Efficient Self Lubricating Bearing For Sports Machinery Bicycle And Mountain Bike Suspension

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Certification: ISO 9001
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces
Price: $0.05 - $1.00 / Pieces
Packaging Details: Packaging: Export carton; Wooden case ; Wood pallet.
Delivery Time: 7~15 work days
Payment Terms: TT in advance,Western Union
Supply Ability: 800000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Detail Infomation
Material: Steel Ptfe Bushing Bronze,Bearing Steel /Carbon Steel Type: Roller, Sleeve, Sliding, Composite Bushing, Thrust Washer
Size: Standard Stock Size,wrapped Bronze Bearings Application: BICYCLE,Machinery, Automotive, Mining. Metallurgy. Agriculture. Chemical
Feature: Lubrication,oil, Greese Standard: GGB、OILES & DAIDO

Product Description

To provide efficient self-lubrictaing bearings for sports machinery

MOTORCYCLE and BICYCLE mountain bike suspension bushings & bearing



China Bushings parts are used in high-powered engines that require durability, riding comfort and safety at high speeds.



Whether you are designing wind power equipment for industrial energy applications or you are building a bicycle, we’ve got the dependable bushings you need.Our bushing high-performance products are manufactured to the exacting standards needed for a specific application.



VIIPLUS has the experience and expertise in advanced materials to provide each customer with the ideal bearing solution for new challenges.Maintenance-free bearings are durable, environmentally friendly, grease-free, and can withstand high loads, high speeds, and high temperatures.Our high performance self-lubricated sliding bearings also provide superior performance in wet, dirty environments, making them ideal for a variety of entertainment applications.From bicycles, snowmobiles and mountain bike bushing suspenders to fishing gear, ski gear, recreational water sports gear, golf carts and more.


VIIPLUS With professional experience and knowledge, to provide each customer with the ideal sliding bearing self-lubricating bearing solutions.

Self-lubricating bearings for sports machinery are durable, environment-friendly and oil-free, which can bear high load, high speed and high temperature.All kinds of self-lubricating sliding bearings can also provide excellent performance in the wet and dirty environment, making it an ideal choice for all kinds of entertainment equipment applications.Bike and mountain bike suspenders, fishing gear, recreational water sports gear.


Self-lubriating bearings coatings are specifically formulated to provide engineers with greater design freedom permitting them to go beyond performance boundaries, irrespective of shape or material.
Self-lubricating bearing are primarily used for bearing arrangements where heavy loads have to be supported and where rotational or oscillating movements are relatively slow.
Even in the most demanding environments, customers can rely on the unique features of VIIPLUS sliding bearings, including low friction, high wear resistance and high reliability.
Because of their good sliding properties and compact design, these plain bearings are particularly suitable for bearing arrangements where:
Maintenance-free operation is a prerequisite
There is a risk of lubricant starvation
Lubricants cannot be used or are forbidden
Space is limited.

Self-lubricating bearing, an essential part of machinery


Jiashan county, zhejiang province, where VIIPLUS is located, is the national production base for self-lubricating bearings, which produces 70% of the country's self-lubricating bearings.


The construction machinery industry of China's self-lubricating bearing market in the United States has ushered in a big turning point.

One figure is this: at present, the global market size of rolling bearings is about 270 billion RMB, while the market size of self-lubricating bearings is between 15 billion yuan and 20 billion RMB.


VIIPLUS provides a full range of self-lubricated bearings and their solutions for the main machine factory, consolidating the company's leading position in the self-lubricated bearings export engineering machinery industry.Over the past year, commodity prices have risen, upstream companies have recovered and the global economy has slowly recovered.


Bearings are divided into two categories, rolling bearings and sliding bearings.Generally speaking, under the same conditions, sliding bearing wear than rolling bearing, but sliding bearing bearing capacity is higher, more convenient to use.


What is "self-lubricating bearing"?

Traditional bearings cannot work without lubricating oil. Once the oil is cut off, the loss will increase rapidly. Therefore, the maintenance cost is very high and the application field is also limited.
And "self-lubricating bearing", is a rising star bearing session!

The U.S. -based GGB, Japanese OILES and DAIDO are the world's top three producers of self-lubricated bearings, with strong positions in aerospace, automotive and transportation.



Smaller friction coefficient, higher wear resistance, longer service life, and basically does not need to add lubricating oil in use, which is a revolutionary technology.



The reason is that self-lubricating bearings are equipped with solid lubricant, which will form a permanent solid lubrication film on the surface.


