Metal Sliding Bearing Polyacetal Resin Bushing

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: MADE IN CHINA
Brand Name: VIIPLUS
Certification: DIN1494,ISO3547,ISO2795,EN,JIS,ANSI/ASME
Model Number: Sleeve Valve & Pump Bushing
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Export standard packing
Delivery Time: 1~2 WEEKS
Payment Terms: TT IN ADVANCE
Supply Ability: 1000000 Piece/Pieces
Detail Infomation
Meterial: Low-Carbon Steel + Porous Bronze + Yellow POM Plating: Tin Or Copper
Type: Cylindrical Bushes, Flanged Bushes, Thrust Washers, Flat Strip Material, Half Bearing, Wear Plate Lubricating: Boundary Lubricating Pom Bronze, DX Bushing
Customized: Based On Drawing Or Sample Color: Black,red,yellow,blue POM,teflon PTFE OR POM
Application: Automotive Chassis, Forging Machines, Mine Quarrying Machines, Metal Melting And Casing Machines And In Water Irrigating And Steel Rolling Industries, Etc. Boundary Lubrication: Lead-free,self-lubricating Bearings

Product Description

VIIPLUS Metal Sliding bushing | The Tribology Solution

VIIPLUS Metal Sliding bushing | The Tribology Solution . Our products are proven performers in the high-technology engines of today.

VIIPLUS offers a versatile product bushing made from many types of materials for improved performance in each unique applications. Whether you need polymer,ptfe bushes,C86300 & C95400 bronze metallic bushes or bimetal bearings, we have the experience you need to specify the right product for superior results.


The structure of this prelubricated yellow bushing consists of spherical powdered bronze sintered onto a steel backing and polyacetal resin impregnated into the surface.This sliding bearing is filled with lubricant before installation, to which a small amount of lubricant is added at predetermined intervals to allow it to withstand long-term operation.

Boundary self Lubricating Bearings lead-free SF-2Y yellow POM Bushes teflon ptfe polytetrafluoroethylene steel bushings | VSB-20

Boundary Lubrictaing Bronze Bushing Bearing POM DX Bushing Bush OEM china Manufacturer

 How to choose the gear pump bushings | shaft sleeve bushes oil-free lubrication bearing.

How to choose the gear pump shaft sleeve bushes?
VIIPLUS Main production gear pumps shaft sleeve bushing sliding bearings.
Gear pumps in operation in the event of unusual noise, it should immediately check stands.
The gear pump sleeve bushings the selection principle is not high demand, for the occasion, but by experience, not to replace gear pump sleeve bushings timely selection.
If the first gear pump operation, or long-term idle after use, preferably in small load or no-load circumstances running One hour.
At the beginning of operation, to gear pump within the shell filled with liquid to be delivered, for safety launch.

The quality and capability of gear pump bushing affect the characteristics of gear pump machines directly.
The pump bushing out of the shackles of traditional design, making gear pump bushings in the design, production and use into a new area.

By using viiplus gear pump bushings, production efficiency and product quality can be improved and production cost can be reduced in the processing and repairing.
 viiplus gear pump bushings Oil-free bearing maintenance-free


Metal Sliding Bearing Polyacetal Resin Bushing

Detailed Information


Boundary lubrication lead-free bearing is improved on the basis of VSB-20.

It has the same performance as the VSB-20, but the surface does not contain lead, and the field of use can be extended to areas with environmental requirements. 


Steel + Bronze Powder + POM(DX)


Self Lube Bearings Product Category SF-2 Boundary Lubricating Bearing


VSB-20 Boundary lubrication bearing High Quality DX Bushing POM Bush China Manufacturer

  1. Marginally lubricated bushings for grease or oil lubricated applications

  2. Standard parts contain grease indents in the sliding layer; plain sliding layer available by request

  3. Optimum performance under relatively high loads and low speeds

  4. Suitable for linear, oscillating and rotating movements

  5. Wide range of parts available from stock

Suitable for rotating and oscillating movement, less maintenance requirements due to the long re-lubrication intervals, lower wear, lower susceptibility to edge loading, no absorption of water and therefore no swelling, good damping behaviours, good resistance to shock loads.



1. POM thickness 0.30~0.50 mm. It provides high wearresistance and low friction even with only minute volume oflubricant are supplied, this bearing surface carries a pattern of circular indents which should be filled with grease on assembly of the bearing.
2. Sintered bronze powder thickness 0.20-0.35mm. A special composition of powdered copper is thermally fused to the steel backing. This contact layer acts as an anchor for the PTFE layer and conducts the thermal build up away from the bearing surfaces.
3. Low-carbon steel.Setting the foundation of the bushings, the steel back provides exceptional stability,load carrying and heat dissipation characteristics.


Factory Customized Steel POM Copper Coating DX Bush







  • Metal-Polymer Composite Bushing Material

  • Steel Back + Porous Bronze Sinter +

  • POM with Lubrication Indents

Metal Sliding Bearing Polyacetal Resin Bushing

Sliding layer POM
with or without
lubricant indents
for machining
Porous Bronze
Steel Back








Maximum load bearing pressure


Coefficient of frictionμ


Temperature range


Allowable maximum PV value


Maximum sliding speed




Bearing forms available in standard dimensions

  •  Cylindrical bushes

  •  Thrust washers

  •  Sliding plates

 Metal Sliding Bearing Polyacetal Resin Bushing
Metric bearings and imperial bushings made to order: standard bushing forms in special dimensions, half-bushings, special shapes obtained by stamping, bearings with locating notches, lubricant holes and machined grooves, customized bushing designs



At present, the product has been applied to the occasion of imported textile equipment, the swing parts of plunger pump, the position of the car joystick, the medium speed and grease lubrication.

he Steel Backed Bronze Bushing is used in a variety of applications in a number of industries. Below are a few of the more common uses:

  1. Hydraulic Systems: Bushing for Valves and Rotary Actuator, Bushing for Gear Pumps, Bushing for Cylinders, Bushings for Shock absorber, Bushing for Lucas Hydraulic Pump,

  2. Food Processing: Bottling Machine, Bottle Washer, Automatic Bag Maker, Dairy Processors, Meat Choppers, Mixers

  3. Automobiles: Suspension Bushings, Steering, Brake Bushings, Clutch, Transmission Bushings

  4. Railroad Cars: Side Thrust absorber, Automatic Doors Bushings

  5. Ships: Steering Linkages, Hatch Covers, Pulley Blocks Bushings

  6. Aircraft: Control Linkage, Shock absorber bushings, Actuator Valves bushings, winches

  7. Printing: Offset Printer, Gravure Printer, Mail Printer, Automatic Ticket Bender, Automatic Book Binder

  8. Textile Industry: Spinning frame, Yarn Twister, Sheet Roller, Winders

  9. Metallurgical machinery-Mine machinery-Water conervancy machinery-

  10. Construction machinery-Farm machinery-Motor vechicles.

  11. Dx king pin connecting rod bush con rod bushing

It can substitute a conventional bearing where saving space is desired.
Steel Backed Bushing provides superior shock and impact load resistance. The Steel Backed PTFE Lined bushing maintains a low coefficient of
friction and is usable without lubrication at high load, low speed operations with excellent wear resistance.



STOCK SIZE for Self Lubricating Bearings



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Metal Sliding Bearing Polyacetal Resin Bushing



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