Composite Lubricated Bronze Sleeve Bearings For Steel Metallurgy Industry

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: MADE IN CHINA
Brand Name: VIIPLUS
Certification: FIBRO Standard
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Piece/Pieces
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Export carton; Wooden case ; Wood pallet.
Delivery Time: 2~4 Weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union,
Supply Ability: 1000000 Piece/Pieces per Month Bearing Bush
Detail Infomation
Meterial: Bronze Backed, Bronze , PTFE Plating: Tin Or Copper
Quality: OEM Quality Size: Std.&Non-std. Customized Sizes
Application: Metallurgy Machine And Casting Machines, Consecutive Casting Machines, Cemetery Machines, Spiral Transporting Machines, Etc. Type: Wrapped Bushes, Flanged Bearing, Thrust Washer

Product Description


Copper-based bronze gleitlager non-oil lubricated bearings Composite Dry Bearings | VSB-11


This product is tin bronze based powder inside and PTFE surfaced and filled with anti-high-temperature material. It is very safe and specially used in the place can’t stop for repair and can’t add oil because of high temperature.

This product has been widely used in various mechanical sliding parts, such as printing machine, elevator, textile machine, tobacco machine, fitness machine, hydraulic conveyor, micro-motor, solenoid valve, automobile and agricultural and forestry machinery.


Rolling bearing is a kind of rolling bearing, which is based on high quality cold-rolled steel plate and sintered with porous spherical bronze powder in the middle, and then sintered with a mixture of PTFE and fiber on the surface of porous spherical bronze powder, and rolled.
This product has the characteristics of small friction coefficient, abrasion resistance, good corrosion resistance and self-lubrication.Using this product can reduce the cost, reduce the mechanical volume, avoid the phenomenon of shaft biting and reduce the mechanical noise and other characteristics.


Six factors related to bearing life:


  • (1) [N/mm2] Load P
  • Larger loads and bearing service life is short; load fluctuation is bigger, larger influence on bearing life, bearing shorter life expectancy; whether, in any case, the maximum load can not be more than the theoretical maximum permissible value of the load. The load is equal to the actual working load divided by the area of the bearing, the formula is P=F/ (D*B).
  • (2) speed [m/s] V and PV
  • The working life of the bearing depends on the PV value, that is, the actual load [N/mm2] P and the sliding speed [m/s] V product, the smaller the PV value, the longer the bearing life.
  • (3) [oC] T
  • Bearing life also depends on the use of the bearing temperature, so in the design and selection of the relevant parts of the heat dissipation characteristics.
  • (4) surface roughness of grinding parts
  • The contact surface roughness of the parts of the bearing and the bearing of the bearing should be between Ra0.2~Ra0.8, and the bearing can not be sharp in the process of assembly and use.
  • (5) parts of the surface material of grinding, grinding parts surface rough degree is a factor influencing the service life of the shaft sleeve, generally a surface requirements reach less than or equal to 0.4 m Ka.
  • (6) other factors such as the design of the bearing seat, the lubrication condition, etc..




This is widely used in steel metallurgy industry such as roller grooves of successive casting chines, cement grouting pumps and screw conveyers for cement. It can also be composed in steel housing or fabricated into flanged bushes which can move both in radial and in axial directions.


 Composite Lubricated Bronze Sleeve Bearings For Steel Metallurgy Industry



1. PTFE/fibre mixture thickness 0.01~0.03mm, provides an excellent initial transfer film, which effectively coats the mating surfaces of the bearing assembly, forming an oxide type solid lubricant film.
2. Sintered bronze powder thickness 0.20-0.35mm, provides max. thermal conductivity away from the bearing surface, also serves as a reservoir for the PTFE/Fibre mixture.
3. Bronze backing, provides exceptionally high load carrying capacity, excellent heat dissipation and very good corrosion resistance.



· Metal-Polymer Composite Material
· Bronze Back + Porous Bronze Sinter +
· PTFE + Lead


Composite Lubricated Bronze Sleeve Bearings For Steel Metallurgy Industry

Sliding layer PTFE
+ Lead
Porous Bronze Sinter
Bronze Backing


 Depending on operating conditions


Technical data
Max. load Static 250N/mm2
Dynamic 140N/mm2
Max. speed Dry 2m/s
Lubrication >2m/s
Max. PV (Dry) Short-time 3.6N/mm2*·m/s
Continuous 1.8N/mm2*·m/s
Temp. -195℃~+2800℃
Friction coefficient 0.03~0.20
Thermal conductivity 70W (m·k)-1
Coefficient of thermal expansion 17*10-6k-1




Bearing forms available in standard dimensions
· Cylindrical bushes
· Flanged bushes
· Sliding plates
Bearing forms made to order: standard forms in special dimensions, thrust washers, flanged thrust washers, half-bearings, special shapes obtained by stamping or deep drawing, customized bearing designs


The typical applications covered Steel metallurgy industry such as bushes for roller grooves of successive casting machines, cement grouting pumps and screw conveyers for cement and so on.conducts the thermal build up away from the bearing surfaces.
3. Low-carbon steel.Setting the foundation of the bushings, the steel back provides exceptional stability,load carrying and heat dissipation characteristics.



Composite Lubricated Bronze Sleeve Bearings For Steel Metallurgy Industry

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