushings



Bearing load noun construct

Load calculation method


◇ straight sets, flanging products
P= F / d×L (N/mm²)
F=Bearing capacity (N)
d=Shaft diameter (mm²)
L=Shaft diameter length(mm²)
◇ Thrust washer
P= 4F / π(D2-d2) (N/mm²)
F=Gasket bearing capacityd (N)
D=Outside diameter of gasket OD(mm²)
d=Gasket inner diameter ID(mm²)
The actual bearing surface pressure (Pact) of the bearing is larger than the theoretical value (Pmean) due to the influence of the clearance, the material strength, the internal oil groove,.


Maximum surface static load


Bearing the actual work dynamic load is often slightly smaller than the data sheet in the recommended maximum surface static load, the axis and the bearing with the gap is always there, so the actual bearing bearing area is not the projection area of the bearing, the size of the size of the axis with the tolerance Decision. This value is suitable for shaft standstill or operating speed less than 0.01m / s, higher load in the running time is very short (short time refers to within 3 minutes).


load and temperature, speed relationship

The bearing load will increase with the bearing operating temperature gradually reduced, when transported The load carrying capacity of the bearing will drastically decrease after the line temperature exceeds the maximum service temperature . Bearing load will be with the speed of bearing speed up and gradually reduce, when transported Line speed will lead to the friction bearing temperature gradually increased, while the load will be With the bearing temperature rising gradually decreased.


Line speed calculation formula


V=π×d×n / 1000×60 (m/s)
d=Shaft (mm²)
◇ Oscillationg motion
V= π×d×C×θ / 1000×360×60
d=Shaft (mm²)
θ=Oscillating angle
◇ Reciprocating motion
V=π×d×n / 1000×60 (m/s)
S=Stoke distance (m)


Bearing speed

The maximum permissible speed for the EP series bearings is shown in Fig. These values Is the limit load achieved when the bearing load is very small, the actual use of these speeds Degree is very difficult to achieve, because the bearing in the work inevitably bear labor As the load, when the bearing load increases when the allowable speed will be reduced. As the bearing speed and bearing operating temperature is inversely proportional to the relationship, so the bearings The maximum speed allowed by the different operating modes is also different.


 Maximum bearing speed


Material Rotate Swing Straight line
EPT 0.1 0.7 3.0
EPG 1.0 0.7 4.0
EPH 1.0 0.7 3.0
EPX 1.5 1.1 5.0
EPJ 1.5 1.1 8.0
EPS 2.0 1.4



Bearing temperature

EP series bearings are limited to the minimum and maximum operating temperature. Minimum Temperature refers to the critical temperature at which the bearing material will become brittle , the highest temperature used Temperature is the bearing wear resistance will not change the critical temperature, short-term operation of the most High temperature is the critical temperature at which the bearing material becomes soft . Such as bearings Often alternating in high temperature and low temperature, the bearing may be shedding phenomenon, So at this time must rely on the auxiliary device to ensure the normal operation of the bearing.


Minimum operating temperature of bearings


Material Lowest temperature
EPT -40
EPG -40
EPH -40
EPX -100
EPJ -50
EPS -200


 Provide the starting thermometer for the positioning mechanism


Material Starting temperature
EPT -40
EPG -40
EPH -40
EPX -100
EPJ -50
EPS -200


Bearing the PV value

PV value is the bearing in a certain load and linear velocity of the product value, bearing Of the PV value is to evaluate the sliding bearing performance is an important indicator. Actual PV value And the service life of the bearing is inversely proportional to the relationship (Figure 12), so the proposed design as possible A relatively low PV value can be used to ensure a longer service life of the bearing.

PVPerm.=(K1×π×λk×△T / μ×s) + (K2×π×λs×△T / μ×b1×2) ×y1×y2×10-3
K1, K2 = heat dissipation factor (K1 = 0.5, K2 = 0.042)
S = wall thickness of the bearing (unit: mm)
B1 = length of bearing (unit: mm)
Μ = coefficient of friction
Λs = thermal conductivity of the axis
Λk = thermal conductivity of the bearing
△ T = (Ta - Tu)
Tu = ambient temperature
Ta = maximum operating temperature
Y1 = correction factor for intermittent operation
Y2 = lubrication operation correction factor


Bearing wear

As the bearing wear resistance by many factors, it is difficult to accurately Describe the wear or life of the bearing. Through numerous tests that affect the bearing Wear resistance or life of the factors: load, speed, movement, shaft material And roughness, ambient temperature and dust, external lubrication media category and so on. Bearing wear resistance generally increases with the load, speed, temperature and gradually decreased Low, when there is external lubrication medium, the bearing wear resistance will be doubled. Hengxing recommended the use of the shaft roughness Ra0.2 - Ra0.8, the shaft is too rough or Too smooth will lead to increased wear and tear, the shaft is too rough as scraper scratch Bearing the friction surface, the shaft is too smooth in the friction surface and the bearing surface of the glue Leading to increased wear. The EP series bearings for the shaft material are not particularly limited, but are not limited Kind of shaft material on the impact of bearing wear is different, it is recommended to use more Hengxing For the universal surface hard chrome plated shaft material, the hardness of the shaft is also not limited, But Hengxing recommended the use of HRC35 or more shaft material, in order to avoid bearing the initial work For the wear of the stage shaft.


Bearing chemical resistance


EP series of plastic bearings are often used for chemical media contact occasions, at this time bearing anti-chemical corrosion performance is particularly important. As the chemical medium can be Can lead to changes in the composition of the bearing material, this change depends on the type of chemical medium, temperature, exposure time, and bearing load and movement Way, and sometimes the chemical medium as an effective lubricant which will extend the service life of the bearing. 








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