Solid Bronze Graphite Plugged Bushings With Good Wear And Proper Hardness VSB-50

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Place of Origin: MADE IN CHINA
Brand Name: VIIPLUS
Certification: C86300,C95400,C93200 Standard SAE
Minimum Order Quantity: 200 Piece/Pieces
Price: $1.00- $6.00 / Pieces
Packaging Details: Export carton Wood pallet Wooden case
Delivery Time: 7-15 work days
Payment Terms: TT IN ADVANCE,30% advance payment
Supply Ability: 1000000 Piece/Pieces per Month Cast bronze oilless bushing
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Material: Aluminum-Bronze With Solid Lubricant,CuSn5Pb5Zn5 Model Number: Cylinder Bearings,Cylinder Bearings With Flange
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Product Description

Bronze bearing & bushings for agricultural machinery, conveying installations and construction machinery 


Solid lubricated bearings (JDB) have at least the following advantages:

These bearings are mainly used in agricultural machinery, conveying installations and construction machinery.
Solid Bronze Tolerances and Comparison Tables Plug Graphite Cast Bronze Bearings Solid Bronze Lubrication | VSB-50


This type of bearing is suitable for middle or low speed with heavy load condition. It is widely used for engineering machinery, vehicle, steel and iron and takeup machinery.



1. Flexible, simple and convenient design, wide range of use:


Fuel supply system in the engineering design is a piece of work, time-consuming setup, using solid lubrication bearings do not need to consider when designing refueling device, save the refueling devices, as well as for a wide variety of special occasions, the solid lubricated bearing design into various shapes, in order to satisfy various occasions, the use of solid lubrication bearing, can greatly reduce the mechanical maintenance, oil and other expenses.


2. Low use cost:


The traditional mechanical design, in a certain operating time, want to often come on maintenance, check the oil, the oil supply device was clear, the body itself and the surrounding environment pollution caused by regular gas, result in an increase in maintenance costs, realize self-lubrication, not only can realize the environment clean and tidy, and greatly reduce the cost of the use of lubricating oil.


3. Oil free:


Due to the linear expansion coefficient of solid lubricant is greater than the metal matrix, so when the solid lubricated bearing, when we started running on the oil film will shift to a grinding and realize self-lubrication, so solid lubrication bearings can be used in the place where is hard to go and can't go or grease, even in the case of low speed and high load, also can have good lubrication effect.


4. Under the condition of high load bearing and low speed, it can give play to superior performance:


Solid lubricated bearing is a centrifugal casting of high strength brass as the matrix, play the role of load bearing, with a good self-lubricating performance of the special formula of graphite as a lubricant, play the role of self-lubricating, so it combines their own advantages, even in the case of high load, low speed, can play a superior performance.


5. Excellent drug resistance and corrosion resistance:


The lubricant of the solid lubrication bearing is made of special formula graphite, PTEE and other wear-resistant materials, it has a stable molecular structure, the metal matrix can be selected according to different metals have different drug resistance and corrosion resistance, so the solid lubrication bearing has excellent drug resistance and corrosion resistance.


6. In places where oil film formation is difficult, such as reciprocating movement, swing movement, frequent starting and stopping, excellent wear resistance can be exerted:


The arrangement principle of the lubricants of the solid lubrication bearing is to ensure that there are lubricants on all parts of the grinding parts in the running process. Therefore, the arrangement position of the lubricants must be determined according to the movement direction of the grinding parts.


7. Long working life, little maintenance, long replacement cycle and good performance.


Due to the requirements of special production process, some key equipment of industrial and mining enterprises operate under extremely bad working conditions.Due to heavy equipment, high ambient temperature, large dust or acid corrosive gas CO, SO2 in the air, the lubrication of the equipment brings a lot of problems, serious friction and wear, in order to produce continuous operation, in addition to the original design requires the installation of multiple equipment wheel repair, also need to invest a lot of maintenance personnel.It seriously restricts the improvement of productivity, and the consumption of spare parts and energy is extremely large, which has become an important obstacle to the development of production.




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The viiplus manufacturer company has been committed to new product research and development, material performance, improved JDB series solid inlaid self-lubricating axle sleeve with high strength, wear resistance, free maintenance etc, has successfully supporting several world famous manufacturers of injection molding machine, die-casting machine.

Cost efficiency
The traditional mechanical designing requires frequent oiling maintenance; oil gauge check shall be performed to ensure the passage of oil supplying apparatus is clear. Since the periodical oiling can cause pollution to the machines themselves as welI as to the ambient surroundings, resulting in an increase of the maintenance cost,the realization of self-lubrication can not only make the environment clean but greatly reduce the Iubricating costs as well.

  • Cast Bronze Bearing with Graphite Plugs
  • Special copper sleeve bearing application
  • Special copper sleeve bearing for mold



My company's self-lubricating bearing products have been supplied in the chassis walking body, body parts, hydraulic components and other components. Including bimetal boundary lubrication rolling bearings, metal-based self-lubricating bearings and metal-plastic self-lubricating rolling bearings. These bearing materials have excellent wear resistance and dust resistance under high load conditions, and the self-lubricating technology greatly prolongs the maintenance cycle of the bearing, thus improving the utilization ratio of the equipment and reducing the maintenance cost.





Typicai applicaton

The product is widely used on consecutive casting and rolling machines, mine-exploiting equipments, ships, steam engine, etc.

Hydraulic Cylinder Casting Bronze Flange Bearing With Solid Lubricant


Structure Characteristics and Applications
VSB-50 Solid Lubricating Bearing is produced by strengthening brass that has good physical performance and good capability for casting. What's more, the brass material has pretty good anti-erosion abitity in air, fresh water and sea water. The surface is regularly and finely machined with sockets in which particular solid lubricant is filled. The product is widely used on consecutive casting and rolling machines, mine-exploiting equipments, ships, steam engine, etc.

Solid Lubricant Casting Aluminum Bronze Bearings Bushings

with Solid Graphite Lubrication. Various material specifications, standard and special shapes are also available

VSB-50  Solid lubricating bearings
1. May work without any ol for long period
2. Extremely high load capacity, good anti-wear and lower friction
3. Particularly appropriate for low speed and high load
4. Suitable for reciprocating, oscillation or intermittent motion where oil film is hard to be formed
5. Good chemical resistant and anti-corrosion characteristics
6. Can b€ used in wide range of temperature from -40℃-+300℃



VSB-50 material is made of strong cast bronze based metal with special solid lubricants embedded. The base metal withstands high load and the solid lubricants provide self-lubrication. The bearing shows excellent performance without pre-lubrication under conditions of extreme high/low temperature with low speed. This material provides a maintenance-free bearing solution, particularly for high load, intermittent of oscillating motion.












Tensile strength


Yeild strength



>10 %

Coefficient of linear expansion








Bearing forms available in standard dimensions
· Cylindrical bushes
· Flanged bushes
· Sliding plates
Bearing forms made to order: standard forms in special dimensions, thrust washers, flanged thrust washers, half-bearings, special shapes obtained by stamping or deep drawing, customized bearing designs



This kind of bearing can be applied under dry, high temperature, high pressure, corrosive, water or other chemical environments when no oil can be introduced. It is widely used in automotive products line, water engineering, dam gate, plastic industries, successive casting machines, steel rollers in metallurgy industry, mineral machines, ships, turbo generators, hydraulic turbines and injection molding machines...





Solid Bronze Graphite Plugged Bushings With Good Wear And Proper Hardness VSB-50

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