PAP10 PAP20 Dry Sliding Bearing Slide Paths PAS Strips Material VSB-10

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: VIIPLUS
Certification: ISO 9001
Model Number: STRIPS
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)
Price: Negotiable
Delivery Time: 2~4 Weeks
Payment Terms: T/T PREPARD, T/T
Supply Ability: 500000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Detail Infomation
Features: Low-maintenance, Lubricated Applications Meterial: Steel + Porous Bronze + PTFE Strips
Plating: Tin Or Copper Type: Wrapped Bushes, Flanged Bearing, Thrust Washer
Finishing: Tin Plated, Brass Plated Special Use:: High-strength Steel Plate
Application: Printing And Dyeing Machines, And Machines Used In The Ocean Industry, Etc.

Product Description


Plain bearing materials PAP10 PAP20 bush Plain bearing Strips, Slide paths PAS Strips Material in detail DU Strip Metric Streifen, Gleitbahnen | VSB-10



Strips, Slide paths PAS 
Steel + Bronze Powder + PTFE/Fibre(DU) Strips

for all the global industry

Provide high-quality self-lubricating products



Wrapped Steel Self Lubricating Bearings Oilless Sliding Series


VSB-10 Streifen, Gleitbahnen PAS
Strips PAS are available as an even material section. This material section can be used to make sliding elements in a variety
of shapes.

PAP10 PAP20 Dry Sliding Bearing Slide Paths PAS Strips Material VSB-10

Table of Contents
Material information
Plain bearing production
Characteristics : maintenance-free and robust
Material composition
Models and tables of dimensions
More information

Plain bearing Bearing Material  DU production 

Standard designs are:

Cylindrical bushes



Bushes PAP...


Cylindrical bushes

Collar bushes


Flange liners PAF.. 

Collar bushes

Thrust washers


Thrust washers PAW..

Thrust washers





Characteristics of VSB-10 strips material

  • Very low stick-slip tendency
  • Low wear
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Low friction value
  • No tendency to weld to metal
  • Extremely swell-resistant
  • Does not absorb water

Preferred areas of application

  • Maintenance-free operation under dry-running conditions
  • Rotating or oscillating movements
  • Up to a velocity of 2 m/s
  • Linear movements
  • Temperature range -200 °C to 280 °C

Material composition

Strips Material composition

  • Layer system 10 srtips

    1. Running-in layer

    PTFE matrix with bulking agent¹  
    Layer thickness [mm]: max. 0.03

    2. Sliding layer

    Layer thickness [mm]: 0.20–0.35
    Pore volume [%]: approx. 30

    3. Bearing back

    Steel thickness [mm]: Variable
    Steel hardness [HB]: 100–180



    1 The pores of the sliding layer are also filled with this lubricant mass.

    Models and tables of dimensions

    with steel back, maintenance-free


    PAP10 PAP20 Dry Sliding Bearing Slide Paths PAS Strips Material VSB-10

If these material sections are used to create slide paths, they have the following main functions:

  • Absorbing and transferring forces acting vertically to the running surface
  • Fixing moving components to each other
  • Ensuring guidance accuracy for axial movements over the entire service life
Strips are available in two material groups:
  • Material group P1 for maintenance-free, dry-running applications
  • Material group P2 for low-maintenance, lubricated applications
For the advantages of each group and help deciding which material group is best for the relevant use, please refer to the information provided in the section cylindrical bushes, flange liners and thrust washers.
VSB-10 Steel + Bronze Powder + PTFE/Fibre(DU) Bushings

· Bushing material suitable for lubricated applications
· self-lubricating bushings offer very good wear and low friction performance over a wide range of loads, speeds and temperatures in dry running conditions
· Anti-friction bearing suitable for linear, oscillating and rotating movements

Material is designed to operate without supplemental lubrication and will perform excellent when lubrication is present. Low friction, low wear rate, good sliding characteristics and very low absorption are a few of the features of this material. VSB-10 bushings will support rotary, linear and oscillating motion.

1. PTFE/Fibre mixture thickness 0.01~0.03mm. It is the contact surface for the rotating shaft. Minute partides of the PTFE layer and the sintered bronze material combine to create a solid lubricant film, which coats the shaft.
2. Sintered bronze powder thickness 0.20*0.35mm,A special composition of powdered copper is thermally fused to the steel backing. This contact layer acts as an anchor for the PTFE layer and conducts the thermal build up away from the bearing surfaces.
3. Low-carbon steel backing. Setting the foundation of the bushings, the steel back provides exceptional stability, load carrying and heat dissipation characteristics.




· Metal-Polymer Composite Self-lubricating Bushing Material
· Steel Back + Porous Bronze Sinter +
· PTFE + Lead



PAP10 PAP20 Dry Sliding Bearing Slide Paths PAS Strips Material VSB-10

Sliding layer
PTFE + Lead
Porous Bronze Sinter
Steel Backing



Dry Very Good
Oil lubricated Good
Grease lubricated Fair
Water lubricated Fair
Process fluid lubricated Fai





Maximum load, p




Operating temperature



- 195

Coefficient of linear thermal expansion Parallel to the surface 10-6/K 11
Normal to the surface 10-6/K 30


Maximum sliding speed, U   m/s


Coefficient of friction     0.03 - 0.20 *


Maximum sliding speed, U   m/s


* Depending on operating conditions
Technical data
Max. load Static 250N/mm2
Dynamic 140N/mm2
Max. speed Dry 2m/s
Lubrication >2m/s
Max. PV (Dry) Short-time 3.6N/mm2*·m/s
Continuous 1.8N/mm2*·m/s
Temp. -195℃~+280℃
Friction coefficient 0.03~0.20
Thermal conductivity 42W (m·k)-1
Coefficient of thermal expansion 11*10-6k-1


Bearing forms available in standard dimensions
· Cylindrical bushes
· Flanged bushes
· Thrust washers
· Flanged washers
· Sliding plates
Metric bearings and imperial bushings made to order: standard bushing forms in special dimensions, half-bushings, special shapes obtained by stamping or deep drawing, customized bushing designs



This material meets the demanding criteria for long life and maintenance free performance with or without lubrication.
Automotive: tractors, combines, crop sprayers, earth-movers, graders and other construction, auto machines, specific uses in power steering cylinders, steering gear thrust washers, disc brakes, calipers and pistons, shock absorbers, governor linkage, windshield wiper motor, tilt gear assemblies...
Business machines: photocopy machines, typewriters, mail sorters, postage meter systems, computer terminal printers and peripheral equipment, automatic printing devices, mail processing machinery...
Hydraulics and valves: pumps including gear, rotary, water, axial piston, and other types, ball, butterfly, poppet steam, and other valves and valve trunnions...
Home appliances: tape recorders, refrigerators, air conditioners, cleaners, polishers, sewing machines, ovens, dishwashers, clothes washing machines...And materials handling, marine engine, packaging, textile equipment, tools...etc.




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PAP10 PAP20 Dry Sliding Bearing Slide Paths PAS Strips Material VSB-10

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