The advantages of this film are really mouth-watering. Not only is the maintenance cost reduced, but also the bearing itself can be made smaller, lighter quality, the prospect is exciting.
For example, in the structure of machinery and automobile, a lot of bearings are used for various parts, and many of them need to be replaced based on the consideration of lightweight and precision.


Variable speed drives and air conditioning compressors are replaced by self-lubricating bearings from rolling bearings, replacement rate of 80%.


Lead-free self-lubricating bearing


Compared with other metals, lead has a low coefficient of friction and is a good self-lubricating bearing material. However, as we know, lead is a toxic heavy metal, which has been gradually abandoned in the world.Instead, lead-free self-lubricating bearings are used


Stainless steel woven fabric and textile fiber bearings 316L



After trial and error, VIIPLUS found an alternative to lead -- stainless steel woven fabric and textile fiber bearings, successfully overcoming the material problem and establishing itself as an industry leader.



1.Metal plastic polymer self-lubricating rolling bearing

It is the flagship product, it has excellent mechanical bearing capacity, especially suitable for non-refueling and non-refueling conditions, the use of a car can reach more than 30 parts.

It is also very low maintenance costs, and corrosion resistance, so often in the outdoor work of the truck, platform car, will also be a large number of installation of this bearing.

2.Bimetal boundary lubricated rolling bearing

Self - lubricating bearings are mainly copper, steel as the representative of the raw materials.



Foreign orders of VIIPLUS increased significantly, and our company's export proportion also reached 57%.

3.Metal base self-lubricating bearing

with wear resistance, impact resistance, high load characteristics, needless to say, is also mainly used in the construction machinery industry, it is no wonder that productivity utilization is high.

A promise tomorrow is worth a lot less than trying today


The research on self-lubricating bearing of mechanical products is a process of continuous deepening, which is a process of constant screening, selection, boring and spending a lot of time and energy.


Efficient Self Lubricating Bearing For Sports Machinery Bicycle And Mountain Bike Suspension



Rolling bearing is a kind of rolling bearing, which is based on high quality cold-rolled steel plate and sintered with porous spherical bronze powder in the middle, and then sintered with a mixture of PTFE and fiber on the surface of porous spherical bronze powder, and rolled.
This product has the characteristics of small friction coefficient, abrasion resistance, good corrosion resistance and self-lubrication.Using this product can reduce the cost, reduce the mechanical volume, avoid the phenomenon of shaft biting and reduce the mechanical noise and other characteristics.
This product has been widely used in various mechanical sliding parts, such as printing machine, elevator, textile machine, tobacco machine, fitness machine, hydraulic conveyor, micro-motor, solenoid valve, automobile and agricultural and forestry machinery.




Self-lubrictaing bearings for automotive applications include: wiper, shock absorber, seat, gearbox, brake, steering, convertible top, interior, pillar, lever, pedal and other applications.


Our advantages

  • Maintenance-free operation
  • No lubrication required (PTFE composite)
  • Initial lubrication required (POM composite)
  • Minimum wall thickness, minimum space requirements
  • Accommodation of heavy loads
  • Wide range of temperatures
  • Good sliding properties
  • Virtually no stick-slip
  • High wear resistance
  • Less sensitive to edge loading (POM composite)
  • No machining required.


  1. a wide range of efficient bearing materials and solutions to meet the most demanding application requirements.

  2. compact, lightweight solutions reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

  3. seat: seat adjuster and height adjustment mechanism.

  4. continuous innovation of technologically advanced products, systems and tools to maintain our leading position in high-performance bearing technology.

  5. our application specialists provide technical support and customer-specific bearing designs to provide comprehensive customer support.

Create a superior driving experience


In recent years, the requirement of automobile equipment operation has been increasing.Our lead-free bearing material, with enhanced performance, can meet the most stringent performance requirements, better than ball bearings (limited space and weight, high load and swing movement may cause damage).
Bearing has many advantages, creating superior driving performance:
· long service life, reliable and smooth operation
· high wear resistance
· low friction coefficient, low loosening torque and no stick-slip phenomenon
· compatible with many standard oils and lubricants
· precision, dimensional stability · our application specialists provide technical support and customer-specific bearing designs to provide comprehensive customer support.


Compsoite bearing standard sizes


The standard range of composite plain bearings is very comprehensive and covers almost every standard size. This range comprises straight and flanged bushings, thrust washers and strips.


Sleeve Bearings:

I.D. = inner diameter

O.D. = Outer diameter

F.D. = Falnge diameter

I.D. = inner diameter

O.D. = Outer diameter

Flange Bearings:



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Efficient Self Lubricating Bearing For Sports Machinery Bicycle And Mountain Bike Suspension

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